Linosa Island





Though we are closer to Africa our religion is Christian Catholic

Since the first inhabitants  got to the island of Linosa religion has had a great part in their lives. In fact a priest was among the first people who moved to live in Linosa. That is why the priest odered immediately to build a church.  

In fact the church has always had an important meaning in each man’s life comfort and help in the moments of need. 

The most famouse and venerated Saint in the island is San Giuseppe  as the Saint has always has a gret importance as the image of the sacrifice and the job in which every islander reflects him same.  

 In the old days it was an habit to make the so called "prumissa" (promise), a lunch  organized at all saints day on the (19th March). After a long procession along the streets of the Linosa, people used to gather together in order to party, have different dishes, and eat the so called “ u panuzzu” of San Giuseppe (San Giuseppe’s bread) previously blessed. 

Another important image in the island was that of the Holy Mary(Madonna). Many women in the old days used to wear  I white just to venerate her and to thank the Holy Mary for the miracles made into the family and community.

 Nowday  things are a little bit changed. Women don’t wear in white dress for a year but we use to keep the Holy Mary Statue for a few days in our houses just to thank her for loving us and protect us. This period in which we celebrate the Holy Mary, is call Mariano month.                                                                                             

In the years 1995 a Statue with the Holy Mary(Madonna) with Jesus in her arms has been place on to the sea-bed just to thank and commemorate her every  year. 


youth ov Linosa, 70s