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  • Web PCM / / / / / / / / / Pop Culture Madness is happy to present the best, worst and most popular songs of all time

  • Want to know what the biggest selling of albums of all time are? ! Who is the most Annoying Singer of all Time? Find out below

  • Seasonally, our, and lists are all time favorites! If you are fan of modern pop (or even some cool classical or old time rock and roll), we just added our section! Send them via e-mail to:

  • To Listen To Neil Young's Living With War Album The ! We're looking for unsigned band for the upcoming film: Anti-Flag's Pat Thetic Supposedly, Old-time Doo-wop, Rock and Oldies Bands are touring, sometimes in ! Read our interview with, costarring in National Lampoon's Pucked with Jon Bon Jovi AT LAST! - 2 out of 3 people prefer to watch Americal Idol than hand each other Grammys! Get Harvey Danger's new album for

  • by Kevin Snook Is "Declaration of Independence"? - A lite discussion about Paul McCartney Pop Culture Madness Needs Your Help With Our Newest List! The Top One Hundred Pop Music Countdown Songs of All Time! (We're still working on this list - send your suggestion ) We dont want to use snackwagon's suggestion - " That 99 bottles of beer on the wall tune will take care of the missing numbers.

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  • Listening to music can change your mood – sometimes dramatically

  • Sometimes if you’re feeling low, it’s tempting to play slow sad music, but this will make you feel worse

  • info: TOP 100 SONG OF ALL TIME

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  • 1, and had earned Josh a Gold album within four weeks time

  • Critics across the country describe his magnificent voice as 'a baritone carved of solid granite, reminiscent of no less a luminary than Johnny Cash, ' in Country Weekly, 'deep, rich and delicious' in USA Today, 'sublime and gorgeous, ' in New York Times, and our very own Kathy Coleman proclaims 'This young man is the one-hundred-percent real deal.' On Friday, August 11th at 10:00 pm ET, tune in to CMT's Cross Country program, which will feature Josh with his musical idol, Randy Travis

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  • Juanes, the twelve-time Latin Grammy winner and one of Time Magazine's '100 Most Influential People in the World, ' received an ADOPT-A-MINEFIELD honor from Paul McCartney & his wife, Heather Mills as a figure at the forefront of landmine awareness and removal in his native Colombia

  • (Washington, D.C.) On September 22, Janette Carter was awarded the Bess Homax Hayes Award for her lifetime work as an Appalachian Musician and Advocate

  • To honor and preserve the diverse cultural heritage of the United States, the National Endowment for the Arts annually awards one-time-only NEA national Heritage Fellowships to master folk and traditional artists

  • These fellowships recognize lifetime achievement, artistic excellence and contributions to the traditional arts heritage of the United States

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    Love Songs Lyrics: Love Lyrics - Best Love Song Lyrics Titles A - B
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  • |NEW-> Copyright© All Rights Reserved Produced by: Love song lyrics and the best love song lyrics and how to get over a broken heart when you've been dumped Love Poetry Love Quotes Love Quizzes Teens Valentines Weddings NEW Writing GREAT Valentine Gift ideas YOU can make your Valentine Song lyrics with the Top love songs , greatest Valentine love songs , song lyrice and music search Free love lyrics , and free love song , song lyrics - romantic love songs new music search and love songs and top old love songs - the greatest love lyrics and best and top love songs lyrics for Valentine's Day and of all time! Thousands of romantic lyrics , top romantic songs , music and song lyrics !

    NPR : 'The 100 Best Texas Songs'
    For the April 2004 issue of Texas Monthly, writers Jeff McCord and John Morthland
    took on an ambitious...

  • As for the non-natives, they needed to have spent a good part of their career inside the state lines, and their songs had to be a product of their time here or related in some way to the state.” Jeff McCord and John Morthland , April 22, 2004 · For this month's issue of Texas Monthly , writers Jeff McCord and John Morthland took on an ambitious assignment: coming up with a list of the 100 best Texas songs

  • As for the non-natives, they needed to have spent a good part of their career inside the state lines, and their songs had to be a product of their time here or related in some way to the state

  • So the two of us whittled them down by asking ourselves a few more questions: Was the song inherently Texan, either in style or in subject matter? Was it a big enough hit to become a part of the vernacular? Did it stand the test of time? But this was never about scientific method; it was about music

  • Choosing the best was a subjective process, and sometimes we went on gut feeling

  • 2 Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys 'New San Antonio Rose' The King of Western Swing's all-time best-seller is also a great example of his particular genius: If a more conventional big band had cut this, it would have been considered a pop record

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  • It seemed that unless you were a preacher or singer, there was no place for you.” Through his time in Hawaii with local surfers and skateboarders, Josh saw Christian kids that were excited and passionate - even though there was no place for them in a traditional church

  • In recent interviews with and Geoff Bullock talks about his time since leaving Hillsong and rewriting some of his earlier classic songs

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  • Although used mostly by lead guitar players, even three chord folk guitarists will call upon string bends from time to time

  • Thursday July 20, 2006 | This page has been updated with more info, graphics, and better tab links! See the results of a Guitar World reader's poll of the top 100 guitar solos of all time, and get the tabs for each song

    The 100 Greatest TV episodes of all time
    Chosen by the staff of TV Guide and Nick at Night. Number 46, "When Irish Eyes
    Are Smiling" (20 September...

  • The 100 Greatest TV episodes of all time! as chosen by the staff of TV Guide and Nick at Night TV Land of as of 6/25/97 |

  • We now return control of your TV Guide to you -- until next time.… 97 LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE February 6 & 13, 1978 Under trying frontier conditions, Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) does the best he can for his wife and four daughters

  • "I think they made her do it 11 times! But I must say that people still worry if I'm in an elevator with them." 90 MIAMI VICE October 18, 1985 Boasting Hugo Boss suits, two-day beard growth, and a sleek Ferrari convertible, Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and Rico Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) were the first TV cops to have as much flash as the bad guys they chased

  • 86 BATMAN March 16 & 17, 1966 In his first two months in prime time, the Caped Crusader battled the Joker, the Riddler, and the Penguin -- and became a national obsession

  • But when Catwoman steals his heart (not to mention two priceless gold cat statues) in "The Purr-Fect Crime" and "Better Luck Next Time, " Batman (Adam West) meets his match

  • It was dangerous! I finally had to say something." 85 DRAGNET January 12, 1967 When Dragnet returned to prime time after an eight-year absence, Jack Webb's hard-boiled cop show had clearly left the '50s behind

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  • All Time Low - from 'Put Up Or Shut Up' ( 2006) () Epitaph, 2006 Rating: Vagrant Records, 2006 Rating: Deep Elm Records, 2006 Rating: Doghouse Records, 2006 Rating: Music Video Distributors, 2006 Rating: Equal Vision Records, 2006 Rating: Saddle Creek, 2006 Rating: Prosthetic Records, 2006 Rating: Posted on Wed August 9th by Billboard reports that a 24-year-old man has been charged with the death of another man during a fight over a baseball cap at a Family Values tour stop in Atlanta

  • Times sure are tough for former MTV reality-show couples

  • On Tuesday (August 8th), a rep for Travis Barker confirmed that the former Blink-182 drummer has filed for divorce from one-time Miss U.S.A

  • Shanna Moakler Posted on Wed August 9th by The Bedlight For Blue Eyes digital EP "Waste My Time" is out today! heck out an E-Card for the EP from the Trustkill website and take a listen to the title track

    Queen in Rhapsody over hit award


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