Il Gruppo Mediterraneo di Ricerca sugli Squali presenta le proprie attività, i
membri, i programmi...

The International Shark Attack File
A database of shark attacks as well as information on how, why, and where sharks
attack, and how to...

  • In Perspective The shark's reputation is far worse than his bite

    Free Shark
    Sito ufficiale dell'azienda produttrice di attrezzatura subacquea con catalogo
    online dei prodotti.

    Energy drink containing vitamins and supplements. Requires Flash.

  • info: SHARK BITE

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    Dreamworks: Shark Tale
    The official site for the dreamworks movie featuring the character voices of
    Robert De Niro and Will...

    SHARK - Animal Cruelty Investigations and Campaigns
    SHARK is based in Geneva and focuses its efforts on stopping illegal and cruel
    hunting practices.

    Jump The Shark
    Interactive site chronicling the moments when TV shows go downhill. Browse categories
    such as "Same...

    Enhydra Shark
    Open Source workflow engine and client applications (admin and worklist handler)
    based on WfMC and...


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    Golf news, analysis and lifestyle information, plus a gateway to Greg Norman's
    various business interests.

    IMDb: Shark Tale
    Cast, crew, reviews, plot summary and links for the cgi movie.

    Shark Attacks
    Information about shark attacks with photos of victims and sharks. Shark attack
    news section and discussi...

    Fiona's Shark Mania
    Shark resources and information, including graphics and clip art, stories, links,
    and the SHARK-L...


    Discovery Channel's Shark Week
    Brief information on a variety of sharks, from the Great Whites to Hammerheads.
    Includes interactive games.

    Centraldocinema: Shark Tale
    Recensione del film, a cura di Pierre Hombrebueno.

    Shark Trust
    Organization dedicated to the conservation of species in general, including rays
    and skates. Find...

    Shark Amsterdam Guide
    Hip bi-weekly 'street' guide online. With information on music and other activities
    and services....

    Shark Friends
    Facts and photos about sharks and other ocean animals.

    NOVA Online: Island of the Sharks
    Information about sharks and sharkmasters.

    The Shark Research Institute
    A non-profit, international, scientific organization dedicated to the conservation
    of sharks. The...

    Nationwide career and recruitment center, offering access to thousands of jobs
    in Canada. Requires...


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