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  • Our Partners » » » Home Based Business » by Brett Krkosska Spend some time browsing for home-based job openings and you soon discover there are gobs and gobs of "jobs" that are..

  • How To Start a Mobile Oil Change Business Do you have a garage? How about a van or a truck? Eric Johnson and his wife started their mobile oil change business with little more than that

  • Home Business Scams: How To Report Fraudulent Activity Help! I've been ripped off! What can I do about it? Regulations To Sell Cosmetics I've been making a bees wax hand cream at home which I would like to sell

  • What are the regulations in selling cosmetics? Buy Wholesale Clothing, Sell It As Your Own Can I buy bulk clothing, add designs, change the style and sell my clothing designs as my own? I'm starting a house cleaning business

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  • Sell Or Trade For??? » - - - - - - Own #1 Rated Internet Franchise, PROFIT from the INTERNET, Home or Office based, no specific business experience is required for this business

  • Proven Business System! » - - - - - - - A multi-channel enterprise promoting the World's First Certified Organic healthcare, bodycare and cosmetics

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    WSI Internet Business Opportunity Franchise Home Business Opportunity
    Small to medium size company internet consultant opportunity. Site includes
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  • WSI- Featured Article WSI Internet UK Franchises for Women My name is Karen Sullivan-Correa, and I am a WSI Internet Business Consultant operating in Colombia and the United States

  • After obtaining a Master's Degree in International Business I decided to build a business involving technology and the Internet that would reach a level of success that would enable me to fund the Foundation and get it back on track

  • When I came across the WSI franchise business opportunity I was shocked at how well it met all of my personal, professional and social expectations

  • And, better yet, it was all wrapped up in a neatly organized, easy-to-understand business package that would help this previously non-technical person become an expert in Internet business solutions

  • Is the WSI Business Opportunity the next Apple / IPOD success story? What is it about amazing business opportunities, such as Internet marketing franchises, that leaves us craving for more? Is it because we love the opportunity to work at home, be with our family, and be an entrepreneur of our own franchise all at the same time? What would the perfect turnkey business opportunity look like if you were able to choose from a wide array of turnkey businesses for sale? Would you want to work from home? Be part of a franchise that has an accelerated career opportunity? People everywhere are looking for a way to , while working at home, making money and earning residual income

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  • Searching for hot home-based business opportunities? Then this list of the best home-based business opportunities may be just what you're looking for

  • These home-based business opportunities are the best because of their potential right now and because there's only going to be a growing demand for these products and services in the future

  • Related: - Now that you have the idea, here's how to turn it into a viable, thriving business

  • Tuesday August 8, 2006 | Small business grants that can help you start and grow your Canadian small business do exist

  • Use these five tips to make your search for small business grants in Canada more successful

  • The companion piece to this article, talks about the kinds of small business grants that are available in Canada and what you have to do or be to get one

  • See if your business would qualify for any of these examples of Canadian small business grants

  • Does anybody have any ideas they could throw my way? Other topics small business people are talking about in the Small Business Canada Forum include: Read other people's comments and add your advice

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    Small Business and Home Business Ideas for Professional Women
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  • Many women have asked me to share some home business ideas and also to give them pointers on how to recognize and avoid work at home scams

  • Let's face it, women looking for work from home often times don't have the money to take a chance on memberships, or purchase materials for start up business opportunities, etc

  • For home business ideas you can visit the, and for work at home opportunities you can visit the

  • What are some legitimate home business ideas? A

  • I encourage women to start their own businesses whenever possible

  • If you have computer skills or writing skills it makes sense to market yourself rather then buy into businesses that are being marketed to you

  • I encourage all VA's to put together a business plan, and build a website for promotion

  • I genuinely feel that women are more successful in a home business that they dream up themselves and make happen

  • I've known women who do bookkeeping successfully from home, women who run daycare's, dog grooming or pet sitting, hair salons, errand businesses, scrapbooking, database design, public relations..

  • One day I took a look in the newspaper and realized that there are a lot of people out there who are running their own businesses

    NSW Small Business
    A site developed by the NSW Department of State and Regional Development for
    small businesses. Topics include management, resources, current issues and ...

    Business Management & Advice: Small Business Resources & Information
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  • SEARCH SITE August 08, 2006 SmallBiz Small Business News, Advice, and Resources News Today's Top Stories • • • • • Startups face tough survival odds

  • Here's a look at both decisions 7/28 How Christine Martindale could get her flower business really growing 7/25 Simpler network setups; free podcasts; getting computers to share; VoIP 7/27 What your company can learn about keeping an online journal from the likes of Dell, Microsoft, and Apple 7/18 Digium CEO Mark Spencer explains how he's woven freely available software into a low-priced phone system for businesses 7/10 Net businesses have problems paying sales tax in multiple states

  • Jared Vogt explains why his company's online tax-compliance service is so crucial 7/6 Even if you can't build a relationship with each of your employees in person, here are three ways to communicate your company's mission 8/2 Within this decade, 40% of all family businesses will hand control and assets to the next generation

  • 7/7 Energy prices, Mideast turmoil, and Fed rate hikes led to trimmed expansion plans and a drop in optimism among Midwestern owners in July 8/1 Among the week's must-reads: how accounting firm consolidation hurts small companies, a bigger VC-funding pie, and health care's next big thing 8/1 Because small businesses aren't the ones that make headlines when a blackout occurs, many simply haven't taken the time to protect against them 7/25 Billions of dollars in federal contracts are supposed to go to small businesses

    Starting Your Home Based Business
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  • Starting Your Home-Based Business Multi-Media Kit: CD Rom + Companion Book GET ADVICE FROM A NATIONALLY-RECOGNIZED BUSINESS PLANNING EXPERT..

  • who has successfully operated her own home-based business for 17 years

  • Decide if working from home is your best choice Automate your home business records Deal effectively with zoning and licenses Get tips on how to forecast sales and expenses Get answers to the 20 most-asked questions Price $34.95 'The best single-volume treatment available for the novice..

  • also of great value for established cottage industries as a check & reference on current practices.' The Midwest Book Review Starting Your Home-Based Business CD ROM multimedia kit (1993) will give you a competitive edge when you start a business in your home

  • The CD-ROM On the CD, Linda Pinson answers the 20 most asked questions about home-based businesses

  • It is a Step-by-Step Guide to: Zoning, Licensing and Labor Laws Advantages/Disadvantages of a       Home-Based Business Steps to Business Start-up Tax Advantages Costing/Pricing Your Product or       Service Recordkeeping & Cash Flow Advertising & Promotion Bonus..

    An Online Shopping and Business Community
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  • to join this working community! What Do We Do At The Creative Enterprises Network? "We're all about helping you build or grow an Internet presence for your home-based or small business

  • We provide the services you need to develop and grow an online business, whether it's a small home business, or an existing bricks and mortar business looking for a web presence

  • You'll have an opportunity to participate in collaborative projects and promotion for your business (see our member directory!)

  • Our members are people just like you, who are working hard to help your business grow right along with their own

  • We know you get your money's worth and then some here -- our members who participate in this association, tell us that on a regular basis! Do the best thing you can possibly do for your small business web site this year -- become a member of our Creative Enterprises Network! We'll look forward to hearing from you! -- Carol Daly, Founder Visit This Month's Featured Members! Please note: The information on these pages is meant for informational purposes only

  • Anyone contemplating starting a business should be aware that laws and regulations differ from place to place and year to year


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