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CNN - 'One True Thing' - September 25, 1998

  • And how I suddenly realized why my other had seemed so joyous the month before, in town to take me to lunch on my birthday, her pale translucent redhead's skin flushed with pink

    CNN - Books: "A Patchwork Planet" by Anne Tyler - April 14, 1998

  • Esther Brimm, her name is--a redhead

  • She had that fragile, sore-looking skin you often find on redheads

    Men's Style Guide
    Offers fashion advice based on body type and individual season.

  • info: PALE REDHEAD

    Photo by

    A tribute to Lesley-Ann Warren
    Image gallery and biography.

  • Thank you all in advance I am from Holland, Europe and it maybe seem strange but I don't like the sound of the word 'redhead' so much

    The Sheila Variations
    Writing about theater and life.

    LyonsART - Playful portrait oil paintings by Jeff Lyons. Artist ...
    Surreal portraits and fantasy art by Canadian artist offering original paintings
    and printed cards.

  • Crazy redhead girls Amy, Claire, Heather and Amber

  • Redheads Claire, Heather and Megan in contemplated poses

  • A classy woman blonde girl dark sultry red head Asian teen crazy redhead painting

  • redhead Casio is a space girl with a beauty mark, and Chloe with big doe eyes

    Identity and Individuality in Quantum Theory
    Assesses the metaphysical implications of quantum theory by considering the impact
    of the theory on our understanding of objects as individuals with well ...

  • However, one can give an alternative field-theoretic account in which particles are represented as dichotomic ‘Yes/No’ fields: with such a field, the field amplitude is simply ‘Yes’ at location x if the ‘particle’ is present at x and ‘No’ if it is not (Redhead 1983)

  • This gives us an alternative way of understanding the difference between classical and quantum statistics, not in terms of the lack of individuality of the particles, but rather in terms of which states are accessible to them (French and Redhead 1988; French 1989a)

  • If the non-intrinsic, state-dependent properties are identified with all the monadic or relational properties which can be expressed in terms of physical magnitudes associated with self-adjoint operators that can be defined for the particles, then it can be shown that two bosons or two fermions in a joint symmetric or anti-symmetric state respectively have the same monadic properties and the same relational properties one to another (French and Redhead 1988; see also Butterfield 1993)

  • Benefits

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    My Favourite Doll - Canada's Premiere Source of Barbie, Gene ...
    Includes dolls, figurines, plates, and ornaments.

  • $65.99 Gene Has Arrived! Essentially Gene Blush (Black Hair) Essentially Gene Boudoir (Redhead) Essentially Gene Vixen (Blonde) The pictures do not do them justice

    jess thinks of nothing but murder all day.
    The musings of a single 20-something gal in the big apple.

    Museum of Garden History Gertrude Jekyll room
    Garden designer and prolific writer on gardens and gardening with short biography.

  • Right : Invoice for plants to Mrs Redhead., 1914

    haiku! ...haiku!
    Humorous haikus from the gang at the NewsRadio newsgroup.

  • Jimmy uses the station as his own private dating service, nope Yes, soon the super Karate Monkey death car will park in my space Max and Catherine don't get haikus, I still like them but I'm unininspired Sarah's haikus are pathetic wastes of time and she is getting tired kat kitana ade Max Louis is great I really likes him a lot Move over redhead! More coffee for Dave Cannot miss that caffeine high Oh crap! It's decaf! The booth is empty It's time for a staff meeting Who's reading the news? Joe and his duct tape An electrician's splendor What's that burning smell? Matthew oh Matthew How does he make his living Playing solitaire David and Lisa secret office rendevous Are they or aren't they? Tavie has met Dave Kat wants to meet Jon Lovitz Jealousy festers WNYX office place or daycare center Only Jimmy knows Max in pain on-air Emergency appendectomy Max is scarred for life Jimmy goes to jail Over strange green duffel bag To be continued


    Cassidy's Tale
    John Perry Barlow's memories of Neal Cassady and the song he wrote about him.

  • I also have a vague recollection of driving someplace in San Francisco with Neal and a amazingly lascivious redhead, but the combination of drugs and terror at his driving style has fuzzed this memory into a dreamish haze

    Beggars Group, USA
    Biography, discography, and audio and video clips from her US distributor.

    AOU - Check-list of North American Birds
    Official source on the taxonomy of birds found in North and Middle America,
    including adjacent islands. The full list of bird species (with scientific and ...

    Fish & Seafood
    Dictionary of types and cuts of fish and seafood, methods of cooking and recipes.

  • Also called 'sheepshead, ' 'fathead, ' and 'redhead.' Its meat is white, tender, and lean

    Label discography, with information on how to decode their catalogue numbers.

    The Arizona-New Mexico Birding List
    Recent postings.

    Hinterland Who's Who - Mountain Bluebird
    Describes the habits and breeding of Sialia currucoides. Includes a photo and
    range map.

    Freelance copywriter and technical writer. Includes writing samples, resume, a
    list of clients, and information about workshops he offers.

  • Then I married a beautiful Scotch-Irish redhead whose distant distant ancestors were actually on the Mayflower–albeit in steerage


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