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  • Magnum P.I.: Season 3 4

  • Wednesday, August 09, 2006 - 12:06 PM is listing the long-awaited Seinfeld - Season 7 for a November 8 release date

  • The season will include episodes such as The Soup Nazi, The Sponge and The Invitations


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  • ( | Score: 0) Lost Season 1 & 2 Ireland Ratings Posted by Wednesday, August 09 @ 15:29:07 CDT - 148 reads Anonymous writes 'Lost Season 2 has finished on Irish TV and here are the final viewership figures

  • For comparison season one ratings are are here also

  • ' ( | Score: 0) Brief Q & A w/Dom Posted by Tuesday, August 08 @ 18:02:29 CDT - 322 reads writes 'Meet dude Dominic After Hours Correspondent Tuesday, August 08, 2006 18:36 IST The hero of ‘Lost-Season 2’ talks about his idol How are you handling the fame that ‘Lost’ (Star Movies) has brought you? Everything around you changes

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  • July 6th 2006 Entertainment Weekly Twin Peaks DVD Article Online According to an article published by today, Paramount will be releasing both seasons of Twin Peaks in a single set by the end of the year

  • This doesn't mean that Season 2 will not be released separately as reported earlier

  • July 4th 2006 More Twin Peaks Season 2 Rumors A few weeks back got a scoop about a tentative date of November 21st for a US release of Twin Peaks Season 2

  • I have been told my source close to Paramount that they would like to release Season 2 before the end of the year but that a few more details have to be worked out and that it's all up to things falling into their right places

  • The Season 1 DVD set from Artisan was released on December 18th, 2001

  • If you're a big fan and would like to share your love of the series with others, or would like more information regarding their program, please send an email to: June 14th 2006 Twin Peaks Season 2 Update and have recently posted on their site that Twin Peaks Season 2 will be released by Paramount on DVD on November 2nd 2006

  • Based on the recent interview Lynch did with last month, I would be willing to bet that we won't see Season 2 on DVD until 2007 at the earliest

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  • RV Scary Movie 4 The Simpsons: Season Eight Aug 22 Double Indemnity: LS Just My Luck Kicking and Screaming: Criterion Poseidon: SE Silent Hill Aug 29 Akeelah and the Bee Friends with Money Jewel of the Nile: SE Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World Pretty in Pink: SE Romancing the Stone: SE Seduced and Abandoned: Criterion The Sentinel Some Kind of Wonderful: SE Take the Lead Sept 5 Ace Ventura Double Feature Blade Runner: DC Broken Trail Godzilla/Gojira SE Jikogu: Criterion Spirit of the Beehive: Criterion Taps: 25AE United 93 Sept 12 Backdraft: 15AE The Empire Strikes Back: LE Gloomy Sunday Lucky Number Slevin Return of the Jedi: LE Star Wars: LE The Wild Sept 19 Henry Fonda Signature Coll

  • 14), and The West Wing: Season Seven (Nov

  • On the Street: These short street lists in the summertime make things a lot easier for us — topping our shopping this week are Universal's Inside Man and Brick , as well as Fox's Prison Break: Season One

  • Here's this morning's notable street discs, available at : Anita & Me Beautiful People: Season One (4-disc set) The Brak Show: Vol

  • 2 (2-disc set) Brick Bring It On: All or Nothing Bullet Boy Canto a Mi Tierra Clone C.S.A: The Confederate States of America Dante's Cove: Season One (2-disc set) EZ Money Ferias de Mexico The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Season Four (4-disc set) Ghost in a Teeny Bikini Gilles' Wife (La femmes de Gille) Heidi Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth The Hidden Blade (Kakushi-ken: oni no tsume) Inside Man The Jayne Mansfield Collection (3-disc set) Laguna Beach: Season Two Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector The Lost City Manderlay Prison Break: Season One (6-disc set) Revenge of the Living Dead Girls Salomé Sealab 2021: Season Four (2-disc set) Shinbone Alley The Tooth Fairy Ultimate Avengers 2 The Wire: Season Three (5-disc set) Xiaolin Showdown: Season One (2-disc set) — Ed

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  • February 15 Bada Bing! Watch out as America’s favorite mafia family tears into your living room in The Sopranos - The Complete Fifth Season on America’s favorite video format: DVD

  • (Robert Iler), Christopher (Michael Imperioli), and the rest of the gang--at least those that didn’t get whacked in the first four seasons--are back to have you rooting for “the bad guys” again

  • Enjoy the most recent season of funerals, hospital visits, and strong-armed intimidations as we all wait for the eagerly anticipated sixth season

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  • All you need to do is become a (it's free, don't worry) and then search our database of TV shows, clicking on checkboxes that correspond to how you'd like to see them released (Season sets, 'Best of' releases, or individual episodes)


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  • The current, tenth season of Stargate SG1 will be the last, but Stargate Atlantis will continue for at least one more year

  • Does anyone have any mutha @#$% thoughts or observations they want to get off their chests? | ( 71 bytes in body ) | Weekly DVD Picks - August 22, 2006 posted August 19, 8:44 pm by There are titles worth looking at this week, but the big seasonal push starts in earnest next week

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  • Why Pay $ 34.95? Our Price: $ 24.79 FREE SHIPPING! Release Date: 08/22/06 The 4th and Final Season of this fan favorite! Jarod is a genius of exceptionally high I.Q

  • Why Pay $ 29.95? Our Price: $ 19.11 FREE SHIPPING! The trials and tribulations of President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) continue in this fourth season of the popular drama series

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  • Or, you can get the DVDs: JAG Season 1 hit DVD shelves on July 25th

  • This just in: the Season 2 set has been with a Nov 7, 2006 release date; you can pre-order in association with Amazon.com

  • Special Thanks Lynne Reckhow who did about half of the first season episodes' credits--the ones to which I didn't have access

  • Notes Ranking information: Most of the first 7 seasons' information came from Biloxi Boy, of the JAG mailing list

  • I filled in the Season 8 info, as well as a few holes previously, from Other Notes: : 1 Network Rating percentage point stands for 1% of TV homes in the US (currently, approximately 980, 000 per point)

  • Cdr., and that Lindsey was still present, this episode occurred chronologically between 'Defensive Action ' and 'Smoked ' -- Those paying attention will notice that the episode aired (in the US) on, bears a striking resemblence in name and theme to the season 1 cliffhanger episode (not aired in the US on NBC or CBS; shown in cable syndication on the USA network)

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  • 3) Failure to Launch 4) Eight Below 5) High School Musical 6) Madea's Family Reunion 7) Ultraviolet 8) Syriana 9) Annapolis 10) Reno 911: Season 3 TOP 10 RENTAL DISCS (7/16/06 - Home Media Research): 1) Failure to Launch 2) The Matador 3) Basic Instinct 2 4) Syriana 5) The Hills Have Eyes 6) Ultraviolet 7) Eight Below 8) Annapolis 9) 16 Blocks 10) The Pink Panther 98 (2) * ( ) *Number of additional films announced or believed in development for DVD release

  • Also newly announced by Warner are the suspense thriller Avenger (10/3) and the Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Seventh Season box set (12/5), which marks the series' final season to be released on DVD

  • Season One (8/29) and Lionsgate's Speed Racer: Volume Five ..


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