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  • While it was the best showing any Mines' club lacrosse team has made it left most feeling empty

  • I know I will be getting mine

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    Colorful Colorado History Page
    A chronological list of when and where events or ideas first occurred in Colorado.

  • It is recorded as the "San Luis People's Ditch" with the water decree being dated April 10, 1852, the date the water referee determined the actual digging and use of the ditch began

  • 1877 - Ouray County - The Virginia Mine in the Mt

  • Sneffels mining district was the first mine in Colorado to use electricity for lighting purposes

  • 1889 - Golden - The first collegiate football game played in Colorado was between the Colorado School of Mines and Colorado College

    Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration (DPA) Division ...
    Historical information and explanations for the state icons.

  • Nil Sine Numine - Nothing Without the Deity Colorado / Centennial State Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Lark Bunting Greenback Cutthroat Trout White and Lavender Columbine Square Dance Stegosaurus Aquamarine Blue Grama Grass Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly "Where the Columbines Grow" State Tartan Colorado Blue Spruce Rhodochrosite Yule Marble State The state flag was adopted on June 5, 1911 by an act of the General Assembly

  • The lower half of the shield has two miner's tools, the pick and sledge hammer, crossed on a golden ground

  • Below the shield in a semicircle is the motto, "Nil Sine Numine", Latin words meaning "nothing without the Deity", and at the bottom the figures 1876, the year Colorado came into statehood

  • State Nil Sine Numine The Latin phrase "Nil Sine Numine", was adopted as part of the Territorial Seal

  • In the early mining days of the State, the unregenerate said it meant "nothing without a new mine"

  • In a strict sense, one cannot possibly get "God" from "numine", God being a purely Anglo-Saxon word

    The thirty-fifth, in point of admission, of the United States of America.

  • The manufacture of steel has been started, and commerce is incident to all other industries, hut the mine and ranch are the exploited features of the commonwealth; In both gold and silver, Colorado is the largest producer of any of the States

  • In 1906, gold to the value of $23, 506, 069, and 13, 381, 575 ounces of silver were mined

  • Cripple Creek, Ouray, and Leadville are the most active mining camps, but the mineral belt covers every mountain county from Routt in the north-west corner to the New Mexico line

  • The Georgetown district claims to produce the highest grade of silver ore mined in the United States

  • Other schools are the Agricultural College at Fort Collins and the School of Mines at Golden, with special State institutions for the deaf and blind, The principal school support comes from the ownership of the 16th and 36th sections of each non-mineral township, the value of which is beyond accurate approximation, besides school district ownership of over $9, 000, 000

  • The State motto is Nil Sine Numine

  • Under his administration the militia were ordered out in the interest of the striking miners at Cripple Creek, and later in 1904 they were ordered to the same district under Governor Peabody in support of the mine-owners


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    NPS: Nature & ScienceĀ» Geology: Disturbed Land Restoration - About AML
    About the legacy of mining in the national parks, the environmental impacts of
    mining, and the hazards associated with abandoned mine lands. Many photos.

    Colorado Mine Company
    Serves steaks, seafood and pasta dishes. Dinner and children's menus, specials,
    promotions and maps.

    Hands-on Experiments to Test for Acid Mine Drainage
    Teaches kids about acid mine drainage and other environmental topics through a
    series of hands-on experiments.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » Hands-on Experiments to test for Acid Mine Drainage Dr

  • What questions do you have about acid mine drainage, colors in the water, critters in the water, or any other water quality questions? Our addresses are on the cover page

  • (It is now out of print by the federal government and only available from Colorado School of Mines.) It is called 'What's Under Your Feet?' We talked to many scientist while we were writing the book

  • If you would like the complete ' Hands-on Experiments to test for Acid Mine Drainage ' for your computer, simply send an e-mail request to Timothy Craddock (e-mail address is on the first page)

  • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader: Hands-on Experiments to test for Acid Mine Drainage (PDF version): Being 'scientific' involves being curious, asking how things happen, and learning how to find the answers

  • The goals and objectives of ' Hands-on Experiments to test for Acid Mine Drainage ' are to help us all become more familiar with one of our environmental pollution problems, 'Acid Mine Drainage.' However, its ultimate goal is to encourage us to get outside, develop a better understanding about our environment through observation and experimentation, and help us become aware of how human activities can change the nature of our environment

    AdoptAMinefield Home
    Raises funds in support of the United Nations effort to remove and raise awareness
    of landmines around the world.

  •   April 4th Landmine Event at UN a Major Success Auctioned Cadillac Raises $102, 500 for Adopt-A-Minefield!   Join us and thousands of other students around the world for the upcoming 2006/2007 academic year by adding your name to the That Landmine Thing student campaign mailing list

  • Whether you're a student, teacher, or parent, you can be a champion against the global landmine crisis by raising awareness and funds in your community

  •    Michael Douglas and Rachael Ray   (Produced by Jeremy Robins)   More than 350 guests dressed in their business best arrived at United Nations headquarters on the evening of April 4 to honor the UN and its secretary-general, Kofi Annan, for their work in clearing the world of landmines

  • The event also celebrated the first International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action  and served as the inaugural New York event of Adopt-A-Minefield’s annual program known as the Night of a Thousand Dinners ®

  • The evening’s good will cause also drew Moby, Angélique Kidjo, Rachael Ray and Elie Wiesel to the UN in support of ridding the world of landmines

  • Benefits

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    San Luis Valley: SLV Dweller
    News and information for the various communities within the valley, including
    history and events.

  • To reserve tickets, contact the Creede/Mineral County Chamber of Commerce at 719-658-2374 or 800-327-2102, or send e-mail to Community Chorus Adams State College will offer the Valley Community Chorus again for the fall 2006 semester

  • Wednesday to determine a ballot issue for a 1-cent sales tax to fund city and county projects, including an expansion of the county jail

  • August 27, 2006 Adams State College Loves a Challenge A recent economic impact study determined that, modest by Front Range standards, but huge for the communities of south-central Colorado

    Trinidad Colorado, An Old West Victorian Town in Southern Colorado
    A collection of historical stories selected and written by individual family
    members from the Trinidad region.

  • John Boggio immigrated from his native Italy in 1880 to the state of Illinois to work in the coal mines

  • A year later John traveled to Trinidad, CO to find work at a coal mine

  • Loretta Bonino Rawlings and Veronica Marta Goodrich relate how news of ample employment in the Colorado coal mines drew the Bonino family to Colorado

  • He started to work in the mines in Schuylkill County PA

  • Gaspare Rino was born on March 10, 1891 in Aiello Calabria, Italy to Carmine and Rosina Grandinette Rino

  • Tony, 33, had traveled and worked in gold and silver mines in California before settling in the Berwind-Tobasco area to work in the coal mines

  • Rose constantly worried that he would be injured in the mine and by 1922 had talked him into moving to El Moro

  • He also had dealings with the Jewell Coal Mine and the Rival Coal Mine

    Horace and Baby Doe Tabor, Leadville, Colorado
    The Story of Horace and Baby Doe Tabor from the Leadville Magazine Online.

  • God bless him.” ···· “Baby Doe” Tabor, March, 1935 On March 7, 1935, Baby Doe Tabor was found dead of a heart attack in her small shack at the famous Matchless Mine, just outside Leadville, Colorado

  • She had, for whatever reason, adopted the storage shack at the Matchless Mine as her living quarters since her husband's death in 1899, 35 years earlier

  • The Matchless Mine had long since been lost to foreclosure and had failed to produce even with several new attempts on the part of the new owners

  • Baby Doe was living in the tiny cabin only due to the generosity of the current owners of the worthless mine

  • A month later, on May 15th, the group knew they had a bonanza on their hands; the Little Pittsburg Mine

  • He was later to buy, among others, the famous Matchless Mine

  • It was an embarrassment to Washington, as well as other prominent figures in high social circles

  • Prices dropped lower than the operating costs needed for the silver mines, and it became impossible to continue operations

  • At age 65 he was shoveling slag from Cripple Creek mines a t $3.00/day until he was finally appointed postmaster of Denver just a year before his death

    Natural Arsenic in Groundwater: Science, Regulation, and Health ...
    Summary points of 2001 conference session on arsenic contamination problems.

  • 2 , and AHMANN, Dianne 1 , (1) Environmental Science and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 1400 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401,, (2) Chemistry and Geochemistry, Colorado School of Mines, 1400 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401 47-0 4:30 PM : WILKIN, Richard T


    Gold Mine Tours of the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine
    Descend 1000 feet underground in the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, an original 1890's
    gold mine. Or tour Colorado's largest active gold mine, the Cresson Surface ...

  • BIGGER - BETTER & SIMPLY THE BEST MINE TOUR ANYWHERE!! MOLLIE KATHLEEN GOLD MINE OFFERS ALL NEW MINE TOUR After over fifty years of conducting public mine tours, this countries only 1, 000 foot vertical shaft gold mine tour, just got bigger and better as an adventure never to be forgotten by visitors descending the earth to explore the underground mine workings of the 1890’s hard rock gold miner

  • Visitors can expect to encounter many new improvements as they explore the overlapping evolution of all four mining phases used to extract gold from the Mollie Kathleen Mine

  • In a newly opened tour area of the mine, visitors will stand on the 1, 000 foot level and gaze upward into the Queen Bess stope that extends 700 feet to the Mollie Kathleen 400 foot level, as they learn the life of the stope-rat miner

  • This coming season, visitors will ride aboard the last air powered Tram-Air Locomotive manufactured in Cripple Creek, Colorado, traveling the same century old mine rail that miners rode with shipments of gold ore, as they explore several gold vein structures of the Mollie Kathleen Mine that reveal how gold veins appear in their natural state

    Golf Schools - Golf School Guide
    Presents golf schools, reviews, and brochure availability for the US and Canada.

  • Robert Lewis, of Princeton, NJ, was a student of mine for several years

    The Greater Golden Chamber of Commerce
    Education and historical facts. Local businesses, recreation, events and conditions
    In Golden Colorado.

    Baby Mine Store
    Retailer of natural baby products including: cloth diapers, organic baby clothing,
    toys, nursery items and bath and body products.

  • | Baby apparel and baby toys - lowest prices on the internet! Looking for advice? Nutrition tips? Nursery decorating ideas? Baby gear reviews? The best baby toys? Join the Baby Mine Store ! At Baby Mine Store we are committed to bringing you the best quality and selection of

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  • Questions or comments on baby gear, baby clothes or baby toys? Contact our : 307-221-3126 Featured baby and toddler gear & apparel categories: Baby and Toddler Manufacturers: , Join the Baby Mine Store parenting message board! It's free and signing up is easy! Featured parenting articles Jump to most popular Baby and Toddler search results: | Copyright © 1998 - 2006

    Earthways - Guided Trips and School of Wilderness Living in Maine
    Canoe the northern wilderness with registered Maine guides. Learn Grandfather's
    wilderness skills and philosophy. Earthways offers courses in the methods and ...

  • One of mine led to your door

    CNN - California student runs to aid Columbine shooting victim ...

  • 'At that time it was track season for me, so I related his situation to mine: What if that would have been me? I would have missed out on the whole track season and everything, so his (situation) really caught my attention.' Williams thought he was doing well when he collected $300 in pledges

    Handbook of Texas Online:
    County history and information.

  • Among the county's mineral resources are dolomite, oil, and gas

  • James and Rezin Bowie qqv traveled to the San Saba valley in the early 1830s to look for a silver mine that the Spanish had believed to be in the area

  • They were unsuccessful, but the legend of the Lost Bowie Mine, also known as the Lost San Saba Mine or the Los Almagres Mine, fed the imagination of treasure-seekers for the next 150 years

  • The mohair industry also came into prominence between 1910 and 1920

    Silver Plume - Colorado Ghost Town
    Photos of historic buildings.

  • The Pelican mine gave rise to this town in about 1870

  • A neighboring mine, the Dive, was so close the owners of the mines fought daily about each other encroaching on "their" vein underground

  • A story is told of one of the miners that worked there who's fiance was found dead on the eve of their wedding


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