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  • It includes material from four Maverick studio albums (Jagged Little Pill, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, Under Rug Swept, So-Called Chaos), ALANIS’ Feast On Scraps DVD/EP, the MTV Unplugged album, and her contributions to the soundtracks for Dogma, City of Angels and De-Lovely (in which she acted), plus a song she recorded for The Prayer Cycle album

  • THE COLLECTION will also be available as a CD/DVD Special Edition December 6, with behind-the-scenes footage of ALANIS, plus a special limited-edition two-disc gatefold package consisting of the CD and an hour-long DVD documentary tracing the time period from 1995’s Jagged Little Pill through the present

  • Watch the original version of Seal's 'Crazy' Jagged Little Pill Acoustic As she neared the 10th anniversary of her landmark album "Jagged Little Pill, " Alanis Morissette began pondering how to commemorate the occasion

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  • Why I Like Alanis Morissette I became a serious Alanis Morissette fan in 1998, although like just about everyone else on the planet, I had previously purchased and played the grooves out of her 1995 US debut album, Jagged Little Pill

  • I listened to an .MP3 of this fantastic song about 200 times, and it reminded me just how much I had enjoyed listening to Jagged Little Pill

  • _ Morissette has released four studio albums in the US: Jagged Little Pill (1995), Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (1998), Under Rug Swept (2002), and Feast on Scraps (2002)

    Alanis Morissette
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    Flak Magazine: Alanis Morissette's Under Rug Swept, 03.07.02
    Christopher Hickman's review: "Alanis Morissette's lyrics and songwriting backpedals
    furiously on her third record."

  • In 1995, Morisette's Jagged Little Pill made an incredible impact on the music world

  • 'Thank U' might have been a new beginning for Morissette, one in which, coming to terms with the myriad dilemmas of Pill , she found acceptance and clarity, moving from inward-looking self-involvement to a vision more altruistic — but with the same pop hooks and hip-hop beats, if you please

  • Morissette's lyrics have always been unruly, but on Pill her unkempt verbosity fuels her rage, as when she tells a record exec in 'Right Through You' that he 'took a long hard look at my ass and then played golf for a while.' Now, it's just words, torrents of them, stubbornly arrhythmic at times and other times too clinical to have any emotional impact

  • Listen to Jagged Little Pill , and you'll hear poppy melodies among its tunes that, in the hands of a Backstreet Boys producer, might make you want to break things

  • This is the singing Alanis that pre-dates even Pill , the Alanis of her Canadian albums, recorded in her mid-teens


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  • why we like her? The success of her debut US album Jagged Little Pill was unprecedented by a female artist, and though men will usually cringe at the lyrics of her songs, we take it all in stride and use Alanis' music as an insight into what women feel when they are hurt

  • why is she famous? Alanis Morissette is known for her multi-platinum, record-breaking album, Jagged Little Pill , and her angst-ridden songs of anger, heartbreak and eventual triumph

    AskMen.com - Ashlee Simpson
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  • From Jagged Little Pill to the more upbeat So-Called Chaos , Alanis reveals 'everything.' [1] [2] [3] Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only

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  • However, the release in 1995 of Jagged Little Pill showed a more mature, introspective Morissette whose release ultimately sold over 15 million albums and garnered her four

  • Sponsored Links: Alanis Morissette @ CanEHdian Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie , her much anticipated follow-up to Jagged Little Pill , was released in November 1998 to favorable by critics

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    SECTION 3 - alanis morissette "jagged little pill"
    Louis Tanguay's review: "When Alanis first came out with her Liz Phair/Madonna-style
    lyrics I first thought that I would never hear from her after that single ...

  • | alanis morissette jagged little pill rating: category: alternative web site: record co: reviewed by: other S3 links: I first received this CD after many weeks awaiting it, because the Alanis hype was so great that product was continuously exhausted before all requests could be satisfied

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    Forgiven - A Tribute to Alanis Morissette
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    CNN - Alanis adjusting to life in public eye - January 20, 1999

  • SITES: MORE SERVICES: DISCUSSION: SITE GUIDES: FASTER ACCESS: WEB SERVICES: Morissette Alanis adjusting to life in public eye Web posted on: Wednesday, January 20, 1999 4:00:30 PM EST From Correspondent Mark Scheerer NEW YORK (CNN) -- Alanis Morissette burst onto the scene in late 1995 with the album 'Jagged Little Pill' and the raucous single 'You Oughta Know.' But the shock of becoming rich and famous almost overnight nearly drove her out of business

  • 'Jagged Little Pill' spun out a series of hit songs and became the highest-selling debut album in U.S

    CNN - Alanis Morissette plays God in Kevin Smith film - January 26 ...

  • For about two years after 'You Oughta Know' and its sisters on her last album, 'Jagged Little Pill, ' hit the charts, Morissette kept a low profile

    Biographie, discographie, paroles des chansons. On y trouve en outre la liste
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  • ALANIS C'est une jeune chanteuse qui a connu un essor extraordinaire en 1995, avec son album Jagged little pill..

  • - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12- 13- et # A propos de Jagged little pill : 'La plupard des chansons sont, quelque part, adressé à moi-même

  • La plupard des chansons parlent de moments douloureux, qui m'ont fait devenir une personne meilleure.' # ''Jagged little pill' (petite pilule décachetée) est une phrase de You learn

  • Les paroles suivantes sont 'swallow it down (what a Jagged little pill) it feels so good, swimming in your stomach...'(avales là (cette petite pillule décachetée), c'est si bon de nager dans ton estomac), cela veut dire, qu'il y a souvent de mauvaises conséquences à certains de nos actes, mais qu'on ne s'en rend pas toujours compte sur le moment.' # A propos d' Head over feet : La personne pour laquelle elle a écrit cette chanson est Terry Sawchuk

  • Je suis donc rester digne.' # A propos de Jagged little pill, Live : 'La raison principale d'avoir fait ce film était de pouvoir garder un souvenir pour moi, mais aussi j'ai aimé être réalisatrice ou assistante du réalisateur

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    Alanis Morissette: Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
    Bob Waliszewski's review: "This project is saturated with vulnerable self-analysis-and
    some great discussion starters."

  • Morissette's last album, Jagged Little Pill, sold 16 million copies

    Alanis Morissette: Under Rug Swept - PopMatters Music Review
    Nikki Tranter's review: "She's a lot more willing this time around, at 27, to
    have fun with her self-image while remaining serious about it".

  • Much of the world came to know Alanis in 1994 through her debut international release, Jagged Little Pill

    CCM Magazine
    Lucas W. Hendrickson's review of the Rebecca St. James album titled God.

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