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  • You can, and should, watch the speech - but I'll quote the best part: Let me say 5 final things to the graduating infantrymen standing before us: #1: Draw your energy in the days ahead from your family.


    The site of one of the biggest clubs in Belgium, three languages : french, dutch
    and english.

    George W. Bush Skeleton Closet
    Opens the doors to highlight GWB's many personal and professional transgressions.

  • 19, 2000 'The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady in my case.'-Pella, Iowa, as quoted by the San Antonio Express-News, Jan

  • The story quotes another (unnamed) journalist confirming that administration officials were spreading this story, and then describes the Time magazine article: the same week Novak's column was published said that 'some government officials have noted to Time in interviews

  • that Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, is a CIA official who monitors the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.' The same article quoted from an interview with I

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  • Listen to audio clips of President Bush's dumbest quotes and verbal gaffes

    Funny George W. Bush Pictures
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    GW Bush Went AWOL
    Alleges that Bush failed to report for his National Guard service term in Alabama
    during Vietnam.

    Too Stupid to be President
    Top lists, video and flash cartoons dealing with George W. Bush. Also satirizes
    other prominent Republica...

    Dancing Bush
    George Bush dances, with viewer controlling his dance moves, special lighting
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