CNN - Post fen-phen: Search is on for new diet drug - December 31 ...

CNN - FDA requires new diet supplement labels - March 23, 1999

  • Meanwhile, General Nutrition Center (GNC), one of the nation's leading vitamin and supplement retailers, is putting a scientific spin on its products by saying it tests its herbs to make sure the right amount of active ingredients are in each pill

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  • Even vitamin pills should not be taken in large quantities, because they are powerful reactants and can destroy organs, particularly when they contain byproducts of synthesis

  • Pills have to be cut up to get that size

  • Dry D pills are safer

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  • Combine that with the benefits of Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia and you have the absolute best all natural weight loss pill available you have Slim Form's Hoodia-SP

  • When you swallow pills or shakes your stomach must first digest those ingredients which are then diminished and can take hours to reach your body, when they do they are no longer at full strength

  • Additionally by wearing the patch you don't have to remember to take pills and are you are always assured the right dosages

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  • The condition is called 'ketonuria' if ketones are spilled out into the urine

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