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Lists multiple Xena sites presenting different aspects of the show.

An Interview With Tim Thomerson
Interview discussing his life and career.

  • Outside the Xenaverse, he is best known for his portrayal of Jack Deth, a futuristic detective in the Trancers series of films [ Trancers (Charles Brand, 1985), Trancers II (Charles Brand, 1991), Trancers III: Deth Lives (C

  • At first I thought I had only seen you as Meleager on Xena , but then I realized I had actually seen you in a number of things

  • Courtney Joyner, 1992), Trancers IV: Jack Of Swords (David Nutter, 1994), Trancers V: Sudden Deth (David Nutter, 1995)], Meleager the Mighty in Xena [ THE PRODIGAL (18/118), THE EXECUTION (41/217)], Brick Bardo in Dollman [ Dollman (Albert Pyun, 1991), Bad Channels (Ted Nicolaou, 1992), Dollman vs

  • When I put that Meleager costume on and get that dialogue, which is very well written, it's hard to screw it up unless you're a really bad actor! [laughs] Had they met when he was younger, Meleager might well have defeated Xena in combat

  • RUDNICK : [27] But even so, there you are, sitting in that Meleager costume, and Xena walks up and you shrug your shoulders and say 'Hello, Xena.' The amount of power that you convey in that short time is really something

  • Many people take it for granted, but there's some pretty heavy intellectual stuff in Xena

    Hudson Leick Online
    A comprehensive site. Includes a biography, news, articles, FAQs, photographs,
    multimedia files, a chat room, fan fiction, newsletter and fan club information.

    Frink rules!
    Includes sound files, character information, and pictures.


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    MiC NEWSLETTER Spring 2003 Edition
    Monthly newsletter with Canadian SF literature news, award news, media news, a
    list of upcoming books and guest editorials.

    SS > SF > cons > Paragon: Eastercon 2001
    British National Science Fiction Convention. Hinckley, Leicestershire. Contains
    highlights and quotes from the program.

  • Xena / Hercules most of the stuntmen are kung fu black belts -- Rene O'Connor has been training

  • (Clip from first season Xena episode "The Greater Good", where Gabrielle, masquerading as Xena, beats up many bad guys with her staff, and catches a flying sword.) If there are six guys with swords, and you with a stick, basically you're dead, unless they are stuntmen on your side

  • The Xena stick-work is Japanese style -- really prevalent in ancient Greece! The actors look good, the stuntmen fall over

    Macedon's Taberna: The Craft of Writing
    Commentary on various technical aspects of writing: the nuts and bolts of narrative.

  • So is Hercules, so is Xena for a woman, so is Jadzia Dax

  • If the hair is blond, more than likely, the eyes will be some shade of blue or grey; if the eyes are brown or hazel--like Callisto from Xena --then it's worth mentioning.) 4) SENTENCE LENGTH: Short Makes the Breath Race A general rule of thumb: if one is writing action, go for shorter sentences

    Dark Angel | PopMatters Television Review
    Review of the show's premiere.

  • (Someone on the writing staff needs to tap a real kid for dialogue tips.) Still, as a best buddy, Original Cindy is promising: she's the fellow courier/pool shark/black lesbian/Xena fan/co-con-artist to whom Max can confide her love-life woes and snark, 'I feel sorry for guys

  • Benefits

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    Recent movies and TV Programs -- Signs of the Future? -- a New Age ...
    The Revelation 13 web site discusses how movies relate to prophecies of world
    events, and how movies can help us understand the chaotic world events today.

    The Glass Onion Archive | Search Results
    Fan fiction archive with a variety of general Angel stories, Wesley-centric
    stories as well as other fandoms.

    Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were
    Annotated bibliography of fictional timelines from television shows, movies,
    books, games, and comics.

  • , by Michael Martinez, Erica Friedman, and Sam Ash-Glover, brings together the sketchy information about Xena's life into a coherent whole

    Bill Bennett, ASC - Director of Photography - Cinematographer
    Cinematographer and Director of Photography specializing in the shooting of TV
    commercials in the 35mm film format. Based in Los Angeles, he has over 25 years ...


    Bohemian Drive
    Satirical weekly comic "Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life" about the travels
    of two unemployed robots in a post-human future.

  • Most importantly, the Dwarf Planet thing.  I think people are getting really confused by these classifications.  If it's bothering you, just take a deep breath and remember that nothing about Pluto itself has changed.  Likewise, Ceres and Xena have both been out there for a long time.  Commitees do not vote celestial bodies into and out of existence

    Rajeev Jain - ICS - WICA - Director of Photography ...
    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker.
    Arriflex rate cards.

    AOAS.ORG - Arkansas/Oklahoma Astronomical Society
    Gallery, forum, downloads, FAQ, news, articles, tips, and education outreach
    located in Fort Smith.

    Commentary on the Apology of Socrates
    A line-by-line analysis of Plato's Apology, written by Kelley Ross.

    Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.
    The review for this film was personal for Harry Knowles as he recalls his childhood
    love for cinema.

    James M. LeGoy - Cinematographer
    Award-winning Cinematographer with extensive feature film and commercial experience.
    Site includes resume, photos, and QuickTime clips.


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