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[astro-ph/9910278] Omega Centauri: Nucleus of a Milky Way Dwarf ...
A technical article from the Los Alamos E-print archive that discusses the
possibility that Omega Centauri could be the remains (nucleus) of a once larger ...

  • A larger proto-Omega Cen on a retrograde orbit plowing through the Milky Way disk may have aided thick disk formation both through the contribution of tidally stripped stars and through substantial thin disk heating

    - Naturpan Kaplama San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. - Naturel Orman Ürünleri
    Ağaç kaplama çeşitleri, üretim bilgileri.

    Technical review of the opportunities and limiting factors which exist in terms
    of design capabilities, in the application of plant fibers in composites.

    Extensive article about the growing importance of coir and coir fiber as eco-friendly
    substitutes in composites, and biodegradable geotextiles, yarns, ...

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    The timber network
    Network of international traders in timber to communicate their needs for raw
    materials and/or the products they want to sell. Site translated into six ...

    Welcome To The Plasma Centre
    Suppliers of plasma, LCD televisions and projectors, home cinema systems and DVD,
    and accessories.

  • Ultra Thin Swingout Arm for 37"-61" Plasma & LCD displays with +/- 10° tilt and 180° swing, left and right

    How to Install Corian® Type Solid Surface Countertops in Kitchens ...
    Offers solid surface kitchen countertops for the do-it-yourselfer. They will
    custom design countertops to any shape. Located in Dallas, TX.

  • Third no cutout within 6 inches of an inside corner

  • Re-adjust if necessary for a very thin second pass if needed

  • The best kitchen countertop in the world in nothing if the color is not correct
    Weblog and photos; in Pennsylvania.

  • Damn that dust! Wednesday, 9th August, 2006 :: 00:24 EDT - A while back I was given an gift certificate, wasn’t quite sure what to do with it… Amazon doesn’t really appeal to me, I guess because most of the things I’d actually buy, well, I’d buy them locally; I’m also not one to buy media of any kind

  • The bubble is still in the lines, it’s just not perfectly centered… I also, while cleaning up the shed, found a sheet of 3/4″ plywood… nothing pretty, but definitely usable for the top & bottom plates of the aquarium stand

  • Technically we had two of them, but for reasons I care not to determine neither of them actually work properly, something is wrong with them that prevents the saw blade from spinning… *shrug* and neither has spindle lock or any of the nice little features, convenience or safety related

  • It’s odd, because this saw has a ‘thin kerf’ blade, so it’s 3/16″ wide, not 1/8″ so it’s not the kerf skewing the cut, directly anyway

  • I sat here tonight thinking “what do I need, that I won’t buy…” …which is actually a lot of things, lol, but when I took into consideration using the full amount of the gift certificate at Amazon I finally settled on getting router bits

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    World Wobble Board Championships
    Information about the musical wobbleboard and the world championships.

  • I've found tempered hardboard works best, or more recently, MDF board, but it must be really thin, or it's too hard to bounce.' The first wobble board was created by Rolf when he was trying to dry the background board for a painting

    Dave's Construction Dictionary
    Dictionary of construction terms.

  • The round head doesn't need a washer, has no edges to scrape or catch things and gives a finished look

  • An made of thin strips of wood (about 1'x6' lengthwise grain) cross-oriented, glued and pressed together

  • The view you see when you look straight down at something

  • A shim is a thin wedge that can be placed between two surfaces to tightly fill a gap, as between a door and a

  • The thin board or part of the that stops the door from swinging past the jamb when closing the door

  • that are located at the center of roof valleys to support the and the sheathing

    Professional Quality Carbide Saw Blades by SystiMatic®
    Offers SystiMatic and Oldham (US made) carbide tipped saw blades and dado sets.

  • Featuring SystiMatic® Professional Quality All Blades Over 30% Off List! : Blade Design Terms Converting to New Part Numbers : All-Purpose Table Saw Blades : Aluminum, Copper : Ideal for Miter & Chop Saws : Better Than Original Equipment : Ideal for Picture Frame Shops : Negative Hook Angles for Safe Cutting : Smooth End Cuts : Super Smooth End Cuts Teflon Coated for Reduced Friction : Ultra Thin Plate & Kerf : Chip Free Cuts in Plastic & Overlays Chip-free Cuts in Melamine Board & Fine Veneers : Clean Rip Cuts in Any Solid Wood : Lumberyards & Contractors : Ultimate Cabinet Shop Blade : Superfine & Fine Dados : Bushings, Support Collars, Dado Shims : Privacy, Security, Returns, Shipping See who's using SystiMatic in their shops See: - is all about saws - saws articles, news, resources...

    Custom Die Cutting, Die Cut Plywood, Hardboard Fabricators, Fultz ...
    Specializes in production of parts and products die cut from hardboard, plywood,
    plastic, foam, masonite, flake board, and similar non-ferrous materials.

  • Charles Fultz, President 1631 Park Drive Traverse City, Michigan 49686 Contact: Dennis Bartlett, General Manager Call 800-947-5801 Fax 231-947-2410 Die Cutting is our Specialty! Die cut parts from: Hardboard (masonite) Superwood (GP) Flakeboard Plywood OSB MDF, and more Our die cutting technology, computerized equipment, and 33 years of experience allows us to efficiently Custom Die Cut material as thin as 1/10' hardboard and as thick as 5/8' plywood

  • MDF THIN ?

    Large format cameras, lensboards, lenses, and accessories
    Distributor of Walker, Ebony, Gandolfi and Osaka large format cameras and accessories.

  • We replace your old bellows (on any model) with an ultra-thin cotton-lined product from England

    Fireplace Mantels,Wooden Mantels,Antique Fireplace Mantels,Custom ...
    Manufacturer of fireplace mantels, columns, shelves, beams, harvest tables, and
    other architectural components. Based in McCaysville, Georgia, United States.

  • Order Toll Free Ph (888) 292-2080 Fax (888) 292-2088 member of Whether you are looking for something rustic or something extraordinary, we have mantels of every description to suit your lifestyle

  • Their Thin Cast Stone Series are also gypsum based but also have a limestone composite material that replicates Florida Coral Stone or Lime Stone

    Technical Glossary
    Glossary of technical terms and definitions common in the papermaking industry.
    From the Andritz Group.

    Extensive technical paper discussing the influence of stress cracking resistance,
    the effectiveness of anti-oxidation additives, the stresses generated during ...

    Carpet Tile Hardwood Laminate Stone Floors - BALBOA FLOORING - San ...
    Flooring choices, with prices and particulars. Showroom in Kearny Mesa.

  • Floor products we carry at Balboa Flooring Tile, Grout & Thinsets CarpetResidential/Commercial HardWood Flooring, Solid & Engineered Laminate Natural Stone Vinyl & LinoleumResidential/Commercial *Prices limited to stock on hand, while supplies last

    DIY Electrostatic Loudspeakers
    Detailed story on how to build your own electrostatic loudspeakers.

  • But thinking of all the other projects I once started and didn't finish, the idea was to first build the panels and afterwards buy the necessary electronics

  • Turn around the whole panel and make sure there is an thin layer of paper between your working bench and the gluing area of the pipes, and make sure the panel is flat on your workbench

  • Next thing to do is the painting part, this will take a lot of your ”building” time

  • But by using the NSS 0.3a package the panels start at 400 Hz, so I think it would have been better to use 2 mm spacers

  • Clear sound (really clear), beautiful clean voices, and all thinkable instruments are present! And also very important, I have got some great looking design speakers totally build by myself

  • · For a better adjustment of the mid/high section with the bass part I'm thinking of bi-amping (still in progress) Conclusion I had some great time building the speakers

  • One thing must be said, when you are going to build yourself some ESL panels is, TAKE YOURE TIME, try to think ahead during the building process and be patience

  • If somebody is interested in any detailed parts of the building process, send an email to To Hans, much thanks for creating the fabulous TAC site which's provides so much info about ESL and all related things, and for your perfect and fast service

    924/944/968 Stereo FAQ
    Stereo, speaker, and antenna information.

  • The replacement speakers must also have a thin steel mounting frame like the OEM speaker - not a thick plastic one

  • All other things being equal, which they aren’t, a 4x6 woofer should be more efficient at producing bass than a smaller round speaker

  • Perhaps Crutchfield is thinking of the 924 – whose fenders do not bulge like the 944? In some '87 and later cars, the 4x6" speakers are mounted to an adapter plate

    The Burgess-Lane Memorial Lectureship in Forestry
    From the University of British Columbia's forestry department. Extensive review
    of the technical challenges and opportunities of the use of plant fiber in ...

  • If a proportion of adhesive molecules form urethane bonds with the cell wall surface, are these covalent bonds numerous enough to improve the performance if the composite? If polyureas are formed close to the cell wall surface because of the presence of water in the wall, should these offer better bond strength than urea formaldehyde polymers? If residual water is present in the walls, are polyurea molecules formed within the cell wall, achieving some adhesive strength by virtue of entanglement? While these issues are likely to be important in processes using isocyanate adhesives at present, it is also clear that, under ideal conditions, extensive covalent bonding between plant fibres and isocyanates will take place

  • Adhesive Distribution In anything other than high matrix composites (where by virtue of the high matrix content, it should be possible to ensure perfect coating of all fibres with matrix), achievement of a proper resin distribution can be of critical importance in determining product performance

  • If the amount of adhesive available is limited, is it better to ensure that all adherend contact points result in a small bond, or to depend on the formation of a stronger bond at some contact points, while others are not bonded at all? This dilemma can be argued at levels both within and between fibres: should the entire surface of each fibre be uniformly coated, or not? Might it be acceptable for some whole fibres to be well coated, and others not? (It is noteworthy that Gupta (1980) suggests that only 5 percent of paper fibres need to be treated to achieve sizing in paper production.) These issues are almost as uncertain now as they were 30 years ago


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