Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data
A directory of sites providing descriptions of civil timekeeping concepts, source
code, databases, and maps.

  • For example, America/New_York represents most of the US eastern time zone; America/Phoenix represents most of Arizona, which uses mountain time without daylight saving time (DST ); America/Detroit represents most of Michigan, which uses eastern time but with different DST rules in 1975; and other entries represent smaller regions like Starke County, Indiana, which switched from central to eastern time in 1991 and switched back in 2006

    The Soo Locks
    US Army Corps of Engineers site with information on the history and operation of
    the locks, including...

    Land Surveying Links
    Links to equipment, software, and general surverying.

    Cartography Acronyms
    Dictionary of terms used in geographic information systems, cartography and remote


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    CDIA Center Acronyms and Abbreviations
    Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center indexed list.

    Duivendijk Shipping Pages
    Photographs of commercial ships, tugs, fishing vessels, and warships from all
    over the world.

    Fishing Northwest
    White-water river rafting, float trips, guided fishing trips, fishing tips and
    weather information.

    Encyclopaedia of Land Surveying Links
    Alphabetical list of links to land surveying, geodesy, GPS, GIS, and related
    fields most specific...


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    Do Fundo do Mar - Sea Bottom
    Blog for news related to maritime and underwater archaeology.

    Annotated Bibliography of Laysan Island
    Comprehensive bibliography of published and unpublished monographs on Laysan
    Island biota with history...

    Bibliography of the Cane Toad
    Citations of the cane toad, Bufo marinus up to 1992 are collected in this file
    assembled by Rick Speare.

    Literature References on Mesoscale Meteorology
    A comprehensive list of literature references on mesoscale meteorology compiled
    by Dr. Ming Xue, many...

  • R., 1995: Changes in winter air temperatures near Lake Michigan during 1851-1993, deter-mined from regional lake-ice records

  • Hart, 1990: Boundary layer and mesoscale structure over Lake Michigan during a wintertime cold air outbreak

  • Rao, 1993: Mean and turbulence statistics in a wintertime convective boundary layer over Lake Michigan


    The Story of the Philippines
    Written in 1898 by Murat Halstead, American war correspondent and historian of
    the US expedition to...


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