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  • For our first weigh-in, we went with Glamour , Lucky , W and Vanity Fair (seeing as it's VF's inaugural 'Style Issue, ' we'll group them with the fashion rags

    Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
    A directory of wonderful things.

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  • Cast as Will Ferrell's best friend and racing partner, Reilly had to adjust McKay's open style - something the writer/director said Reilly had no problem doing

    Fashion Forward Women's Clothing | Latest Fashion Trends for the ...
    Fashion forward clothes and accessories.

  • Fashion Forward Women's Clothing - The newest trends in women's fashion are in Tasha's Closet Welcome to Tasha's Closet Your destination for Fashion Forward Women's Clothing & newest styles & trends Please shop our

  • The Categories are as follows: - - - - - - - Must Haves : Tasha’s Closet offers an extensive range of items inviting you to experiment with your style

  • Tasha’s Closet teaches you how to demand attention with an undeniable sense of original style

  • Looking for that perfect set of earrings, that nobody else has? A hard to find bracelet to match a certain outfit? Or maybe a Prada duffel bag for your man? At least then he could travel with you in style the next time you fly, instead of using that old army-green colored duffel bag

  • We’re way past the stage of "wanting to fit in" so why not strive to stand out? Tasha’s Closet teaches you how to demand attention with an undeniable sense of original style

  • 4.We offer: Tasha’s Closet offers an extensive range of items inviting you to experiment with your style


    Photo by - Fashion and style for men
    Style tips, trends, health, dining and travel guides, forums and how-to image
    maintenance. the online home of Vogue and W; Fashion, Fashion Shows ...
    Portal of Vogue and W magazines. Detailed coverage of designer runway collections
    and style news with a list of job opportunities and links to other Condé Nast ...

  • the online home of Vogue and W -- Features fashion show coverage, celebrity style, fashion trend reports, party and award show coverage, shopping guides, and more

  • Vogue & W ' /> WEEKLY STYLE NEWS FASHION SHOW UPDATES select a collection select a party select a model | visit our sister sites | Subscribe to a magazine: International Sites Photos: Marcio Madiera (Marc Jacobs, Hussein Chalayan); Chris Astley (Galliano); Jemal Countess / (Tyler); Guy Marineau / Courtesy of WWD (Issey Miyake); (Louis Vuitton); Juergen Teller ( W ) Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and

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    Beauty Tips, Hair Styles and More at
    Magazine-style presentation of illustrated articles and advice on hair, skin,
    nails and fashion.

  • Is your style outdated? What trends will work for you? How to pick colors? The good news is you only need to to perfect the art of eye makeup

    Women-Links - women and fashion directory
    Directory of links to sites and articles on topics relevant to women.

  • They have attitude, style and charm

  • The waist is back in style

  • No matter how short your hair is, it's always fun to try new styles

  • Benefits

    Photo by

    Hair Enthusiast
    Offering video tapes of women having their heads shaved bald.

  • There are a lot more headshaves on this DVD- including gorgeous Lindsay getting a ruthless Marine style induction haircut/headshave

    Men's Flair - No-nonsense Fashion and Style Magazine for Men
    Men's fashion magazine offering fashion advice, trend reviews, grooming tips,
    celebrity styles, shopping guide, and more.

  • W arning! Your regular stay at Men's Flair will only cause you look better, have more style and make your friends more jealous

  • You'll be provided constantly with no-nonsense , down-to-earth fashion advice and tips, trends alerts, grooming guide, celebrity styles, product reviews, and be helped by Men's Flair Team for every other query you may have..

  • In this current era of overly produced, talent-lacking pop stars...Since the early days of the Jackson Five, Michael Jackson has set himself apart from every other musical artist with his tremendous talent, but also with his utterly unique sense of style

  • Men's linen pants are summer classic that is always in style

  • As a symbol of comfort, wearing linen pants...Bathrobes accentuate men's masculinity and indicate men's thoughtfulness of their style

  • But, at the same time, not all men's bathrobes are items of style and fashion

    Hair Loss Help New Hair Loss Treatment Hair Transplant Hair ...
    Research on alopecia areata, men/women hair loss, treatments, replacements or
    transplants. Located in Cleveland, Ohio and Texas.

  • Shows which are the best & worst choice options as hair restoration treatments, hairstyles & hair loss care

  • Learn how one Nu Hair client went from going bald to gain full natural hair in style

  • Eliminating hair loss has never been easier with Sensi-Graft® hair replacement ! In as little as 28 days you can transform your thinning hair or baldness into full hair with your desired hairstyle

    Retrospective of the Astroboy television series with an episode list and links.


    The Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia -- The Crime Library - The Crime ...
    Writer Anthony Bruno tells of the powerful and far reaching Japanese and Korean
    criminal enterprise.

  • To a Westerner's eye, the yakuza's 1950s rat-pack style of dress can seem comically retro.  Shiny tight-fitting suits, pointy-toed shoes and longish pomaded hair—long out of style in America—are commonplace among the yakuza today.  They also favor large flashy American cars, like Cadillacs and Lincolns.  Unlike other organized crime groups around the world, the yakuza have no interest in keeping a low profile.  In fact, in most Japanese cities, yakuza social clubs and gang headquarters are clearly marked with signs and logos prominently displayed

  • But despite their garish style, the yakuza cannot be taken lightly.  In Japan there are 110, 000 active members divided into 2, 500 families.  By contrast, the United States has more than double the population of Japan but only 20, 000 organized crime members total, and that number includes all criminal organizations, not just the Italian-American Mafia

    Dressing Baby - 1850s Style
    Sara Hale's directions for simplicity and comfort when dressing infants in the 1850's.

  • Dressing Baby - 1850s Style by The decade of the 1850s was one in which women's and children's clothing saw a tremendous surge towards excess

  • Hale also had a magazine to sell and though her heart was obviously not in it, she presented the fashions of the day --as her public apparently wished -- with nary a flounce, bow or bit of lace missing, though she never forgot to preface the offerings, as she did in August of 1856 with caveats (or perhaps a touch of sour grapes) such as, 'We endeavor in nearly every case to select the plainest garments for our illustrations and wish it distinctly understood that, when we give an elaborate style, it is for the novelty, and not with the expectation of having it copied.' Sara Hale, more than any other woman of her time was tireless in her quest to educate the women of her day and young mothers were often the recipients of her efforts - Nothing is Sacred
    Popular online magazine of Iranian community.

  • They’re choppin’ heads over there like it’s going out of style

    Boris Johnson MP
    Official website and weblog of Boris Johnson, Conservative MP for Henley and
    Shadow Minister for Higher Education. Includes political, Parliament and ...

  • In his own inimitable style, Boris Johnson turns his attention to the culture, manners and morals of British society, giving us a humorous, at times furious, but always entertaining read

    Macho in Miniature
    Article discussing GI Joe's popularity.

    GLOBELIFE.COM - Portale della Bellezza e dell'Estetica ...
    Portale dedicato ai capelli propone prodotti, cure con le erbe, leggi per il
    consumatore, indirizzario aziende e stilisti, forum di discussione.

    CNN - Hope for restoring lost hair - June 11, 1999
    [CNN] - Order Catalogs from around the world for Free!
    Presents catalogs searchable by topic as well as catalog gift certificates.

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