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  • - October 28, 2004 In honor of its release, we offer up a massive collection of new screens and movies

  • Plus, 14 direct-feed movies! - October 14, 2004 We've unlocked 20 costumes for our favorite character

  • - September 23, 2004 The purple-hair ninja featured in six new direct-feed movies

  • New screens and direct-feed movies

  • - September 20, 2004 It's ladies night with new screens and movies of girls being catty

  • - August 4, 2004 The week in review from Japan, with commercials and a hot Yinling of Joytoy movie

  • - May 10, 2004 Hi-Res direct-feed movies of all the hottest games

  • - November 25, 2003 A few shots of some wicked costumes! - November 20, 2003 Tons of new screens and a movie of Kasumi naked! - September 27, 2003 Kasumi the Xbox babe! Patriotic Tina! Plus, a direct feed trailer! - September 27, 2003 Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive 2 shown on Xbox

    IGN: Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Review
    [9.2/10] "The burden of proof was on this Team Ninja developed game to convince
    Xbox owners that this was going to be more than an excuse to simply ogle at ...

    Dead or Alive 4 for Xbox 360 - Dead or Alive 4 Xbox360 Game - Dead ...
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  • By: , Genre: Release Date: Dec 29, 2005 ( ) Players: 1-4; 16 Online () Most Popular Movie Jan 5, 2006 Movie Jan 5, 2006 Movie Jan 4, 2006 Game Guide The Dead or Alive gang is back in action on the Xbox 360, and GameSpot's Game Guide to DOA4 will get you started with all of your favorite characters


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    Dead or Alive 3 for Xbox - Dead or Alive 3 Xbox Game - Dead or ...
    Reviewed by: Greg Kasavin, score 7.9/10. "Screenshots don't do the game justice."

  • By: , Genre: Release Date: Nov 14, 2001 ( ) Players: 1-4 () Most Popular Movie May 3, 2002 Movie Oct 17, 2001 News Nov 21, 2005 Latest Images Popular Videos Posted Mar 31, 2001 | 0'00' | Lo-Res: 0KB Latest GameSpot Updates News Nov 21, 2005 Fact Sheet Mar 5, 2004 News Aug 21, 2003 News Apr 10, 2003 News Jun 13, 2002 News May 6, 2002 News May 3, 2002 Movie May 3, 2002 Latest Player Reviews superb 'Great multiplayer' Fluid fighting system, with depth and flair, not to mention all of those jaw dropping women..

    Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360)
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  • | Content Sections Xbox Games Xbox Hardware Xbox Community Xtras Xbox Live Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360) Release Date: 12/29/2005 Dead or Alive 4 (Xbox 360) REVIEWS PREVIEWS MOVIES INTERVIEWS CHEATS NEWS Tecmo Inc

  • By: MOVIES :: Dead or Alive 4 Hayate vs

    TV Guide Online: Dead Alive
    Review and credits.

    [ >>> ][ ] » MOVIE REVIEW . Dead or Alive: Hanzaisha
    Review of Takashi Miike's film.

  • The movie is so good you can excuse the director’s joke in the last eight minutes

  • : I thought this movie..

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    DreamLogic: Dawn of the Dead
    Review by Chris Nelson and Kris Kobayashi.

  • I was adamantly opposed to the Texas Chainsaw remake, yet it ended up being one of my favourite horror movies of the year

  • While in theory it makes for an exciting movie packed with clever zombie homages, in execution it’s about as jarring as a cold finger in your stinky place

  • SHE SAID: All I can say is that it was entertaining and fun with nice splashes of gore and humour, and that this movie shouldn’t have even been called a “remake”

  • BY Chris and Kris | POSTED IN | this movie just wasn’t suspenseful enough for me

  • I feel like 28 Days Later has ruined a lot of movies for me

  • Most of my interest in this movie revolved around the fact that Ving Rhames was in it

  • You’d know that if you’d actually watched the movie

  • : I hated this movie...

    IGN: Dead or Alive 4
    News, previews, screenshots, and videos.

  • - May 16, 2005 You will not find a higher quality version of this movie anywhere in the universe

    The Armchair Empire - Xbox Reviews: Dead or Alive 3
    Score: 9.5/10, Written by Lee Cieniawa.

  • But wait until you check out what the Xbox is capable of in the computer-generated ending movies attained by taking each character through the Story Mode

  • His ending movie has him bouncing out some unruly guests from the nightclub he works at

  • Those perverts playing the game will like the brief nudity flash during Christie's movie and the skimpy bathing suit-attired Helena taking a swim with the dolphins

    IMDb - PS Your Cat Is Dead (2002)
    Cast, credits, production information.

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 24 main details newsgroup reviews awards & nominations message board summary trivia soundtrack listing crazy credits alternate versions laserdisc details literature listings news articles posters on tv, schedule links showtimes official site photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to P.S

  • The gay character (which was pretty revolutionary when the play came out) is old hat by now and the movie feels washed out

  • Maybe both directing and acting for the movie was too much

  • The movie isn't's just no big deal

  • Also he's got guts--he spends half the movie tied down with his pants cut wide open showing his back side

  • Was the above comment useful to you? I have seen this movie and would like to on it Discuss this movie with other users on If you like this title, we also recommend..


    IMDb: Peter Jackson
    Filmography, awards, and biography.

  • aka Making the Movie: The Lord of the Rings (USA) (2002) (V) ...

    Neoseeker: Dead or Alive
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    American Broadcasting Company.

    GameSpy: Dead or Alive Ultimate Preview
    Preview, by Raymond Padilla: "There's tons of gameplay, a cool online mode, more
    background information on the characters, and all new levels."

  • | • | • | • | Platforms Console Handheld Sections Resources Planet Sites Get Games Subscriptions Contact Us Partners FilePlanetDaily Download v2.70 FREE GAME! Special Features See the latest trends in game development from the front lines! Search for a Game / / Previews Dead or Alive Ultimate (Xbox) Publisher: Developer: Genre: Fighting Release Date: 10/27/2004 ESRB: By | May 14, 2004 DOA looks better than ever, and this time it's online too! New information on the trailer and intro movie revealed here

  • Developed by Team Ninja, makers of the ridiculously outstanding Ninja Gaiden , the game takes the first two Dead or Alive titles, adds all new environments, a novel online setup, a higher degree of interactivity in its levels, new movies, new costumes, and more

  • The movie starts with young versions of Kasumi and Ayane playing in a stream and trying to catch fish

  • The events in the movie help explain why the two characters have a deep hatred for each other

  • Essential Links Screenshots: (05/14/04) News: (05/13/04) Movie: (05/12/04) Review: (01/26/03) Article: (05/16/04) Movie: (07/23/04) Preview: (07/23/04) Preview: (09/25/04) Review: (10/26/04) Game Information (Xbox) Latest Previews (8/31/06) (8/31/06) (8/25/06) (8/23/06) (8/21/06) Around the Network at IGN at IGN at IGN at GameSpy at FilePlanet at TeamXbox at Direct2Drive at GameStats at CCG | By continuing past this page, and by your continued use of this site, you agree to be bound by and abide by the

    Terribly Entertaining Movies
    Reviews, stills, and clips of bad but fun films.

  • | Cheesy movies are a huge source of entertainment for my friends and me

  • are some of the movies we've seen

  • Blue cheese is the 'if you see this movie on the rack in the video store, be a hero and set it on fire' award

  • There are a good many other sites that review movies like this..

  • Also, the pictures/sound clips/movie clips are all very small and bad, basically because they're old

  • H'yar be the movies, matey

  • These were both taken from a kung-fu movie sampler tape loaned me

  • One bad guy gets shot, and the other (after roughing up a hermit) gets hugged to death by, who, throughout the movie, had been finding beautiful, usually half-naked women, and putting them in his cave

  • Well, I really wasn't expecting much from this movie

  • Reptilicus prime cheese! This movie is one of the best 'rampaging monster' movies I've seen

  • Tetsuo says, 'Let's go turn the whole world into metal!' and the Victim says 'Sounds like fun.' End of movie

  • Now...I cannot BEGIN to relate how weird and artsy this movie was

    Bastards Have Landed!
    Home and official fan club of Peter Jackson, the man behind such films as
    Braindead (aka Dead/Alive), Bad Taste, The Frighteners and the coming Lord of the ...

  • Brian Sibley, author of ' Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey ' Friday, August 4 2006 9:04 AM Weta FX Hired for Cameron's Latest Movie 'Avatar' - Submitted by According to, Peter Jackson's special effects company Weta FX has been hired to handle the effects in James Cameron's new movie Avatar

  • Contrary to discussion elsewhere that relates to the upcoming Halo movie, Washington has stated that he will be directing a film to be released in two years, for which Peter Jackson will be providing the special effects

  • Each movie in the trilogy will be available for $28.98 from August the 29th

  • TBHL Insta-Poll With PJ producing the new Halo movie, we want to find out which of these game-to-movie licences sucked the most ass

    Carfax Abbey: The Horror Film Database
    Horror film database, reviews, actor and director biographies and news.

  • Horror Wallpaper New 'Lost Boys' wallpapers added to the horror themed wallpaper section! Carfax Abbey Recommends EW's 25 Scariest Movies of All Time's 20 Scariest Movies This site contains no nudity! © Carfax Abbey Horror Film Database 2000-2004

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