Dave Gnukem - A 2D side scrolling shooter
Side scrolling shooter for Windows or Linux. (Open Source, GPL)

  • Fixed level editor crashing when at bottom of map

  • Started integrating new integrated level editor from Vytautas Shaltenis (rtfb)

  • There is also a level editor

  • (A version for BeOS, compiled by, can be downloaded at .) Old Documentation End-user documentation End-user readme for game and editor (English) End-user readme for game and editor (German - NB : This is old and outdated) Source code documentation (generated by doxygen) Zipped (189 KB) Other miscellaneous odds and ends: some messy commentary about

  • Levels: Need level editors to produce levels

  • Level editor: Should be improved

  • Screenshots Version 0.52 game screenshots: Version 0.52 level editor screenshot: At the heart of science is an essential tension between two seemingly contradictory attitudes -- an openness to new ideas, no matter how bizarre or counterintuitive they may be, and the most ruthless skeptical scrutiny of all ideas, old and new

    Bloody 2D-action deathmatch game in ASCII art for Linux, OS/2 or Windows.

    Doom Builder level editor
    An advanced Doom, Heretic and Hexen map editor.

    Focuses on editing and game modification in Half Life, Quake and Unreal series
    games. Includes downloads, tutorials and utility downloads.

  • info: 2D LEVEL EDITOR

    Photo by www.mankua.com

    The Linux Game Tome
    Contains game information, news, and links.

    BSP: Quake editor
    Map editor and tutorial.

  • BSP (a Quake editor) You are victim number since November 2, 1996 -- Count by

  • Downloads (all downloads after 0.666 available at Elite Quake Editor's Corner): Download Don't forget to download the Necessary Run-Time Libraries: Answers to frequently asked questions: TEXTURE WAD FILES (INCLUDING WIZARD.WAD) ARE AT & if your textures are green/blue/purple, very wrong, etc

    Hardware technical information, music files, demo programs, source codes, and
    programming tools.

  • 3-12-2005 added: noise channel editor, and

  • A noise channel editor

  • A map editor is included

  • Made with a hex editor

  • This tile editor requires, and supports NES as well as other console formats

  • A multi-format tile editor

  • Tile editor

  • An NES tile editor

  • A 2D level editor designed for game development, check it out! Uses NES graphics from a .CHR file and let's you set up the name and attribute tables, with optional RLE compression

  • A Hex editor by SnowBro

    This is a freeware open source java SMIL2.0 Authoring Tool.

  • Low-level XML representation is generated from the interface in a transparent manner, thanks to powerfull DTD-aware GUI and high-level attribute editors

  • The fully-integrated XML source editor seamlessly synchronizes with the other graphical views and features syntax hilighting , pretty-formatting , Copy/Cut/Paste, incremental Search and Replace with match hilighting..

  • Text medias based on HTML can be edited using the preview-enabled editor (eg: RealText)

  • Not-well-formed XML can be open incrementally, thanks to a dedicated text editor with syntax and error hilighting

  • Benefits

    Photo by www.mankua.com

    Michael P. Welch's Game Development Page
    Official DX-Ball 'Classic' website containing cheat codes, hints, level editor,
    and a link to the latest version.

  • - Some sound problems fixed - DX-Ball 1.09 install EXE (820k) 12-20-1998 -'Classic' DX-Ball level editor, cheat codes, plus hints & tips are FINALLY on this web page Scorched Tanks PC is now in development

  • 'Classic' Level Editor Code: -Ctrl-F1 at the Title Screen Cheat Codes: - Ctrl-F1 resets paddle - Ctrl-F2 Grab paddle - Ctrl-F3 Laser paddle - Ctrl-F4 Double wide Hints & Tips: - Hit the 'p' key during the game to pause - F5 toggles through in-game MIDI music - F6 turns off in-game music - The faster the ball goes, the more points you get for bricks - Grab all the extra power-up you can, they're worth points * Special Note to anyone who has ever sent me DX-Ball e-mail

    Tile Studio
    A development utility for graphics of tile-based games. It contains a bitmap
    editor for creating tiles and sprites and a map editor for designing level maps.

    3D Realms: Duke Nukem I
    Contains information, pictures, and downloads.

  • Downloads - v2.0 shareware episode (305k) - Level Editor for Duke Nukem I by David Bollinger (27k) - Program to print out levels for Duke Nukem I by David Bollinger (10k) Please note that only the first file is an official Apogee/3D Realms program

    JGo graphical object editor
    A library for graphs, diagrams and networks, with an option for automatic layout
    by Northwoods Software. [Commercial]

  • Products ) Community "We found the GoDiagram tools to be extremely powerful, flexible, and easy to use." Joey Runyans Senior Software Engineer Aegis Technologies Group JGo: GoDiagram™ for Java V5.1 is shipping SWT support JGoSubGraph enhancements JGoInstruments New Sample programs JGo ™ is a graphics library that makes it easy to build custom interactive diagrams, network or workflow editors, connected graphs, scheduling or organizational charts, smart maps, flowcharts, and software design tools


    Gaping Wolf Software
    Developer of popular Windows titles 'HalfLight', 'Project Yiff-X', and 'G-Fighter'.

  • Contains a fully functional level/enemy editor

  • Contains a fully functional level/enemy editor

    Buggers - A cool 2D shoot-em up
    A 2D shoot-em up for Windows in which you save Earth from swarms of alien invaders.

  • Download Buggers High Score Editor This is a handy tool for editing the highscore table without playing through the game, courtesy of James Bunting from

    Windows based multimedia and graphics software to create autorun CD menus, creation
    of flexible vector graphics, demos, and presentations.

  • ZDNet 5 stars Photo-Brush is a new image editor, natural and artistic media painting program, picture retouching tool and photo enhancer for Windows 95/98/NT

  • New ZDNet 5 stars PhotoSEAM is an unique, special purpose image editor for creating professional seamless photo-realistic textures

    Raster-to-Vector Conversion Software (R2V), Scan, Edit and Convert ...
    Providers of the HybridCAD software for raster to vector conversion and AutoCAD
    line tracing.

  • Editing raster images and AutoCAD with A budget raster and hybrid editor for fast technical raster image clean-up, despeckling, corrections, and scaling, including AutoCAD dwg hybrid file format support with Raster DWG

    lambda: How to use the new Safari features
    With the 10.3.9 update, Safari has some new features.

  • You'll notice that I had to do quite a hack to get the execCommand examples to work; if you have a selection in a contenteditable area, and click on a link or button anywhere else on the page, the selection disappears, so you can't actually change the style using controls built into the page (since this feature was written for HTML email composition, it's clear that it meets those needs, but not the needs of people using it for web based HTML editors)

  • Apparently, you can also use onmousedown to work around this problem, making it possible to write HTML editors in Safari, although it's still not ideal (you still lose your selection, so it doesn't really work the way an editor should)

  • Posted by: at May 5, 2005 01:40 AM the toy html editor link is broken

    Greg Kasavin gives a rating of 9.1/10. "Its emphasis on stealth, strategy, and
    ingenuity, coupled with its strong narrative structure and excellent mission ...

  • Let our guide show you how to use these to your advantage as you assume the role of the thief, Garrett Posted Dec 22, 1999 Help Garret stay alive with walk-throughs of Thief: The Dark Project Posted Jan 22, 1999 Latest Images Essential Files Posted Feb 12, 1999 | Size: 54.8MB | Downloads: 5, 773 This patch lets you import maps created using the gold level editor

    Image Editor for Photo Editing and Retouching
    Adesign is an image editing software to create professional-looking graphics that
    provides bitmap tools, and advanced image editing features.

  • Pierresoft.com Adesign Image Editor Image Editing Software Adesign is a new powerful and easy to use graphic software for, from scratch, and

  • Built around quality, usability, and state-of-the-art technology, Adesign image editor offers an award-winning, many rich tools and effects that you can hardly find elsewhere, even in much more expensive professional software

  • Enrich your Graphic Experience Adesign image editor has been especially designed to offer a smooth & natural learning curve: when using it, you will naturally discover new ways of creating better and better graphics and progressively gain valuable digital image editing skills

  • Image-Editing For Everyone Adesign is a very powerful yet very easy to use image editor, with many professional features, a lot of retouching & designing from scratch power, and hours of fun

    Viewizard: Black Star - First Attack
    Describes 2D scrolling space shooter with ship upgrade features. Includes screenshots,
    cheats, and download. [Windows]


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