Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Departmental news and guide to public hunting opportunities and policies for the
conservation of wildlife.

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  • Government of Ontario Links (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing) (ServiceOntario) (Ministry of Transportation) (Ministry of the Environment) [ | ] | [ | ] QUESTIONS? CONTACT US AT 1-800-667-1940 TTY - 1-866-686-6072 | This Web Site has been created as a public service by the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Government of Ontario

    Ministry of Natural Resources
    Manages Québec's extensive land mass. Includes geographic and land ownership data
    for the province and services provided by the Ministry.

  • You can even pay certain invoices online! This site provides a wealth of information about Québec's territory, and energy, forestry, mineral resources and wildlife as well as legal and technical tools related to the sustainable management of these resources and their development

    Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment & Industry
    Describes services, including land surveys and weather forecasting as well as
    conservation and economic development. Also provides reports and statistics, ...

  • John Briceño Minister of Natural Resources, Local Government and the Environment

  • Servulo Baeza Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Ministry of Natural Resources, Local Government and the Environment | Copyright © 2002

    Manitoba Conservation
    Offering a news bulletin on issues revolving conservation.


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    Department of Environment - Home
    Provides profile, regulations, organisation, publications, events, and news.

  • Complaints can be forwarded to: Department of Environment Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Level 1 - 4, Podium 2 & 3, Lot 4G3, Precint 4, Federal Government Administrative Centre 62574 Putrajaya Hunting Line : 03-8871 2000 / 8871 2200 Complaints Line: 03-88891972 Fax: 03-8891973/75 JASLINE :1-800-88-2727 DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT MALAYSIA NATIONAL CFC PHASE-OUT PLANINVITATION FOR QUALIFIED SUPPLIER SUPPLY OF CFC-12 RECOVERY & RECYCLING MACHINE AND R-134A BASIC SERVICE TOOLS FOR REFRIGERATION SERVICE SECTOR(RSS) The Government of Malaysia (GOM), under purview of Department of Environment (DOE) has received a grant funding from the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol (MLF) to assist RSS service workshops nationwide for purchasing CFC-12 Recovery & Recycling Machine and R-134A Basic Service Tools for Refrigeration Service Sector

    Ontario Stewardship
    Private Land Resource Stewardship Program that seeks to link private landowners
    with funding, information and expertise to ensure good management practices.

    Archaeological Predictive Modelling
    A computerized decision-making model which assists forest management planners in
    identifying areas most likely to be archaeological sites.

  • Introduction Methodology Since 1991 , the (OMNR) has actively pursued the protection of Ontario's cultural resources through the forest management planning process..

  • It has its basis in studies conducted during the 1950s and 1960s but gained prominence during the late 1970s and 1980s and coincided with a surge in cultural resource management in the United States..

  • Research And Development Current Progress Between 1991 and 1994 , Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario led the development of a prototype computerized decision-making model through it's Centre for Archaeological Resource Prediction (now defunct)

  • Pilot Projects Wasted Bandwidth Between 1991 and 1994 , Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario led the development of a prototype computerized decision-making model through it's Centre for Archaeological Resource Prediction

    Министерство природных ресурсов Российской Федерации
    Сведения об организационной структуре министерства и территориальных органах.
    Тексты официальных документов и докладов. Новостная лента. Контакты.

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    Ministerio del Ambiente
    Garantiza el aprovechamiento racional de los recursos naturales mediante su
    administración sistemática y el mejoramiento del ambiente.

    Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism
    Provides information about the National Forestry Programme and Beekeeping Division.
    Includes goals and objectives, policies, and newsletter.

    Tarihçe, bakanlığa bağlı kuruluşlar, özelleştirme ile ilgili bilgiler, doğal gaz
    çalışmaları, genel enerji durumu.

    Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources
    Information about the Ministry, its departments and the public companies under
    its control.


    Government of Ontario, Canada / Gouvernement de l'Ontario, Canada
    Main site of the provincial government that includes links to government sites
    and agencies, tourism and economic information.

    Quebec Ministry of Wildlife and Parks
    Wildlife news, information on hunting education, and brochures detailing regional

    Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
    Comprehensive source of information on the activities, policies, laws and projects
    related petroleum and natural gas in India.

    Ministry Of Environment and Natural Resources
    Responsible for environmental policy, assessments and coordination development
    of forests, reafforestation and agroforestry, mineral exploitation, ...

  • Government of Kenya Ministry of Environment And Natural Resources The Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources is charged with the responsibility of Environmental Policy, Environmental Impact, Assessments and Coordination Development of Forests, Reafforestation and Agroforestry, Catchment Area Conservation, Mineral Exploitation and Mining, Geological Surveys, Permanent Presidential Commission on Soil Conservation and Afforestation, Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing

  • Mining Policy Forestry Development Policy Inventory and Protection of Natural resources Lake Victoria Environment Management Programme National Environment Management Authority

    Natural Disaster Management in India
    Government Department of Agriculture and Cooperation information resource,
    including reports on recent and current disasters and information on management ...

    Минприроды Республики Беларусь - Начало
    Представляют официальную информацию по законодательству в области охраны природы
    в Республике Беларусь, научной обеспеченности вопросов, связанных с экологией.

    Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales - El Salvador
    Sus servicios, leyes y noticias.

    Ministère des Ressources naturelles et de la Faune
    Lists, publications, studies and guides on Quebec's energy, forest and mineral
    resources, with a description of its territory, as well as information on how ...


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