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  • Articles & Resources Sort By : Guide Picks | In this video clip from 'The Simpsons' episode 'The Way We Weren't, ' Marge and the girls dish about who they would and wouldn't marry

  • This video clip shows Marge and Homer narrowly escaping a mob at the miniature golf course when they're trapped, naked, inside a windmill in 'Natural Born Kissers' on 'The Simpsons.' In this video clip from 'The Simpsons' episode 'The Way We Weren't, ' we see Homer escapes fat camp to find the anonymous girl (Marge) who shared his first kiss

  • In this video clip from 'The Simpsons' episode 'Large Marge, ' Krusty fails to save Homer, Bart and Milhouse from a loose elephant, Marge reveals her newest assets to stop Chief Wiggum and officers from firing

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  • We have the trailer, as well as a brand new clip title 'Hefner Pillow Fight'..

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  • Preview: | Monday the 28th of August 2006 Top Gear Vans (41.4MB) - Here's the van clip from Top Gear the other day (the one with Hammond rolling his van!)

  • Preview: | Saturday the 26th of August 2006 Mad Drivers (14.01MB) - I'm not sure if this clip is genuine but if so there are some really mad people around

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  • I also used the lightning clip to luma key a logo.....dramatic to say the least....and again, perfect for $20! Even with the Canadian exchange rate, I got 2 clips that gave the production that extra dimension

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  • Why should our site be any different? We focus on James Spader video, music videos and audio clips because - really - Spader is all about the voice and the physical presence

    Steve Gibson Visits the Screensavers and Call for Help Programs
    Video highlights from Steve Gibson's visits to the ZDTV and TechTV channel's programs.

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