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Denis Leary: No Cure for Cancer
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  • Back in the early seventies, you couldn't buy anything except bell bottoms

  • There were no straight pants in the fucking stores, ok? The only way you could be a cooler guy, was to get bigger bell bottoms

  • We used to sit around and get high and go, "Man, when I some money, I'm getting the biggest bell bottoms in history, man! They're gonna start at my neck and go twenty feet straight out, man! I'm gonna be surrounded by ninety feet of bell bottoms! Homeless people are going to be living under my pants, man! I'll have platform shoes

  • The Black Crowes wearing bell bottoms again? I don't fucking think so, ok! I wore them once, they sucked, I didn't get laid, I'm not wearing them again! Let me tell you something

    Information on this girl from Hawaii. Includes pictures and links.

  • info: BELL BOTTOMS

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    Curbside Couture
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  • Bell Bottom Pants, Bell Bottoms, Corduroy Pants, Low Rise, Brazilian, Denim, Stretch, Cargo, Capri, Hip Huggers, Jeans, Cords & more

    Includes rings, keychains, belly rings, and anklets. Australian site delivers

    MaryMc's Seventies Stuff
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  • I drag out my high school yearbooks and gaze in wonder at the picture of me in bellbottoms, polyester turtleneck, red-white-and-blue crocheted vest, floppy denim hat, and brown suede Earth Shoes

  • "Capturing the essence of suburban culture--tract houses, block parties, mini-skirts, bell-bottoms, rolled-out 'instant' lawns, swimming pools, garage sales, and shag carpeting--Bill Owens' classic photographs are considered to be the definitive treatise on the suburban sprawl that occurred across America in the 1970s." Don't know about " the definitive treatise, " but the photographs here, and the accompanying quotes, do look great

    Features a virtual community and entertainment for people born between 1960 and 1965.

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    "The God of Small Things" Study Guide
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  • In this article: Recipes: Additional recipes By Patty Rhule ell-bottoms are back; martinis are back

  • And like easy-fit bell-bottoms or flavored martinis, there's a distinctly '90s twist to the new fondue

    Everitt Middle School
    Grades 6-8. Handbook and other information about faculty, administration, sports,
    and activities from...

  • Home of the Eagles! "Everitt Is Proud to be an A School for the 2005 2006 school year " School Uniform colors are Red & Royal Blue & White with Bottoms: Grades 6-12 traditional belts must be worn if the pants have belt loops Bottoms can be khaki, navy blue or plain blue jeans No cargo or large pocket style pants, no bell bottoms, no baggy pants, no hip huggers, and no holes No shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than five inches (5") above the knee caps as measured standing up, Dresses with sleeves must be one of the school’s chosen colors and a solid color Small manufacturer’s trade mark is acceptable & & & 608 School Ave., Panama City, FL 32401 850-872-4790 Office 850-872-7721 Fax

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    Lisa's Fashion History Database
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  • Bright colors & big hair ----- Hot pants, earth tones & disco styles Mini-skirts, bell-bottoms & hippie styles Hats, gloves & full skirts Styles from the war years Flattering dresses & evening gowns --- Edwardian & World War I styles S-shaped silhouettes & the Gibson Girl Big sleeves & high collars Bustles & tight bodices The transition from hoop skirts to bustles Crinolines, hoop skirts, bonnets & ball gowns Puffed sleeves & empire waistlines Links visit my home page! Lisa's Nostalgia Cafe~Old Chicago Amusement Park~Lisa's Silent Movie Page Chicagoland Memories~Boy Dates Girl~Lisa's Holiday Village Games~Music~Jokes & Comic Strips~Cool Links About My Drawings I remember when I was 10 years old, browsing through a 1908 Montgomery Wards catalog

    Kellner And Things Incredibly Evil
    Opinions on the cancellation of Warner Bros. animated comedy series.

    Blaxploitation Films
    JR Valery writes about how the films influenced hip-hop.

  • As a member of the Hip Hop era, I never thought about were these styles came from, the dying down fad of Afros with picks, the bald women look, bell bottoms, and pale pink lip sticks

    CNN: Sonny Bono - From TV to DC
    Obituary, including audio and video.

  • Bono was well-known for his droopy mustache, bell-bottoms and playing the fall guy to his taller, sharp-tongued wife with the spectacular sequined outfits

    General Information including chat room, events, concerts, and business information.

  • Rock N' Roar: at the Toledo Zoo August 18th, 2006 Which will it be : The Hustle or the Boot Scootin ' Boogie? The choice is yours as Rock N' Roar 2006 brings 'Bell Bottoms and Boot Cuts' to The Toledo Zoo! This year, party-goers will have a choice between the 70's funk of Disco Invasion and the down-home country sounds of Badera

    Flak Magazine: Review of the new "Sesame Street"
    A critical review of the gradual changing of Sesame Street throughout years,
    focusing in on the massive...

  • Don't they know that 1970s children in brown corduroy overalls and miniature bell-bottoms are the last great hope for the future? How dare they replace us with these Esprit-clad upstarts who probably couldn't complete the sentence 'Free to be, _'? The listless intro leads into a new, ordered 'Sesame Street' universe, where there's a stifling sameness to everything

    91.3 MHz, Antioch University. Music and National Public Radio programming.
    Site features playlist, programming and events calendar.

  • Bell bottoms, tie-dye, and psychedelia were emblems of that generation

    Fuller Up, Dead Musician Directory: Sonny Bono
    Collection of wire service obituaries.

  • He wore bell bottoms, had a droopy mustache and played the fall man


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