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  • Of those, about 10 will be released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner, a proven family friendly brand that includes the successful "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.

  • Posted By: Figment! @ 1:19 AM | For Ailing Disney, a Shot of Strong Medicine In elevating the two executives, both of whom are close to the studio chairman, Richard Cook, Disney is betting on a revolution from within, unlike Paramount Pictures, which quickly brought in outsiders to shake up a staid culture last year.


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    Cable TV channel with program guide, and how to access its programming.

    Yahoo! for Australia and New Zealand, allied with Channel 7. Entertainment and
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  • "The weekday numbers have been terrific."Since its historic three-day opening of $135 million, the Walt Disney Pictures release has continued to amass box office treasure, setting records for biggest nonholiday Monday ($18 million), biggest Tuesday ever ($15.7 million) and second-biggest five-day total ($169.5 million).

  • The t-shirts are black with purple trim and have a picture of Johnny and Orlando on them.

  • Windows Media Player: | Real Player: | Quicktime: | Quicktime High Definition: | Ipod: PSP: Flash (progressive download): | Teen People From Krista: There is a really nice picture of Orlando and information about him in the August issue of Teen People Magazine which I recieved yesterday.

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    FilmForceIGN: Howl's Moving Castle Review
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  • Related Articles Send This Page to a Friend Contact the Editors Details for Howl's Moving Castle Latest Screens Latest Videos MPAA Rating: Release Date: June 10, 2005 Running Time: 118 Minutes Genre: Animation Other Genres: Fantasy, Adventure Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Language: English NY/LA Release: June 10, 2005 Information in purple is unconfirmed and should be taken as rumor.

    Picture Box Distribution
    Distributor of youth television programming. Includes show profiles, list of
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  • April 06 NEW TITLES FOR MIP Picture Box takes an unprecedented five new factual series to MIP.

  • March 06 DANIEL GOES TO GERMANY Picture Box has sold 65 episodes of the pre-school series THIS IS DANIEL COOK to Disney Channel Germany.

  • February 06 ROLL PLAY FINDS A FRENCH CANADIAN PARTNER Picture Box has secured a pre-sale from SRC in French Canada for the new preschool series from Sinking Ship Productions ROLL PLAY.

  • December 05 DISNEY US BUYS MORE DANIEL The Disney Channel in the US has picked up an additional 20 episodes of the popular preschool series THIS IS DANIEL COOK from Picture Box Distribution.

  • November 05 NEW CATALOGUE INCLUDES NEW LIFESTYLE Picture Box heads off to MIPCOM this year with three new lifestyle series in their growing catalogue.

  • September05 PICTURE BOX ASKS PRESCHOOLERS TO GET ACTIVE! From Sinking Ship Productions, the creators of the popular preschool series THIS IS DANIEL COOK , comes an exciting new preschool series to Picture Box’s catalogue.

  • Part workout, part puppet show extravaganza, ROLL PLAY August 05 SERIES + BUYS ROBSON ARMS Picture Box is happy to announce that the Canadian broadcaster Series + has bought the new dramedy series ROBSON ARMS for French Canada.

  • May 05 DANIEL COOK GOES STATESIDE Picture Box is happy to announce the recent sale of THIS IS DANIEL COOK to Disney Playhouse in the US.


    Hilary Duff Photo Gallery 1 at Bry&Gel's Stars We Love
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  • Check out Hilary's pictures, wallpapers, biography and filmography.

    Animation World Network Headline News
    Breaking industry news in the world of animation.

    TV Now: Hilary Duff
    Guide for actress on television.

  • Kate sabotages Lizzie's 11 yearbook pictures, causing Lizzie to plot revenge.

  • 30 minutes- TV-G, 2003, (CC), Stereo Sun Jul 30 04:00P on Disney Channel Lizzie McGuire Picture Day Starring Hilary Duff, Jake Thomas, Hallie Todd, Robert Carradine, Adam Lamberg, Lalaine.

  • Lizzie has a 'fashion meltdown' on picture day at school when she wears a unicorn sweater.

    Zhang Ziyi at | Ziyi Zhang Pictures, Videos, and more
    Pictures, videos, and news.

  • Links Ziyi Forums - English - Chinese Ziyi Pictures - 6000+ - 4000+ Ziyi News - Chinese - Chinese - Japanese Chinese Cinema China News and blogs - General news - Current events - Media and culture Forum tidbits Banquet international trailer and costumes exhibit A new international trailer for has been released which you can download .

  • An exhibit of costumes from the film was held in Shanghai, a Chinese fan took the closeup pictures below.

  • On the top row are costumes worn by Empress Wan (Ziyi) and the Emperor (Ge You), the bottom row shows costumes for Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu (pictured), and the Black Knights.

  • The most accurate and detailed summary of the situation so far is from the Hollywood Reporter BEIJING/LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Actress Zhang Ziyi ("Memoirs of a Geisha") is in negotiations to star in three pictures for the Weinstein Co., including a remake of Akira Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai, " the firm said Monday.

  • The same myth was the basis of Walt Disney Pictures' 1998 animated feature, "Mulan." has tracked down the rumors and gotten the story straight from the source: However, Zhang Ziyi's manager Ling Lucas has personally informed me that Zhang Ziyi "has not fixed her next project as of yet" and "she's not in a hurry." It would be very uncharacteristic for Ziyi to sign up for a film with no director or writer attached, let alone of series of such projects, and this is what made the initial reports implausible.

    Monsters, Inc.
    Cast, crew, photo gallery, awards, trivia, and reviews.
    Group of authors write on music, books, film, popular culture, politics, and

    Wikipedia - The Incredibles
    Production information, cast, plot, character summaries, themes, and trivia.

  • From "Following The Incredibles' defeat of Syndrome in the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of the Pixar Animation Studios film, a new threat emerges beneath the ground with a diabolical plot to pollute the major cities of the world and rule over humanity from below.

    Wikipedia - Shrek
    Production and sequel information, plot summary, cast, musical performers, and
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  • Myers had also employed this character voicing for a skit during his tenure, and also for the character Stuart MacKenzie in the motion picture .

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