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  • As "Some Day My Prince Will Come" plays in the background, a beautifully decorated storybook opens (the traditional opening for this kind of film) to a prologue of the tale: (The First Page:) Once upon a time there lived a lovely little Princess named Snow White.

  • So she dressed the little Princess in rags and forced her to work as a Scullery Maid.

  • The huntsman objects: "But your majesty, it is a princess!" The Queen will not allow any argument: "Silence! You know the penalty if you fail...But to make doubly sure you do not fail, bring back her heart in this." She presents him with a red box, adorned with a heart-shaped latch.

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  • 07/04/06 Princess Raccoon showing in the UK Ziyi's Japanese musical began showing last week in London at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

  • A short review from the : The Japanese director Seijun Suzuki’s fantasy-fable Princess Raccoon, this week’s third children-friendly film, is a blend of the barmy and the beautiful.

  • A banished prince is taken up by the title princess, whose subjects are spirit-animals of the furry persuasion.

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  • For example, a girl from a wealthy household who has been ordered to wash the dishes as a fulfilment of her once a month chores would be deemed a Cinderella; a fallen princess who has finally met with tough reality.

  • Cinderella, along with the more general "princess, " are shorthand for a particular approach to weddings and Western wedding attire, especially the white dress.

  • A bride with the Cinderella mindset believes that the dress and the occasion exist in order that she may be transformed for the day into a beautiful princess.

  • Detractors of such princess brides argue that the wedding is not solely about the bride; nevertheless, many wedding gown retailers appeal, directly or indirectly, to the Cinderella ideal.

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  • Some of the earlier games like Mystery House, Wizard and the Princess and Cranston Manor, have been released with more different cover art variations than you'd care to know.

  • Comments: Wander around the land of Serenia in search of a princess imprisoned by an evil wizard.

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  • There, he must save the princess that is locked in the highest room of the tallest tower.

  • Forquad is looking for a Princess so he can become a Prince.

  • Shrek asks for his land back so Forquad gives Shrek a quest to find the Princess and offers Shrek his land back.

  • Shrek finds the Princess and brings her back.

  • Princess (Fiona) starts to fall in love with Shrek.

  • phoebe, Resident Scholar A misanthropic and shy ogre named Shrek finds his swamp home overrun by a crowd of fairy tale creatures who have been evicted from their homes by Lord Farquaad in his attempt to create "the Perfect Kingdom." When Shrek protests, Farquaad tricks him into going on a mission to rescue the Princess Fiona from her mountain castle prison which is guarded by a fire-breathing dragon.

  • David Loftus, Resident Scholar An ogre, happy in his solitary swamp life, finds that all the Fairy Tale creatures in the land have been relocated to his swamp by the local nobleman who wants to create a "Perfect Kingom." To get them out, he goes on a quest to rescue a princess from a dragon for the nobleman.

  • The Princess turns out to not be quite what she seems.

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