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  • Walt Kelly Walter Crawford Kelly was born on August 25, 1913 in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, moving to Bridgeport, Connecticut while Walt was still a child.

  • By some accounts Walt was taught how to draw by his father who painted scenery for theatre productions and vaudeville shows, but other accounts have his father as a munitions worker.

  • He went to work at the Bridgeport Post after graduating High School and in 1936 found himself working at Walt Disney Studios as an animator.

  • During this time Walt worked on such famous Disney vehicles as Fantasia, Dumbo and Pinnochio.

  • When the studio was hit by a strike in 1941 Walt moved back to Connecticut and began doing comic book work for Western Publishing, also known as Dell.

  • At Dell, he illustrated Walt Disney Comics & Stories covers & interiors, New Fun Comics and Animal Comics.

  • It was also during this time that Walt's association with the fairy tale genre blossomed as Walt created, wrote and illustrated a number of titles for Dell called Fairy Tale Parade, Santa Claus Funnies, Raggedy Ann & Andy, Mother Goose and others.

  • In 1948, Walt was hired as the art editor of the foundling New York Star.

  • It was in the Star that Walt introduced Pogo as a daily strip in early 1949.

  • Gaining popularity quickly, Walt became one of the most talked about cartoonists of the era.

  • Walt and Pogo became so popular that beginning in 1952, "Pogo for President" was heard for the first time.


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  • What do you think the future will be like for comic books? When I first introduced Françoise to classic American comic strips, she told me she was struck by their "conviction and innocence." Little Lit pays homage to that era by including "Gingerbread Man, " a 1943 comic about a runaway cookie by Walt Kelly, the creator of Pogo and an artist on the Walt Disney classic .


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  • According to the university's theater department alumni magazine, Audience , Treu "then went to work for the late Frank Wells, president of The Walt Disney Company.

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  • Six finalists were all flown out to Los Angeles for five days where they presented their projects, took backstage tours of Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland culminating in an awards ceremony.

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  • Fantasia 2000: Disney Remagics the Rates Y et, just when things were calming down, enter Disney's "Fantasia 2000." Introducing the update was just like giving a yo-yo to a flamingo, which is also the inspiration for one of the sequences in "F2K." Walt Disney created the original "Fantasia" 60 years ago, illustrating classical pieces of music with dazzling animation and declaring it a work-in-progress.

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  • In Walt Disney's klutzy canine comedy The Shaggy Dog, this gimmicky retread is another Allen-oriented vehicle that's being cranked out but protected under the convenient guise of another innocuous Disney ditty.

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