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  • Pictures and descriptions of all the Lion King characters and their roles in the story.

  • Pictures and descriptions of all the Lion King characters and their roles in the story.

  • The Lion King characters are voiced as follows: Cheech Marin as Banzai Jim Cummings as Scar (possibly Ed too) Cam Clarke as Simba James Earl Jones as Mufasa Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Young Simba Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa So they couldn't get Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, or Whoopi Goldberg, and I'm unsure how Jonathan Taylor Thomas fits into the picture (surely he's too old to voice Simba convincingly anymoreóafter all, they got someone else for the "Morning Report" song).

  • Picture of the Day: Pumbaa Hunts a Bug 640 x 380 87 KB "What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?" -- Timon Support this site! Buy The Lion King Tickets for a showing near you: (Minskoff) (New Amsterdam) (Acad.

    The Lion King WWW Archive: Song Lyrics
    Lyrics for all the songs on the original English version of the Lion King
    soundtrack, plus the follow-up...

  • Pictures and descriptions of all the Lion King characters and their roles in the story.

  • Pictures and descriptions of all the Lion King characters and their roles in the story.

    The Lion King (1994)
    Cast, crew, trailer, trivia, quotes, and viewer comments.

    The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) (V)
    Cast, crew, quotes, trivia, user comments, and reviews.


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    Judiths Lion King page
    A fansite with pictures, sounds, wallpapers, and color pages from the Lion King.

    Allyn Fratkin's Lion King Celebration Pages
    Photographs and information about the parade that ran 1994-1997.

    Frank's Disney Page
    A list of Disney animated features, song lyrics and scripts.

  • Now when we make a new picture, we don't think of grown-ups, and we don't think of children, but of that fine, unspoiled spot deep down in everyone of us, that maybe the world has made us forget, and that maybe our pictures may help recall." From the Making of Snow White .

    Kimba The White Lion: Kimba W. Lion's Corner of the Web
    Images, lyrics, MP3 audio, video, story synopsis, show history, comparison with
    The Lion King, and links.

  • Here you'll find information on the history of the show, the sequel series Leo the Lion and the 1989 remake of the series, pictures, MP3 files, video files, links to buying the video tapes of the show.

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    Disney Attraction Scripts
    An index of unofficial Disney attraction scripts.

    Dreamland Japan
    Book with excerpt on the similarities between The Lion King and Kimba the White Lion.


    Judith's Disneyfriends.net - Everything about the Disney movies ...
    Disney pictures, wallpapers, coloring pages and desktop themes.

    55 years of Kimba (Jungle Emperor)
    Time line and video information.

  • Kimba with some of his friends And Kimba has always been there for me He is a true friend of all of us And he's a friend of everybody Whenever you're alone and feel empty No matter where you might be There's always a hand you'll find A white paw which'll make you happy Let's follow him to a better world Where all the animals and humans unite And let's just walk along The friendship's golden line Poem © CroKimba Picture © (used with permission) : eps: in Germany and Austria ().

  • By clicking on each of the pictures of the volumes you'll be brought to a new window where you can find out more about the volume and/or to order it from Right Stuf.

    Spirited Away
    Mongoose rates the film "really good".

  • Kiki's Delivery Service was released direct-to-video, received art house distribution by Miramax, and now, Spirited Away receives a release under Walt Disney Pictures, the imprint usually reserved for Disney's best family fare.

  • It won the Golden Bear Award (Best Picture) at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival; it was the first animated film to do so.

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    Movie Music UK - Hans Zimmer
    Movie Music UK biography, soundtrack reviews, links, filmography, awards, and CD
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    Lilo & Stitch
    Reviews, photos, trailers, synopsis, and a public forum.

    Review: The Jungle Book (1994)
    Review by James Berardinelli.

    Disney, Pocahontas, and Catalan
    Campanya que es va fer a favor del doblatge de la pel·lícula d'animació 'Pocahontas'
    al català.

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