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Ronald and Stephanie. Offers information on the family, Nana's red sauce recipe,
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Sterling Holloway
By Jim Fanning. [Persistence of Vision] Biographical article. Includes photo.

  • Somehow, perhaps because of the gentle, pseudo-squeaky quality of Holloway's vocal tone, it is commonly believed that he voiced mostly mice for The Mouse Factory ; even those erudite experts, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, make that claim in their (otherwise) authoritative book The Disney Villains.

  • In The Disney Villains, Johnston and Thomas directly attribute the success of the Cheshire Cat character to the voice artist: "With the magical, fey quality of Sterling Holloway's voice, [the Cheshire Cat] was truly living in a dreamworld all his own." Johnston and Thomas also give Holloway much of the credit for making Kaa in The Jungle Book (1967) an unusual and affecting villain.

  • At first, the python was to have been a much more conventional villain.

  • "We did a weaving kind of melody with a thousand sibilant sounds for this snake-villain, " explained the songwriting brothers.

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  • Also, polls on the series Customizable Animated Disney Valentines Day E-cards! Fanlisting for Disney's most evil villain: the sadistic chainsaw toteing NegaDuck, from the Darkwing Duck TV series.

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    EMuck: Richard White Invited Talk Transcript
    Online chat with the voice of Gaston in Disney's "Beauty and The Beast".

  • Richard White." >< Mickey says, "Richard is the star of stage and screen, with roles in many Broadway musicals to his credit." >< Mickey says, "He is well known for his performance as the villain Gaston in Disney's award-winning animated feature "Beauty and the Beast, " which celebrates its 6th anniversary today." >< Mickey says, "That critically acclaimed animated feature film was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture, the first ever for an animated film." >< Mickey says, "It also won the prestigious Best Picture Golden Globe Award.

  • It was an amazingly cooperative process." >< RichardWhite says, "The character underwent a lot of changes, both physically and in other ways." >< RichardWhite says, "I think the Disney people were concerned about portraying a villain as an attractive character." >< Mickey says, "Do you remember some of the things you suggested Gaston should be, and can you share them with us? What kind of changes did Gaston undergo?" >< RichardWhite says, "Originally he was much more Brutish.

  • from the queue line" >< Next question: >< (Mickey) Do you prefer playing villains or good guys? >< >< Mickey says, "Gosh! It was my question anyway.

  • ;-)" >< RichardWhite says, "Villains are sometimes more fun, cause they're less inhibited.

  • What did you find to like about the villain Gaston?" >< RichardWhite says, "Any character who is as in love with himself as Gaston has to be loveable.


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    Native Americans in Film and Television
    Annotated Bibliography of Materials in the University of California, Berkeley

  • Unlike previous Western films which negatively stereotyped Indians as villains and savages, these films provide provocative insights on Indian life.

  • "The western 1909-14: a cast of villains." Film History; Vol.I nr.2 (1987); p.97-112 Early history of the western with emphasis on the villain, esp.

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  • And then there's Hades, Lord of the Underworld: The hand of ferocious UK illustrator Gerald Scarfe (PINK FLOYD -- THE WALL), a surprising addition to the design lineup, is all over the snaggle-fanged villain, whose feet are shrouded in smoke and whose head glows with perpetual flame.

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