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           >> Novembre 2004


L'Editoriale Infamante Afroamericano..


[Live Report]
Patti Smith @ Bitritto (Bari) 24/10
Alexei Borisov - Polished Surface of a Table

Electroshock Records

Chirleison - A Whisper

The Fossil Dungeon

D.B.P.I.T. - The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory

Sweet Farewell

Deinonychus - Insomnia

My Kingdom Music

Genitor Lvminis - Virgae


Mephisto Walz - Insidious

Alice in.. / Fossil Dungeon

Photophob - Your Majesty Machine

Hive Records

The Hacker - Rêves Mécaniques

Goodlife / Pias

Black Noise Generator

Mash Up Soundsystem


Hadshot Haheizar


Mash Up Soundsystem

Artemiy Artemiev - Time, Desert And A Sound

Electroshock Records

Atrium Carceri - Seishinbyouin

Cold Meat Industry

Beat In Zen - Ocean Captive


Butterfly Messiah - Eternal

The Fossil Dungeon

Dawn Desiree' - Dancing, Dreaming, Longing...

The Fossil Dungeon

Despairation - Music for the Night

My Kingdom Music

Dryland - Gothic Tales

Dark Wings

Fuoriluogo - Disadattato


Hexentanz - Nekrocrafte

The Fossil Dungeon

HIV+ - Rotten Beat Manifesto

Black Flames Records

Impure Domain - H.I.V. Parade

Il Male Production

Legion of Darkness - Cantus


Mittens - Mittens

Man With A Gun

Operator X - Digital Defamation

Dark Wings

Plan E - Best Kept Secret

My Kingdom Music

Sic Seed - Psychotic Bloodline

Sinternational Records

Side 3 - No Expectations

Spent Decibel

Stormcrow - Wounded Skies


Terminal Sound System - Last Night I Dreamed Of Armageddon

Hive Records

The Prix - Demo 2004


The Soil Bleeds Black - Mirror of the Middle Ages

The Fossil Dungeon

Tunnel of Love - Underneath Are Phantoms



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