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MS-21C Dra-CResidual Jion’s forces basically split into three groups: the republican, working hard to re-establish the democratic order in Side 3 and giving up the war; Aguille Delaz’ followers, intending to keep on fighting against the Earth Federation; the monarchist exiles’ group, that reaches the RX-78 GP01Gundam Zephyrantes asteroid base of Axis, where’s the last of Zabis, Zena wife of Dozul, the dead commander of Solomon’s base. Actually, Kishira Zabi has been killed by Char Jion. In March 80 Delars assembles the fleet and starts building the Garden of Thorns, a new fortified space base. The next month Federal Government announces every hostilities are over, in space as well as on the Earth, but it’s not true: in Africa Jion’s troops, left on the Earth at the orders of Delaz’ lieutenant Anavel Gato, go on with their guerrilla operations.

On the 5th of May 81 Zena Zabi dies on Axis, leaving little Mineba Zabi as last heiress of the family, and contacts between the two of refugees’ groups begin. On August 15, Jion’s Principality foundation’s anniversary, Delaz, after completing the Garden of Thorns, starts a military full-scale strategy of guerrilla warfare and sabotage acts. In order to face the situation, then, Federal Government calls up discharged army, and carries out a new RX Gundam Plan, commissioning Anaheim Electronics Co. to design new GundamRX-78GP02A Gundam Physalis mobile suits types.

On the 16th of November 81 Axis’ neutral group gives its support to Delaz’ one in order to let him found the Jion’s Principality again, and they undertake to reorganize their armies and their arsenals in order to lead a new war against Earth Federation, and to seize the powerRX-78 GP03S Gudam Dendrobium Stamen again in Side 3. Between April and May 82 the Federal Government founds a research centre about newtype telepathic powers, the Flanagan Agency, and starts a plan to rebuild and repopulate the Sides. In May 83 Jion monarchist forces start mass production of a new space mobile suit raider, the MS Dra-C, developed at DelazGarden of Thorns, and then they succeed in making a new material, the gandarium gamma. Some months before, moreover, men of Delaz’ had infiltrated the Anaheim to sabotage building plans of new federal Gundam. On August 5 Maharaja Kahn, Axis’ group leader, dies and his daughter Hamaan, a fervent Delaz’ supporter, succeeds him and takes over the regency of Mineba Zabi.

Between September 18 and October 4, at the lunar Anaheim’s factory of Von Braun City, they complete the new Gundam RX-78 GP01, GP02A, GP03O and the Pegasus II class battleship, Albion. AfterAlbion testing them, they load GP01 and GP02A on Albion, that leaves to Torrington, Australia, where it arrives on October 13. But here Delaz’ spies, together with Gato, start their action and succeed in stealing the GP02A Gundam, in the meantime equipped with a powerful nuclear warhead. Intercepted by the GP01, Gato is forced to shelter in Africa, at the Ginbaraido base, chased by Albion. But lost the base after a strong fighting, theLa vie en rose GP02A succeeds in leaving to space and makes off.

On October 28, at the space Anaheim dock La vie en rose, they end testing the RX-78 GP03S, that joining GP03O forms the mobile armour GP03. On October 31 Delaz gets also CommanderRX-78 GP03 Gundam Dendrobium Orchis Cima Garahau’s support and declares war to Earth Federation. Albion is intercepted between the Earth and the Moon by Cima’s flagship, battleship Lili Marlene. During the battle the two Saramiss convoy is destroyed and GP01, not yet equipped with software for space battles and driven by ensign Kou Uraki, is seriously damaged by Cima’s Gelgoog. Anyway, on November 2 Albion succeeds in landing at Von Braun City on the Moon, and GP01 is repaired and equipped with Fb (Full bernian) armour and software for space battles.

Lili Marlene

This time war action takes place only on the space front and UNT Spacy seems to be stronger. Unless Axis-Delaz forces have been able to develope a powerful offensive force in a short time, federal technology is now more advanced, especially in mobile suits’ mass production. Thank to RGM-79 series’ development the federal army counts now more than 1.500 mobile suits and armours, while Delaz have got just few hundreds of them (including new types as Val Varo and Dom Tropen).MS-09 Dom TropenAMA-X2 Neue Ziel

In November war reaches its climax. On the 10th Gato and his fleet launch a surprise RX-78 GP01Gundam Zephyrantes Fbattack during the annual naval review near Kompei Island by which Federation celebrates the Victory in the “one year war”: using the GP02A nuclear warhead they succeed in wiping out almost 70% of federal fleet. During the battle GP01-Fb and GP02A destroy each other. In the meantime Cima tries to seize two colonies while replacing, and destroys their solar mirrors in order to divert them. The space islands crash into each other, and one of them falls towards the Moon. On November 11 then Cima Garahau, thank to Von Braun authorities’ help, succeeds in diverting the falling colony towards the Earth, in spite of Antarctic Treaty’s prohibition. The battle starts again on 12 and the remaining federal forces, using what’s left of the old Solar System and the mobile armor GP03, that has to face Gato’s powerful Neue Ziel, succeed in making up for their position. Feeling a near defeat, Cima Garahau boards Delaz’ flagship, the Gwaden, and kills him to take command and negotiate surrender, but she also dies on her new Gerbera Tetra, hit by GP03.AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra

Anyway the federal pay a heavy charge for their victory: on November 13 the colony crashes down onto North America, causing a huge environmental catastrophe that will radically change Earth’s climatic system, already injured by “one year Gwadenwar”’s disasters. A large steam’s quantity caused by the explosion will bring a new glacial age and the temperate zones will become uninhabitable.

On the 23rd of November 83 a military Court, though their bravery in fighting, sentences the death penalty for Albion’s commander, Aiper Synaps, and one year imprisonment for liutenant Kou Uraki, both charged with having illegally fielded the GP03 in battle. Four moths later, anyway, Kou Uraki is pardoned as a consequence of military files erasing.











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