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As you read about Gundamís story, taking place in the Universal Century, you may wonder where it all happens. Actually, everything revolves mainly around the Earth, the Moon, and hundreds of space colonies. This is known as the Earth Sphere.†The space colonies (bunches) are all settled in seven areas, named Sides, and they are in the shape of a 20 miles long and 4 miles diameter cylinder that generates artificial gravity by rotating around its lenghtwise axis, with three wide solar mirrors departing from the end side opposite to the Sun. The Sides are all located around five different points on Moonís orbit, known as Lagrange points. (Side picture shows the Earth seen from Side 7 "open-type" colonies)

(The diagram below shows the approximate positions of the colonies relating to Earth-Moon system with the Lagrange points, and the position of the most important fortified or strategic space bases and asteroids)

For more details and informations about Sidesí story and technology, and in general about life in the universal century, english readers can visit Mobile Suit Gundam: High Frontier, a great website by Dafid Neal Dyer.











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