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Crossbone Vanguard’s military success will further feed space people’s will of freedom and independence. Central federal power is now fading away: the long wave of colonialism is coming back to sweep away the now meaningless institutions that once wanted it. Earth Federation’sZM-S06S Zoloatt ZM-S12G Shokew disintegration and weakening starts with military hierarchies breaking inside UNT, whose space troops couldn’t stand High Command’s indifference during Frontier Side’s chrisis, and in vain the Government tries to face the situation moving, in 130, its office to Von Braun City on the Moon.Amalthea

In 143 newtype Maria Pia Ammonia and her fellows start their political and religious propaganda in Side 2. Three years later they form the contulist party Gachi and violently take the power on Amelia’s colony, then expanding their influence through almost the whole of Side 2 and proclaiming the so called Zanscar Empire in 149 U.C., under the reign of Queen Maria I.

Earth Federation, becauseLM-312 V04 Victory GundamLM-111 E02 Gun EZ of a very serious economic chrisis due to colonial trading interruption, is unable to face the situation and so anti-Gachi local opposition organizes a resistance movement by itself, the so called League Militaire, also supported by illegal residents on the Earth: actually, Zanscar leaders plan to invade even the Earth itself to get the power all over the Earth Sphere. The LM then starts the Victory and Earth projects, arming by itself using underground factories in Eastern Europe (after Anaheim Electronics’ bankruptcy, private robotics industry is now over). RGM-122 Javelin

After about three years imperial troops can count on a great deal of mobile suits — including ZM-S06S Zoloatt, ZM-S12G Shokew and ZM-S14S Contio — and space war ships — Amalthea and Callisto classes — as well as land war ships — Adrastea and Lysithea classes. In October 152, while a space fleet is going to subject others colonies, Yellowjackets imperial elite starts invading the Earth, occuping the eastern european city of Largane, and squads of Shokew comb Eastern Europe looking for LM underground bases. At the beginning of April 153, however, they complete the first Victory project and the Earth one in Kolin’s underground factories — rolling out LM-312 V04 Victory Gundam and LM-312 V06 V Gundam Hexa, as well as serial types LM-111 E02 Gun EZ and LM-111 E03 Gunblaster — and in an orbital federal dock — giving out the Aeneas class little ships.

The first battle takes place in the region of Kasarelia, near the city of Woowig (the old Prague), where the Resistance steals a Shokew that joins V Gundam, driven by young Usso Bedding, and drives back YellowjacketsZoloatt and Gaddarl motorbikes, letting League’s trucks reach the Gaunland federal base of Becheyne and activate other mobile suits. Hence convoy leaves again by federal cargo-planes to theKairas Giri spaceport of Gibraltar: actually, a part of federal army — especially colonial garrisons — has decided to join the League Militaire with its few means (including last Anaheim mobile suits RGM-119 Jamesgun and RGM-122 Javelin). After a strong battle, on April 19 LM troops manage to take off with a shuttle and an old federal Lean horse class ship, the Reinforce. Meanwhile, in the Earth Sphere fightings between Zanscar fleet and local federal troops increase. On April 24 the Alexandria class federal flagship Gaunland meets with the Reinforce, while some mobile suits including VGundam dock at the solar station Hiland. In the meantime the Empire has sent towards the Earth the attack satellite Kairas Giri, with control-ships Squid, but the operation fails because of League Militaire’s using Hiland’s microwaves cannon and V Gundam’s attack. The damaged Kairas Giri is then captured together with a Squid. On April LM-314 V21 Victory 2 Gundam 29, then, Usso Bedding and the remaining troops move towards Side 2 with an Aeneas fleet and the Kairas Giri, managing to reach Amelia’s colony, only defended by Overhead Hawk light fighters squads. But heavy Zanscar fleet’s turning up makes them ruinously retreat in deep space, where meanwhile Kairas Giri has been repaired, and it effectively covers their escape. Squid On 7 May 153 the spoilt LM’s fleet finds shelter for repairing on Macedonia’s colony, on Side 2 border, but it’s soon hunted by a new Zanscar ships’ fleet, the Rad class Force, and so it moves to the Moon, to Saint Joseph city. The fleet is joined on the road by the White Ark, carrying the brand new LM-314 V21 Victory 2 Gundam. Zanscar Rad Force then sets up for Earth to launch a heavy attack, soon followed by White Ark and new ship Reinforce Junior, and on May 22 it lands in the Gulf of Mexico, destroying the underwater city of Underhook.

On May 28, anyway, Federal Government, after assembling a powerful fleet led by the Gaunland in Earth orbit, nogotiates a truce.Angel Halo Then, the Rad Force retreats for a while, and both White Ark and Reinforce Jr., after destroying a Lysithea convoy in Scandinavia, reach the Hiland in orbit in order to join the Gaunland’s fleet. 

The final battle for the Earth begins on June 12, and even Queen Maria with her fortress Angel Halo takes part to the fighting. After an eleven days’ battle, on 23 June 153, imperial attack is definitively driven back by UNT-League Militaire joined forces. Casualties are heavy on both sides, the Angel Halo has been destroyed and Queen Maria herself is dead in the battle, but Earth Federation comes out in shreds from the war: now its separation process is irreversible.











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