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Although reduced, monarchist Axisí troops ainítGundam ZZ MSZ-010 won yet, and Hamaan Khan renames the fortified asteroid as Neo Jion, keeping on planning about a Princedomís re-establishment in Side 3. Thatís why Endorashe starts a propaganda among colonial population in order to get its support for a new rebellion against the Federation, sending a ship on each colony.

On March 3 of 88 one of them, the Endora under the command of Mashma Serro, reaches the colony of Shangri-La, in Side 1, where is also the Aghama, needing repairs. Not to get in touch with it, Noah Bright decides to hide the ship in a scrapsí deposit in the hinterland. Meanwhile a new member joins the crew, heís new pilot Judo Ashita, a newtype recruited in Shangri-La to drive Camille Vidanís Zeta Gundam. On March 11 the Aghama succeeds in leaving the colony in the direction of La vie en rose, where it arrives on March 19 chased by Endora: here it loads a Gundam ZZ MSZ-010, used at the same time against Pezunís rebels, by which they destroy the Endora and capture Serro.

On April 12, provided with a powerful particles cannon, the Aghama leaves La vie en rose in order to attack Axis, but it will fail. Meanwhile Hamaan Khan calls her ships back from their vain propaganda mission in the colonies, planning a direct assault on Dakar. On June 6 part of her fleet, led by the flagship Sadaran, begins going down the Earth and on August 29 the Blue Force mobile suits brigade,NZ-000 Quin Mantha under the command of lieutenant Gremmi Toto and his prototype NZ-000 Quin Mantha, occupies Dakar. Aghama soon approaches to the city and sends there its Gundam Team, Sadaranjoined by new AEUG/UNT Spacy GM III RGM-86R types and Kalabaís Hyaku Shiki and Dijeh. Then, after stopping at El Golea to refuel, it goes on to Dublin, where Federal Government has temporarily moved. While siege to Dakar is in a stalemate situation, in space Neo Jion left troops capture a colony from Side 4 and on October 31, breaking the Antarctic Treaty of 79, divert it onto Dublin in order to force Federal Government to negotiate monarchistsí settling in Side 3. When Aghama arrives to Ireland the situation has come to a head: the colony is about to crash down on the city and Government, before leaving, has signed for Jionís Republic dissolution, appointing Mineba Zabi and Hamaan Khan as regents of Neo Jion Princedom: consequently, on November 14 of 88, Gremmi Totoís Blue Force abandons Dakar and retires in Side 3, joining Neo Jion army.GM III RGM-86R

Anyway, on November 7 UNT and AEUG have already planned an attack against Side 3 in order to definitively break off Neo Jionís monarchist army, sending the vanguard role to a brand new federal flagship, heavy cruiser Near Aghama, the crew of which is entered also by Aghamaís Gundam Teamís pilots, and Judo Ashita has to organize republican resistance on Jion.Near Aghama

The alliesí attack gets unexpected help by a sudden civil struggle broken out among Neo Jion Principalityís heads. On December 25, in fact, Gremmi Toto, claiming to be a legitimate descendant of Giren Zabi, mutinies and occupies with his troops the orbiting base of Axis, hurling its detachable section Mouser on Core 3 colony, Hamaan Khanís and Mineba Zabiís stronghold. On January 10 of 89 the civil war comes to its fast end with a ferocious battle which UNT/AEUG forces play a decisive part in. They wipe out Gremmi Totoís fleet and reduce Hamaan Khanís one to a tiny handful. During the fight Gremmi Toto himself is killed, while Hamaan Khan commits suicide and Mineba Zabi is missing. So, on January 17, Neo Jion Principality is cancelled and republican order is definitively re-established in Side 3 area.











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