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After Neo Jion monarchistsí final defeat AEUG is dissolved and many important members of its, including Amuro Rei and Noah Bright,enter the federal special forceMSN-03 Jogd Doga NZ-333 Alpha Aziel named London Bell. Its task is about the same of Titansí one, thatís watching over and controlling independentist Sidesí movements, but without using terrorist strategies. London Bellís foundation, dating March 90, AMS-119 Geara DogaMSN-04 Sazabi follows embargoís aggravation decided by Federal Assembly against the colonies supporting subversive organizations, such as EGM (Emancipation Global Movement), and especially NSP (New Summer Project) founded in January 90. Itís just the most extremist part of this organization, the Colored Force, to attack Texas colony in Side 6 on July 15, joining battle with Arahasí federal garrison. The NSP guerrilla action, however, is shortly over for its moderate partyís defection. In reality, behind Colored Force hides a second Char Jion who, after Grips 2 battle, disappeared without leaving any trace. But in the meantime he had given himself in newtypeís properties studying and new technologiesí developing, besides economically and politically supporting republican resistance during Jionís war the third. Above all, he never forgot his main goal since his fatherís death: federal iniquitous coloniesí exploitation definitively stopping. He had understood that the only way was to compell left Earthís population to move on the Sides, and so he knew he had to make the planet uninhabitable. Then, after NSP failure, Char Jion decides to carry out his plan: bombing Earthís surface with asteroids in order to speed up glaciation. Supported by some Reyulura colonies and Side 3 republican Government, thank to new newtype technologies Char Jion has got a considerable offensiveGundam RGZ-91 potential and several mobile suits types provided with PCS: NZ-333 Alpha Aziel, AMS-119 Geara Doga, MSN-03 Jogd Doga and MSN-04 Sazabi.

On December 22 of 92 a fleet of Musaka and Reyulura class cruisers under his command land on Sweetwater colony, in Side 3, where he settles Jion Republican Army (JRA) headquarters, and on February 27 of 93 he declares another war against Earth Federation. Keeping in mind flash war strategy conceived by Degwin Zabi in 79, Char Jion decides to attack and capture lunar satellite Moon 5 in order to divert it on Lhasa, in Tibet, where is now UNT High Command. In spite of London Bellís intervention, new JRA mobile suitsí fastness and better technologies ó the old Gundam Z restyled version RGZ-91 is simply outclassed ó assure operationís success, and so, on March 4, the satellite crashes down the tibetan city, heavily striking federal forces andRX-93 Nu Gundam Earthís climate. Jionís troops retreat is then followed by London Bellís mobile suits squad, now including also one new Anaheimís RX-93 Nu Gundam, provided with a drones PCS and assigned to Amuro Rei. But a sudden JRAís troopsí assault confuses London Bell just enough to allow a shipsí fleet under Char Jionís direct command to go ahead to Londenion colony, in Side 6, for a secret negotiation with federal authorities. Then, on March 6 they sign a treaty by which Char Jion is bound to lay up his fleet and charged for a big quantity of gold, but he gets back the asteroid fortress of Axis.La Cairum

Anyway the agreement is just a trick: Char Jion never gives up his purpose of bombing Earth, and he plans to divert Axis onto the planet as last stroke. So, at the moment of signing on Moon 2, Jionís fleet bombs thebase and steals some nuclear warheads, while Charís vanguard starts moving Axis towards the Earth. A first London Bellís assault is faced by Jionís mobile suits, and then itís driven back thank to the returning fleet. Axisí inertial slow motion seems to be relentless, but federal stubborness will give its outcomes. Under Noah Brightís command, on March 12 of 93 some London Bellís mobile workers, supported by battleship La Cairum, succeed in eluding enemyís barrage fire and land on Axis in order to place some explosive charges. Meanwhile Amuro Reiís Nu Gundam faces Char Jionís Sazabi , allowing the operation going on. The huge explosion diverts the asteroid away from Earth, and then a bloody battle follows between surviving JRAís ships and London Bell, that after all prevails, putting an end to last Jionís war. Both Amuro Rei and Char Jion are missing in action.











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