US Department of the Treasury
US Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt's strategic plan.

  • As part of reaching our goals, we will effectively regulate the primary and secondary Treasury securities markets, ensure that reliable systems and processes are in place for purchasing and transferring Treasury securities, annually auction and issue $2 trillion of marketable securities, issue and redeem more than 100 million savings bonds each year, maintain more than $380 billion in securities accounts directly for investors, and provide timely and accurate information on the debt of the Federal Government

  • We also direct and rely on financial institutions and other organizations which provide indispensable front-line transaction services to purchasers of savings bonds at more than 40, 000 locations

  • This study followed a decision by the Secretary of the Treasury to merge the Savings Bonds Division (previously a separate entity within the Department) into Public Debt

  • The most recent evaluation of the program's cost-effectiveness shows that Treasury saves about $70 million for every billion dollars of savings bonds sold

  • More than 11 million people purchase savings bonds from financial institutions each year

  • Even though we have recently implemented several changes to reduce the cost of our savings bond delivery system, customers were very satisfied with their bond purchase experience and more than 95 percent will likely buy again and recommend bonds to others

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    Assist organizations, both large and small, who provide the US Savings Bond
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  • And it is one very great reason why our country's Savings Bonds are perhaps the finest investment in the world today

  • Make that investment work for you! Increase your personal independence and your family's security, by buying Bonds regularly -- starting now! For your own security -- and your country's, too -- invest in U.S

  • Savings Bonds! (from a 1955 U.S


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  • Corporate Market Timely data on corporate bonds including our real-time price information and ticker, in-depth market data, key corporate indices, and relevant economic indicators

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  • Buying and Selling Bonds Making decisions on what bonds to buy, how best to buy them, how long you want to hold them, and when you might think about selling

  • Types of Bonds The bond market offers investors more choices than the stock market.You can choose from municipal, government, corporate, mortgage-backed or asset-backed securities and international bonds

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    Department of the Treasury. Search for over $200 million in unclaimed property.

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  • If the problem during the Great Depression had really been that there was 'not enough money, ' then it would be surprising that National Bank Notes were suppressed in 1935 -- the bonds that had been issued to secure banknotes were all discontinued

    SEC Brings Enforcement Actions Against Three Individuals, Goldman ...
    Determined that the form willfully violated the provisions of the Exchange Act
    that prohibit fraud by broker-dealers and government securities dealers.

  • Treasury 30-year bonds minutes before the Treasury Department announced, on Oct

  • 31, 2001, that it would no longer issue such bonds

  • While the news was still nonpublic, the traders purchased $84 million worth of 30-year bonds for Goldman Sachs' own accounts, generating illegal profits of over $1.5 million

  • 31, 2001, and before the news became public, Nothern and other MFS portfolio managers bought $65 million worth of 30-year bonds for funds that they managed, generating approximately $3.1 million in illegal profits

  • MFS will pay a penalty of $200, 000 and will reimburse another firm for over $700, 000 in trading losses incurred by selling to MFS the bonds that Nothern and the other fund managers purchased

  • In addition, MFS is undertaking to reimburse the broker-dealer that sold MFS the 30-year bonds $717, 858, representing losses by the broker-dealer from selling 30-year bonds to MFS on Oct

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    US Savings Bond Tracker
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  • Savings Bond Tracker • • • Member Login Email Address Password Mailing List Current Rates I Bonds: 2.41% EE Bonds: 3.70% New rates will be posted 11/1/2006! Site Links Savings Bond Tracker! In today's volatile environment US Savings Bonds offer individual savers a safe and affordable alternative for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio

  • This online service will track the following series of bonds: EE Bonds, Patriot Bonds, I Bonds, E Bonds, and Savings Notes

  • Let the Savings Bond Tracker calculate the following for you: Current redemption value Total interest your bonds have earned Final maturity date Next interest posting date Current interest rate your bond is earning Your bond's yield to date The service allows you to enter an UNLIMITED number of bonds and build an UNLIMITED number of portfolios

  • Each month the system will automatically update the current values of your bonds

  • The Savings Bond Tracker is an easy and affordable way to track your savings bond investments! If your bonds are ever lost, stolen, or destroyed, all of your bond information will be available to you to help you get these bonds replaced

    Tirana Stock Exchange
    Includes history, market volume, practices and procedures, regulations and future

  • The activity at hand was the trading of the Treasury Bills with 12 months-to-maturity, five series of government bonds and privatization vouchers

  • There were no transactions with 5 Government Bonds during the whole year, just like 1997, because the main terms of them, and especially their coupon, has been revised and corrected and now stands at 1, 5% p.a

  • top TURNOVER AT TSE (in US$) Instrument Year 1996 (from May 2 d ) 1997 1998 Treasury Bills 25, 050, 000.00 43, 000, 000.00 34, 842, 623.00 Government Bonds 80, 000, 000.00 0.00 0.00 Privatization Vouchers 0.00 0.00 0.00 PRACTICES AND PROCEDURES STUCTURE Tirana Stock Exchange is organized as a separate department of Bank of Albania and it is located at the premises of BoA's itself

    Free Savings Bond Software
    PC software for tracking US Savings Bonds. Also provides statements of value
    based on lists of holdings faxed or mailed to them.

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