Joe Cartoon
Site featuring a variety of interactive Flash cartoons.

Mark Fiore's Animated Political Cartoons!
Mark Fiore, left-wing political cartoonist and former staff cartoonist at the
San Jose Mercury News presents a weekly animated cartoon. Also a gallery, cartoon ...

Flash Meat : Animation et Cartoon Flash En Ligne
Propose des animations et des jeux en flash à visualiser en ligne.

cartoons and funny flash
Daily single-panel comics, e-cards, and the Farting Dogs. By Dan Gibson.


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NewmanToon - Cartoon in Flash - Invia Cartoline animate!
Propone una serie di cartoni, realizzati in flash, sulle avventure originate
dagli incontri via internet. Offre la possibilità di comporre ed inviare cartoline ...

JibJab - Making People Laugh With Funny Videos, Pictures, Text ...
Animated cartoons and riddles. Famously known for political parodies.

The One and ONLY Place to Buy CartoonSmart Flash Tutorials is ...
Free Flash files and tutorials. Lesson covers animation, drawing cartoons, creating
cool buttons, and text design. Free files posted weekly.

Ironici e graffianti, cartoni animati inediti realizzati con Flash. Inoltre:
vignette, sfondi, Mp3 e le opere inviate dai lettori.


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ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio - 15000 Animated GIFs
Get wild, fast-loading cartoon animation clips from a pro animation studio.
Site offers 2500 original animated GIFs, Flash cartoons, and cartoon portfolios, ...

Zaptoons- Books for kids, Flash Cartoons, Flash Games
Offers different cartoons to chose from, books, games, and download desktop pictures.

Funny Flash Cartoon, Jokes, Funny Pictures And Funny Adult Comics
A collection of flash cartoons and jokes.


Weebls Stuff - News
Offbeat and unusual games, cartoons, art and comment.

Funny Cartoons , funny flash cartoons
Cartoons, free help for cartoonists, free reciprocal linking, interesting games
such as the "Stick-Man Murder Mystery", and other fun stuff.

Zupperman - Portale di giochi, cartoni e divertimento online ...
Offre giochi in flash suddivisi per categoria, anche autoprodotti. Permette la
sfida tra gli utenti. Richiede registrazione gratuita.

Le Site Officiel du Concombre Masqué
La série de Mandryka sur le célèbre légume, des animations, une visite en musique,
des documents et des cartes vituelles. Les albums de ces aventures potagères, ...

Angry Alien Productions: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre and other cartoons.
Animation by Jennifer Shiman, featuring the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Troupe
doing re-enactments of movies.

Flashcartoons was designed to pass up the time. If you don't want to pass the
time, go do something productive. Features Flash Cartoons on Super Mario, Zelda, ...

  • August 3rd, 2006: 14 NEW TUTORIALS Learn the very basics of flash, we have recieved alot of emails about the core basics of flash

  • Many new cartoons, games and tutorials to come so keep checking back

  • Many new cartoons, games and tutorials to come so keep checking back

    Albino Blacksheep
    Offbeat humor with image and multimedia archives, humorous and satirical articles,
    and message boards.

  • Thor gives us a tutorial that will save animators from hard work and provide a great effect in the process

  • Thor, Clod of Blunders 46 KB Now that you've studied the tutorial (even if you aren't an animator), see this effect in action


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