Etiquette Hell
Not only does this site tell you what to do in a given situation, it also includes
horror stories...

US Flag Etiquette
Care, respect and history of the American flag. - Home : Etiquette Questions, Advice, and ...
Includes advice column, letters, information about their book, profile, rhetorical
questions and links.

The Emily Post Institute offers etiquette advice and manners advice
Provides advice, books, articles, seminars, and discussions on etiquette for the
way we live today.


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International Business Culture, Business Etiquette, Customs and ...
Guide to international business culture and etiquette in over 35 countries.
Topic covered include...

Netiquette Home Page
Gives a description of the main rules of online etiquette. A quiz, mailing list,
and ordering information...

Email etiquette rules for effective email replies
Tips on implementing mail policies, etiquette, rules and management software to
improve the effectiveness...

Wedding Etiquette Advice
Offers information on wedding etiquette. Includes specific etiquette for wedding
gift registries.


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United States Golf Association: Etiquette
Official rules for courtesy on the golf course.

10 Commandments of Cell Phone Etiquette
Basic guidelines for do's and don'ts of using your cell phone.

Japanese Manners and Etiquette
Comprehensive listing of Japanese customs and useful for a quick contrast to
other cultures.

International Center for Bathroom Etiquette
Bathroom do's and don'ts.


Etiquette Survival Guide
Objectives of the site: 1. To recognize the importance of proper etiquette as it
relates to interviewing...

Beach Etiquette
A guide to courtesy at clothing optional sites.

Disability Etiquette Handbook
From the City of San Antonio, Texas.

Mr. Golf Etiquette
Features several articles on the basics of good golf etiquette. Also includes
related links and a...

Emily Post: Rules of Etiquette
Guide to good manners includes thousands of tips on correspondence, party giving,
and conduct in every...

A Straight Person's Guide To Gay Etiquette
Guide to the casual, advanced and beyond coming out.

Internet Etiquette
Offers basic suggestions on how to use the web properly.

Dynamoo's Email Etiquette
Offers a list of "Do's" and "Don'ts" to help e-mail users avoid basic mistakes.


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