Stainless & Alloy Piping -- Stainless Steel Pipe, Valves, fittings ...
Distributors of stainless steel pipes, tubings, valves fittings and flanges.

  • Company Overview Stainless and Alloy Piping has been your stainless steel specialists since 1979! We're here to serve you Monday through Friday from from 8:00 a.m

  • Stainless and Alloy Piping is committed to providing our customers with professional, friendly service and an outstanding inventory of stainless steel pipe, valves, fittings and structural materials.We are proud to have serviced the food, dairy, poultry, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries for over 20 years

  • Stainless and Alloy Piping has one of the largest standing inventories of stainess steel pipe, valves, fittings and structural materials in the southeast

  • FOR ALL YOUR STAINLESS STEEL & FABRICATION NEEDS Stainless & Alloy Piping 922 Mountain Industrial Drive

    AMERICAN Stainless Steel & Supply - Stainless Steel Pipe and Tubing
    Southeastern US industrial distributor specializing in piping, tubing, fittings,
    flanges, valves, shapes, controls, steam specialties, and process equipment.

  • Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Thermoplastics Copper Structural Shapes WELCOME TO AMERICAN STAINLESS American Stainless & Supply is a national industrial distributor specializing in the following products: Steel Pipe and Tubing Fittings Flanges Valves Shapes (Sheet-Plate-Bar-Angle) Controls Steam Specialties Process Equipment Please contact us for more information on our stainless steel products and services

    Stainless Works - Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems
    Manufacturer of specialty exhaust systems.

    Saldatura e lavorazioni acciaio inox - Stainless steel welding and ...
    Production and assembly of components in stainless steel and special alloy for
    the chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging industry.

  • Titanium and stainless steel welding and machining

  • Stainless steel pipe, mig, tig, laser and microplasm welding

  • Products and activity: stainless steel welding, stainless steel pipe welding, pressure vessels Ped, pressure vessels Asme, food machines assembly, pharmaceutical industry machines assembly, food packaging machines assembly, titanium welding, stainless steel microplasm welding, machine assembly, stainless steel machining, stainless steel laser welding, laserTube cutting, laser Tube cutting, laser cutting


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    OnlineMetals.com - Small Quantities Specialist - Online Metal ...
    Create a stainless steel backsplash for your kitchen, or update your bathroom.
    Order online, small quantities are sold.

    Butterfly Valves, Sanitary Fittings, Stainless Fittings, Ferrules ...
    Manufactures sanitary assemblies and stainless steel assemblies and valves for
    food, brewing, beverage, dairy, packing machine, liquid-controlling machinery ...

  • Manufacturer of every kind of high quality of sanitary assembly and stainless steel assemblies and valve for food, brew, beverage, dairy, packing machine, liquid controlling machine industry

  • Sinmag Fitting Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1991, a professional manufacturer of high quality special alloy forging and steel casting, with items include stainless steel sanitary fittings, flange, stainless steel forging, casting, butterfly valve, sight glass and ball valve etc

    Webco Industries - tubing manufacturer and supplier
    Manufactures a full line of boiler, heat exchanger, mechanical, and custom-engineered
    tubing products in both carbon and stainless steel.

  • Webco provides carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel tube, nickel alloy, non ferrous and specialty alloy tube and pipe products

    Brass Fittings Parts Brass Fittings Brass Components Plumbing ...
    Manufacture and export non-ferrous metal components . Products include brass
    sanitary fittings, cable glands, copper lugs and electrical connectors. India.

  • Copper Lugs Copper Cable Terminals Ferrules Machined Parts Machined Components Turned Metal Parts Threaded Fittings Earthing Rods Grounding Rods Grounding Clamps Accessories Brass Copper Castings Cast Parts Casting Components Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Stainless Steel Fittings Brass Casting Copper Castings Bronze Castings Bronze Casting Copper Cable Lugs Copper Terminals Brass Plumbing Fittings Hose Fittings Brass Wood Screws Bronze Castings Copper Castings Brass Castings Brass Pipe Fittings Brass Nuts Brass Fittings Brass Turned Parts Components Stainless Steel Fittings Copper Cable Lugs Copper Terminals BRASS Components Fittings Hose Fittings Cable Glands Sanitary Fittings Plumbing Fittings Neutral Links Earthing Rods Grounding Rods Copper Lugs Copper Terminals BARS Brass Parts Components

  • Benefits

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    Metals Depot® - Buy Small Quantity Metal Online! Steel, Aluminum ...
    Metals service center with online purchasing. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum,
    tool steel, cold finish steel and brass.

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    PermaShield Pipe (PSP®) by Fab-Tech Inc: ETFE coated stainless ...
    In conjunction with Dupont, developing the ultimate solution to fume exhaust
    problems: PermaShield Pipe, a highly corrosion resistant composite of fluoropolymer ...

  • ETFE Coated Stainless Steel Process Fume and Fluid Systems PermaShield Pipe (PSP&reg) by Fab-Tech is a fully engineered system of stainless steel duct, pipe and fittings with ETFE fluoropolymer bonded to interior surfaces for superior corrosion resistance

    Stainless Steel Tubing, Stainless Steel Tube, Alloy Steel, Dom ...
    Provides customized sizes of stainless tubing. Offers company and application
    information. Greenville, PA.

  • Email: A Proud Operating Unit of: Welcome to the Greenville Tube Company website! Your international leader in providing high quality, customized sizes of stainless steel tubing, welded tubing and DOM tubing with short lead times

  • Acquires Greenville Tube Company Greenville Tube can provide a customized stainless steel tube or welded pipe meeting your specifications with shipments generally made in one to two weeks

  • Need stainless steel tubing faster? If this time frame is not quick enough, special considerations can be made to meet your just in time steel tubing needs No matter what the application, whenever you need small diameter, high precision stainless steel tube or pipe, call on us

  • As small diameter stainless steel tubing specialists for over 50 years, we've earned a reputation for exceptional quality and the industry's fastest delivery of stainless steel tube, welded pipe, and cold drawn tubing

  • Whether cold drawn seamless tube or cold drawn welded tube, our standard and custom stainless steel tubes and pipes come in a wide variety of tempers and finishes to meet any process, manufacturing, controls, or instrumentation requirement

    R & B Wagner Handrail Fittings and Components for Pipe and Tube
    Manufactures railing systems and components and architectural fittings.


    Stainless Steel Pipes, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Stainless ...
    Manufacturer of stainless steel pipe and fittings in Brockville, Ontario, Canada.

  • Stainless Steel Pipes & Pipe Fittings Tuyaux et Raccords en Acier Inoxydable

    Industrial supply company with an on-line catalogue offering power transmission,
    fasteners, electrical and safety products, engineering supplies and metals.

    Cal Pipe Manufacturing, Electrical Conduit Fittings, Security ...
    Manufacturer of pipe and tube bending, electrical conduit fittings and nipples,
    and forged steel outlets.

  • - Stainless Steel conduit & fittings - PVC Coated conduit & fittings - Steel conduit & fittings - Aluminum conduit & fittings - PVC conduit & fittings - Flexible conduit & conduit products Never before has the security and safety of people and property been more important

  • We manufacture bollards in the following classifications: Lighted Fixed Bollards Internal Locking & Padlocking Bollards Manually-assisted & Auto-pneumatic Bollards Custom Designed Security Bollards Find us on the web at Pipe and steel bending was a mainstay of Cal Pipe's earliest business

  • All rights reserved Cal Pipe News Stream: NEW STAINLESS LINE Cal Conduit Products announced it's new UL Listed or Compliant stainless steel conduit line recently

  • Included in this line are Calbrite - stainless steel conduit & conduit products, Calbond - PVC-Coated conduit & conduit products, Calduit - GRC & EMT steel conduit, and CalPVC - non-metallic conduit and conduit products

    MEGA MEX - metal supplier of stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel ...
    Proveedor de metales como acero inoxidable y al carbón, aleaciones de níquel,
    aluminio, cobre, latón y bronce.

  • Megamex is metal supplier for hastelloy, monel, inconel, stainless steel, carbon steel, metal fabrication, nickel alloys, and more

  • One-Stop Source for Metal Products Domestic and International MEGA MEX is a metal supplier of industrial metal products including stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, copper, brass and bronze in all ASTM grades

  • click on an area for details Metal products include: Nickel alloy bars, sheets, plates, pipe and tubing Titanium bars, sheets, plates, pipe and tubing Stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel tubing and pipes Stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel sheets and plates Stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel structurals and bars Wire products, welding wire and electrode in all stainless and nickel grades

  • We also supply: Flanges and fittings in nickel alloys, stainless, titanium, and carbon steel

  • Forgings in all grades of nickel alloys, stainless, and carbon steel

  • Our stainless steel products are used in first stage and second stage processing for a wide variety of ASME products including pressure vessels, furnaces, heat exchangers, boilers and more

    Tool Steel Forgings, Inconel, Aluminum Plate, Forge, Stainless ...
    Specialty Steel and Forge is a US supplier of Open Die Forgings and Seamless
    Rings and Seamless contoured Rolled Rings.

  • Welcome! All Metals & Forge is the premiere US as well as aluminum mold plate, Inconel wroght alloys, tool steel, aluminum alloy plate, nickel and corrosion resistant materials

  • All of our steel products and processes are certified and registered to

  • The quality of our stainless steel products is second to none and we're proud of it

  • Specialty Steels Our Specialty Steels in stock includes: Alloy Steels Aluminum Alloys Carbon Steels Stainless Steel / PH Grades 200 Series 400 Series 300 Series 500 Series 17-4PH 17-7PH 15-5PH 15-7MO 13-8MO Cobalt Alloys Molybdenum Alloys Magnesium Alloys Nickel Alloys Tantalum Alloys Titanium Alloys Tool Steels Tungsten Alloys Super Alloys Special Announcements For CEO's, Purchasing Agents, Engineers, Machine Shops, OEMs, Business Owners, others: Articles on raw material shortages and upward price pressures ™ - You Design it, We’ll Melt it! Metal & Metalworking Industry News All Mill Forms Warehouse Products: Sheet Strip Plate Foil Rounds Flats Hex Tube Pipe Wire Browse our for both in-stock and custom-made products

  • Custom Forging Facility Our custom Metal Steel Forging Facility can readily produce all material types listed above in: Discs, Hubs, Blocks, Steel Shafts, Flanges, Sleeves & Cylinders, Flats, Hexes, Rounds, Aluminum Plate, and Custom Shapes

    Super Duplex, Duplex Stainless Steel, 6% Moly, Titanium valves ...
    Global suppliers of duplex, super duplex, 6 moly and titanium products for offshore
    oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

    Merit Brass Company
    Manufacturer of brass, chrome plated brass, and stainless steel pipe nipples and
    master distributes related pipe, valves, and fittings (PVF).

  • Welcome to the website of the nation's leading Manufacturer of stainless steel, brass, chrome-plated brass, and aluminum pipe nipples

  • In addition, Merit offers a complete package of stainless steel pipe, valves and fittings as well as the nation's largest, most comprehensive inventory of cast brass fittings, flanges and pipe

    Central Steel & Wire Steel Service Center - Steel Aluminum ...
    Corporate headquarters. A full-line ferrous and nonferrous metal distribution
    service center. Information on facility locations, request form, ...

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