CNN - View bills with a browser, pay with a click - November 9, 1998

  • SITES: MORE SERVICES: DISCUSSION: SITE GUIDES: FASTER ACCESS: WEB SERVICES: View bills with a browser, pay with a click November 9, 1998 Web posted at: 2:45 PM EDT by Dan Miller (IDG) -- Paying bills online is a pain: You get the bill in the mail, go to your bank's Web site, and fill out a form that explains how much you owe and to whom

  • No wonder banks and bill senders are hailing something called bill presentment

  • Currently offered by only a few banks around the country but expected to proliferate over the next 12 months, bill presentment lets vendors send bills electronically

  • Here's how it might work: When you log on to your bank's Web site, you'll see a list of pending bills

  • Click again for the details -- individual calls on your phone bill, individual charges on your credit card

  • If it all looks okay, you just click a button, and the bank settles the bill instantly via electronic payment

  • But as bill presentment programs roll out across the country, they have several hurdles to clear before you'll want to ditch your checkbook

  • MORE COMPUTING INTELLIGENCE find free software fast with these tips Reviews & in-depth info at Let's editors help you (& newbies) in 12 languages News Radio Vendors wanted To begin with, banks and billers have to get with the new program

    CNN - Obstacles remain for Internet billing - October 29, 1999

  • SITES: MORE SERVICES: DISCUSSION: SITE GUIDES: FASTER ACCESS: WEB SERVICES: Obstacles remain for Internet billing October 29, 1999 Web posted at: 9:51 a.m

  • EDT (1351 GMT) by Ellen Messmer (IDG) -- Consumers are increasingly willing to pay their monthly bills electronically over the Internet, eliminating the old excuse 'the check is in the mail.' This should mean dramatically lower costs for the telephone, utility and other companies issuing monthly bills

  • Internet bills generally cost billers about 50 cents or less to process, whereas it typically costs at least twice that for traditional bill processing, which involves printing and postage charges

  • But while consumer support for Internet billing is on the rise, billers still need a lot more customers to embrace the concept before the billers can break even on their Internet billing investments

  • Worse, there's no standard for getting billing information out of the biller's back-end system, usually a mainframe, in order to present it in full detail on the Web for payment

  • MORE COMPUTING INTELLIGENCE Reviews & in-depth info at Let's editors help you in 12 languages News Radio That means the biller may take one technical approach to post a consumer's bill at its Web site, if the consumer wants to pay the bill there

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  • Posted 2006-08-08 15:24:11 by Karl Discussed briefly, Sprint has that it plans to deploy mobile Wimax as its fourth generation wireless broadband solution&#46 Sprint will spend up to $3 billion on the nationwide network, with help from Samsung, Intel, and Motorola&#46 According to Sprint, trial markets should start popping up in 2007, with the goal of 100 million people served by the end of 2008

  • Analysts estimate the total proceeds could reach $15 billion for the advanced wireless spectrum that can be used for so-called 'third generation' services

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  • Read the MAP Supports Bi-Partisan Net Neutrality Bill May 18, 2006 MAP joined other public interest groups in supporting the 'Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act of 2006.' This bill represents a bi-partisan effort to maintain the open and free Internet by protecting the principles of 'net neutrality.' Read the MAP Files on Behalf of Creative Community May 15, 2006 On behalf of the Center for Creative Voices in Media, MAP filed a Motion to Intervene challenging the FCC's recently released indecency decisions

  • This bill contains provisions that discriminate against lower income families, deepen the digital divide, undermine local authority, and fail to protect the open and free nature of the Internet


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  • This difference makes it easier to track and bill data usage across an ATM network, but it makes it less adaptable to sudden surges in network

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  • Company inadvertently published data on Internet searches, continued billing dead subscribers

  • Parents often broadsided by unexpected charges many times higher than their basic bill

  • Company defrauded small businesses, non-profits with promise of big savings on phone, Internet bills

  • Polls support provision in New York bill that would allow users to cancel after receiving their first bill

  • House prepares to vote while Senate mulls its version of telecom reform bill

  • Feds charge telecom billing company scammed consumers for millions of dollars

  • Company agrees to protect customers from unauthorized third-party charges on their phone bills

  • Small businesses billed for service they didn't order

  • State rules superseded by new rules, intended to make cell phone bills easier to understand

  • This time around, company billed non-customers a 'basic use' fee

  • Company concedes it billed wrongfully customers and non-customers a monthly recurring 'base rate.' Roll-out starting next year should spread to all major markets by 2006

  • Nation's largest phone company will spend $2.8 billion to build fiber-to-home network

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  • The House approved , the "Deleting Online Predators Act of 2006", a bill to require schools and libraries receiving e-rate subsidies to block access to social networking web sites and chat rooms

  • This bill repeals the federal telephone excise tax that dates back to the Spanish American War

  • However, the bill, as amended, also includes numerous other tax provisions, including some that affect technology and communications

  • Twombly • Schwab Says Many Protectionist Bills In Congress Won't Save a Single American Job Alert No

  • Markey Advocates Data Destruction Bill • Sen

  • Hagel Bill Ties Foreign Assistance to Anti-Counterfeiting Measures • CDT Reports that Well Known Companies Pay to Have Their Ads Displayed Via Harmful Adware • August Recess Reading List Alert No

  • • • Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Website Labeling Mandate • CDT Argues That Internet Filtering and Web Site Labeling Bills Threaten Free Speech • Europe Announces Public Consultation on Regulation of Children's Use of Mobile Phones • Sen

  • Bond Introduces Crime Bill That Would Affect Unauthorized Disclosures of Certain Surveillance Programs • Senate Committee Holds Hearing on Cyber Security Alert No

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  • ~Fannie Mae ..and YOU, my dear taxpayers, are going to foot the bill

  • ~Bill Gates

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  • Superior Court Judge Winifred Smith said opponents of the new law had a 'substantial likelihood of success' in the lawsuit they filed to overturn the law enacted with the governor's signature on Senate Bill 1137

  • SCHWARZENEGGER SIGNS DRUG BILL On July 12, which changes the provisions of Proposition 36, the 2000 initiative voters approved to require treatment instead of prison for certain nonviolent drug offenders

  • The alliance contends the bill violates the ballot measure by making a substantive change in it without seeking the statewide vote required in Proposition 36

  • So she included language putting the bill's provisions to a vote of the people if the Drug Policy Alliance wins in court

  • See the film '' Contact: Verbena and Ayr, 476-9112or But Senate Bill 2453, should it win approval, would absolve administration officials of legal wrongdoing for illegal wiretapping

  • Write; Don Immenschuh, VP & General Manager Coming Attractions Theatres, Inc., 1644 Ashland Street, Ashland, OR 97520 8/4/06 - LOCAL DEMOCRACY AGAIN UNDER THREAT IN CALIFORNIA On June 28th, 2006 the Assembly Agriculture voted unanimously in favor of SB1056, a bill that takes away local government authority over seeds

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  • If you are unable to help with fostering or donating supplies maybe donating just a few bucks to help pay off our vet bill would be a wonderful way to participate and we would surely appreciate any donations

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  • The Electric and Water/Wastewater Systems share top management, customer services, billing, meter reading and accounting

  • Due to our goal of outstanding customer service and cost savings MPU also works with the City of Milan Public Works Department to bill sanitation charges on the utilities bill

  • By sharing in this billing we all save on postage, paper, payroll, benefits and computers while giving the customer the convenience of one stop service and a single monthly bill


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  • Stuart Thomson of the South African Health Freedom group PHARMAPACT (People's Health Alliance Rejecting Medical Authority Prejudice and Conspiratorial Tyranny)<> has just announced that the SAMMDRA Bill which was just railroaded through in S.Africa (without a hearing, and with only a two week public comments period) includes the BROADEST POSSIBLE definition of 'complimentary medicine' possible: it amounts to ANY substance (or DEVICE) that promotes the natural healing power of the body.) The bill will allow the MCC to conduct warrantless armed searches in order to put small manufacturers (such as Stuart) completely out of business

  • I have copied the proposed rule from S.Africa that led to the SAMMDRA bill below, in this message so you don't have to go to the PHARMAPACT site to read it.) In Pretoria, S.Africa there will be a meeting on October 9th, in which the government is about to announce that the dietary supplement industry there now must comply with FULL PHARMACEUTICAL HACCP GMPS

  • This bill was FAST TRACKED through the S.African Parliament, with only a 2 week public comment period, and NO PUBLIC HEARING!!! PHARMAPACT tried to kill it, but didn't have enough time to inform the public!! Are you beginning to understand now what I've been trying to say all this time about 'harmonization'? Check out Rath's website for still MORE, _NEW_ information

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  • One, the ISP, which typically is your only point of contact, and the people who bill you

  • Three, the DSL carrier, which will be one of several national DSL companies who dont like to field calls from customers, and like to deal with either CLECs or ISPs, but carry your data, and are where 40-80% of your monthly bill goes

  • this DSL line will be up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (hopefully), and you have loads of bandwidth available should you need it, and a fixed monthly bill

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  • It might appear that the direct ramifications of this bill are somewhat obscure

  • His e-mail is $200 BILLION TELCO BROADBAND FRAUD - NOW THEY WANT MORE - by: Jason Lee Miller The U.S

  • But Kushnick charges that funding for the build out was supplied through hundreds of billions dollars in tax breaks and incentives piled atop an empire of broken promises

  • Kushnick's "$200 Billion Broadband Scandal" says the government was promised 86 million households with fiber wiring delivering bi-directional 45 Mbps speeds, capable of handling 500 channels by 2006

  • Concededly, the Bill of Rights does not contain a constitutional amendment specifically to protect one's right to produce one's own food

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  • The donor list included two $1, 000 contributions from Washington area lobbyists, Bill Wichterman of Covington and Burlington, and Gary Andres of Dutko Group

  • Bill Thomas gave $330, 000

  • Bill Nelson ($12 million); Sen

  • It also means that we will no longer have to do the things that don’t interest us so much – marketing, selling, billing, and personally worrying about all the equipment and software in our network

  • Volunteer PAC (Sen Bill Frist, R-TN) 07/19/2006 The Volunteer PAC filed its covering 6/1/2006-6/30/2006 | Counter-Strike Gaming Community
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  • We've divided the list into three categories -- home, mobile and novelties -- each packed with must-haves and surprises to help you in your gift search.Check it out | Game-restriction bill submitted to congress Posted By: | Date: 19 Dec 2005 Looks like our leaders are finally getting smart and going after the real criminals!Three U.S

  • The proposed class action suit claims that in Microsoft's bid to gain share in the $25 billion global video game market, the company was so intent on releasing the Xbox 360 before competing next-generation machines from Sony and Nintendo that it sold a 'defectively designed' product

  • Tim George.Read more at | Exec Sued Over $241, 000 Strip Club Tab Posted By: | Date: 21 Oct 2005 Amex seeks to collect on Missouri CEO's wild New York nightOCTOBER 21--A Missouri businessman who claims that a $241, 000 bill for a night of lap dance luxuriating at Manhattan's leading strip club is a fraud is being sued by American Express for refusing to pay the debt

  • In its lawsuit, Amex alleges that McCormick signed credit card slips authorizing the six-figure bill, though the complaint does not detail how the quartet actually ran up the monumental tab


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