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dairy goats - Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm- Minnesota
A Minnesota dairy goat farm marketing goat milk and cheese in the upper midwest
since 1972. Purebred Alpine, Nubian, Saanen, and Toggenburg breeding stock for ...

  • Welcome to Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm

  • We are one of Minnesota's oldest and largest family owned dairy goat farms

  • Alpine, Nubian, Saanen and Toggenburg Dairy Goats for Sale We sell many kids each year to new and existing goat dairies, for pets, and for export

  • Why should you buy your next dairy goat from Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm? Experience Poplar Hill has been breeding and selling quality dairy goats for sale for over 34 years

  • Our dairy goats have been exported to over 13 countries

  • Selection We have four breeds of dairy goats to choose from: Alpines, Nubians, Saanens and Toggenburgs

  • We have a large selection of We have a large selection of Quality All of our dairy goats are registered with the (ADGA)

  • Our dairy goat herd has been on DHIA test for over 25 consecutive years

  • Goat Milk For Sale Delicious, fresh Sold at fine stores throughout the upper Midwest

  • Dairy Goat Bucks for Sale Dairy Goat Does for Sale Reserve Yours Today! | Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm - Scandia, Minnesota USA Copyright © 2006, Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm

    Welcome to Redwood Hill Farm
    From Redwood Hill Farms, recipes using goat cheese and goat milk yogurt.

  • Apple Jr, describing Redwood Hills California Crottin "The Redwood Hill story is one of perseverance, intelligence, and passion." Laura Werlin, The New American Cheese Recipes Our delicious goat milk yogurt and fine artisanal cheeses are a natural in cooking! Enjoy these wonderful recipes, many courtesy of local Bay Area chefs, or experiment on your own

  • Try using Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt in almost any recipe that calls for milk, cream, sour cream or buttermilk

  • Goat cheese, like goat milk, is easier on the human digestive system and lower in calories, cholesterol and fat than its bovine counterpart

  • Goat cheese is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin K, phosphorus, niacin and thiamin

    Cud-Zu Goat Farm Goat Milk Soap
    Offers a selection of soaps, including bars and liquid made with a variety of

  • | Welcome to the Cud-Zu Goat Farm! Home of the world-famous Cud-Zu Goat Milk Soap! | Copyright 1999-2006 Cud-Zu Goat Farms Created by

    Coach Farm
    Authentic artisanal goat cheeses fresh from the farm. Not sealed in plastic.
    Also goat's milk yogurts. Wholesale only.

  • info: FARM GOAT

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    DDK Goat Farm at Granbury Texas, quality, healthy Boer goats for sale
    Boer goats for sale with pictures and prices. Healthy, Quality goats for meat or
    herd. Ranch located in Granbury, TX, USA.

  • Our goal is to provide quality, healthy FB and Percentage Boer goats

  • Please sign our Guestbook with any comments or discussion about goats and raising goats

  • We love to talk 'Goats'! Links and Web Rings to Other 'Goatsie' Sites # 1 Youth Web Page Devoted to Exhibiting and Raising Goats

  • Home Of Duh Goat Man This site owned by

  • [ | ] This Goats Webring site owned by [ | ] Want to join this ring? Get the

    Faith Mountain Farm Goat Milk Soap Products and Nubian & Boer Goats
    Handcrafted soap and bath products from milk of our Nubian dairy goats in Virginia.

  • Goat Milk Soap Products and Nubian & Boer Goats :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: A Warm Welcome to Faith Mountain Farm! Faith Mountain in the news! An article on Faith Mountain Farm, with pictures, will be published March 19th in the Roanoke Times

  • We love animals and since Bill was raised on goat’s milk, we decided to purchase a few dairy goats to supply us with that wonderful white liquid gold! Our first two goats, Dumpling and Biscuit, helped us accomplish that goal when they freshened in 1999

  • Our friend, who sold us our goats, came over and introduced us to the fine art of soap making using goat’s milk

  • Our goat herd is composed of 12 adults and we have a sweet Jerusalem donkey to protect them, (although the goats think they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.) Thank you for visiting us at our Faith Mountain Farm website

    Khimaira Dairy Goat Farm and Khimaira Kaprine Kreations
    Dairy goat farm located in Luray, VA, USA. Nubians are the primary breed.
    Offering gifts and supplies including pasteurizers.

  • for Goat Dairying! Lovely porcelain ! Beautiful large ! With "ChefGoat"! hoof trimmers & more! Goat Design ! 2974 Stonyman Road Luray VA USA 22835 Khimaira Farm Farm Information ! ...........

  • rtwork - VanGoat! Christmas Gift Bag Christmas Book Soap Molds " Customer Service SITEMAP Forms Other Features Classified Ads Herd Name Database ComeToTheFarm National Animal Identification System ...Linda's thoughts on Now...order your custom designed printed products! Create letterheads, business cards, envelopes, labels, rubber stamps and more! Company Profile and Overview We specialize in producing dairy goat and meat goat breeding stock for domestic and international sales

  • Since 1972, Khimaira goats have been sold to buyers in every state of the United States, as well as some thirty countries around the world

  • We also have several other businesses that involve goats! Khimaira Farm is a family farm dairy and meat goat operation

    Welcome to Hammond Farm :: Goat Milk Soap
    Farm fresh handcrafted goat milk soaps and natural sundries using 100% farm fresh
    goats milk that we milk ourselves.

  • HAMMOND FARM SOAPS People Tested Goat Approved!™ Welcome to our Texas farm where our farm fresh goats milk soaps are handmade! We hope you enjoy your stay! Our goat milk soap is made with tender loving care right here on the farm in New Caney Texas

  • The goat milk used in our soap comes directly from our own dairy goats, the freshest milk available

  • Our soaps are all natural, contain 100% Goats Milk (no added water) and are handmade the way your Grandmother used to make it

  • Goats milk is known for having beneficial properties to soothe the skin

  • Goats milk also contains Vitamin B1/thiamin, Vitamin C and D

  • We do not use powdered goats milk in any of our soaps

  • We add our own fresh goats milk and essential or fragrance oils of your choice

  • We also add our own fresh goats milk and essential or fragrance oils of your choice

  • Please be sure to visit our goat page to see our Nubian Dairy Goats

  • Benefits

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    Goat Kingdom
    Directory providing over 1200 goat farm links and over 500 goat information links.


  • WHERE GOAT PEOPLE GO TO TALK GOAT AD TERMS 1 -To advertise at Goat Kingdom, Goat Milk Soap Kingdom or the Spotlight Mini Mart the cost is $50.00 per year

  • 2 -You can place your banner ad permanently on the homepages of Goat Kingdom, Goat Milk Soap Kingdom, and the Spotlight Mini Mart

    New Hampshire Bed and Breakfast, Shaker Woods Farm - B&B, b&b ...
    Near Lake Winnisquam on Comfort Point. Room descriptions, rates, sample menu,
    availability form, and driving directions. Also offers farm products for sale, ...

  • The dairy goats are kidding, again

  • She should have her , Molly and Tackle, to help her 'herd' the goats

    Red Barn Goat Farm
    Li'l Miss' Scale Oven (LMSO), an ethnic and microtonal scale editor/synth retuner.
    Also DSP holophonics plug-ins.

  • Red Barn Goat Farm Mac software for tuning your musical instruments to ethnic, historical, experimental and otherworldly scales

    Small Farm Center
    Free publication on raising Angora goats presented by the University of California
    at Davis.

  • One Shields Avenue, Davis, California 95616-8699 530.752.8136 Angora Goats A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative USDA Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research Service Office for Small-Scale Agriculture A ngora goats may be the most efficient fiber producers on Earth

  • Turkey guarded these goats against exportation until 1849 when seven does and two bucks were imported into the United States

  • The other primary fiber from goats is cashmere (see "A Small-Scale Agriculture Alternative, Cashmere Goats", December, 1992

  • But crossing Angora with cashmere goats results in a fiber called cashgora, with very limited use and characteristics of neither fine fiber

  • The two goat types also differ in temperaments

  • The angoras are relaxed and docile, while cashmere and/or Spanish meat goats are often flighty and high strung

  • Angora goats, which do produce mohair, do not produce Angora hair

  • Although Angora goats are somewhat delicate, they grow their fleeces year-round

  • mohair clip originates in Texas, but the goats are raised across wide areas of the United States

  • Shear Twice a Year Angora goats are sheared twice a year, before breeding and before kidding


    Jack & Anita Mauldin breeder of south african boer goats.
    Site is focused on the Boer Goat industry; health issues; shows and sales; goats
    for sale with pictures and prices; other resources and associated links.

  • Home Page [ ] [ Home ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] W elcome to Jack & Anita Mauldin's boer goat web site

  • Home of the "Xtender Bloodlines" Genetics setting new standards for what a boer goat can be

  • This site focuses on sharing general Boer Goat information with other people raising boer goats or meat goats and specific information about our boer goat herd for sale for potential buyers in the meat goat industry

  • We raise registered fullblood boer goats, percentage boer goats and a few show wethers for 4H and FFA shows

  • We have worked with people in IBGA, ABGA, AMGA, USBGA and other goat associations

  • We are impressed with the market potential for Reds and Paints in the Meat Goat Industry and the growth we are seeing and we are focusing more attention on increasing the reds and paints in our herds Four Generations of top quality genetics and three of them were born on our farm

  • Here are three important pages on our web site: We place a special emphasis on sharing information through our web site about: goat health management, goat diseases & conditions, boer goat show schedules, boer goat sale schedules, Our Boer goats for sale with pictures and prices goat medicine and sometimes our opinion

    Hill Shepherd Farm Angora goats and mohair
    Angora goats, white and colored, raised in a large, well-managed flock.
    Breeding stock, mohair for spinners and crafters and starter flocks available.

  • Angora Goats: | Hill Shepherd Farm specializes in breeding quality, well-built white and colored Angora Goats with exceptional fleece character, coverage and staple length

  • Around 50% of our flock is colored or color-carrying stock, many of our goats carry both black and brown genetics, so it is common for a black doe to have brown kids or vice versa

  • We strive to breed stylish, well-covered, squarely built goats with long stapled, uniform, character filled fleeces

  • Colored goats who have a high percentage of registered white animals in their background are utilized to decrease kemp and increase fleece yields

  • Our fine haired white registered goats are being used to infuse additional fineness and uniformity in our colored breeding program, in addition to producing a registered white show string

  • The registered white buck that we are using has exceptionally fine hair, microning at 24.5 mircrons at his 3rd clip! We have been very lucky using these white goats in our colored program, we had two black kids and two blue kids in 2003 from registered white x colored combinations and in 2004 each registered white nanny we bred to color had a kid that showed some degree of color, ranging from faded red with black spots to solid black

    Goat Cheese. Best in the US
    Award winning, certified organic. Choice of plain, flavored or samplers.

  • O ur award winning almost world famous , artisan, hand made cheeses come from milk from our own Alpine & Nubian Dairy Goats and all cheeses are made here on the farm

  • award winning goat cheese shipped to you W e offer our cheeses on-line, finding it works well to ship our cheeses in a Styrofoam chest surrounded by frozen food grade blue ice, Ecogel, packed inside a corrugated outer carton

  • We will tour the farm, the flowers, herbs and veggies and learn about our irrigation methods, what we do to keep the deer (and goats) out, discuss our growing and weeding methods (Organic/Sustainable) and then head over to see the goats

  • We'll have baby goats throughout the Spring season

  • And we'll take a peek into the building where we make our cheeses and do some goat milking

  • Everyone who wants to can take a turn at milking one of our very special and gentle dairy goats

  • It says Sara Bolton's goat cheeses are the pride of the Hill Country

  • There is the cutest photo of Sara kissing a goat

  • Here's what they say: Pure Luck Grade A Goat Dairy Basket Molded Chevré (Dripping Springs, Texas)

    * the Tyny Goat Ranch - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,USA--Pygmy and ...
    A family adventure in raising and showing NPGA registered Pygmy goats and AGS/NDGA
    registered Nigerian Dwarf goats in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • ...where the Keywords to successful goat herding are , and ..

  • Phil and Kathleen Moss Oklahoma City, OK Picture of the week taken at the Tyny® Goat Ranch Elvis !! Elvis was spotted at the Tyny Goat Ranch

  • Recent Updates and Changes to this Website Last updated 8/9/2006 Goats For Sale

  • on how to microchip a goat in the tail web The Tyny® Goat Ranch has been a family adventure in raising and showing dual registered Goats

  • All of our goats are registered with both the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association -- and AGS The Tyny® Goat Ranch is an Oklahoma Certified Wildscape Want to learn how to play '' with your goats? If you build it..

  • Learn about ( must be over 18 to view the pictures ) Baby Videos Want to know when your goat is going to have babies ? or How to place a of your goat? Want to have some fun and be amazed ? this out

  • How about some '' Now standing at Stud NEWS FLASH The Tyny® Goat Ranch goes High-Tech with a at the Barn If I've been asked once I've been asked 100 times, 'Are your goats good at keeping your grass mowed ?' Finally, This is a picure of Tyny Miss Daisy

    Lavender Hill Farm - Angora Goats
    Breeders of Navajo Churro sheep, colored Angora goats, Finn sheep, Angora rabbits
    and Miniature donkeys in Claysville, Pennsylvania.

  • ***** Farm visits by appointment Lavender Hill is home to Lavender Hill Farm Links Links to Spinning and Fiber Information Other Links Can you make money on goats? This is a question that I am sure all producers are frequently asked

    Michiana Boer Goats in Indiana
    Breeder of registered fullblood boer goats in Indiana.

  • Best of the Best Show Quality Fullblood Boers South African & Australian Genetics [ Home ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Welcome to MICHIANA BOER GOAT FARM (MICHIGAN / INDIANA) My name is Numan Amouri and my Farm is in South Bend, Indiana, the home of Notre Dame University, and I breed, show and sell Fullblood Boer Goats

  • I became interested in Boer Goats in the fall of 96 and began purchasing "top notch" does in the fall of 97

  • I am proud to say that most of my goats are Show Quality with OUTSTANDING South African and Australian GENETICS

    Chefwin Goat Farm - Nubian Goats in Indiana & Kentucky
    Breeding purebred and American nubian dairy goats for milk, meat and show.
    Located in Hanover, Indiana and Winchester, Kentucky.

  • CHEFWIN GOAT FARM Welcome to the Chefwin Goat Farm! Once located in Hanover, Indiana, the farm has recently moved to Trimble County, Kentucky, almost five miles south of the Ohio River

  • COME VISIT: Whether operating a goat dairy or managing a company of your own, we can all use help with Stress Reduction

  • Click for details on Doug Jones Presents, "Oh No, Not Another Stress Workshop" DUH GOATMAN GOAT KINGDOM

    Mathom Farmstays and Goat Dairy
    Offers self catering farmstay cottage accommodation with complimentary local farm
    produce. Also produce goat cheese and breed dairy goats for export.

  • ACCOMMODATION IN TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA AT MATHOM FARM COTTAGE & GOAT DAIRY FOR FAMILIES, TOURISTS, BACKPACKERS Self catering, Self contained, Cottage Accommodation for Farmstay Holidays in Tasmania, Australia Mathom Farmstays and Goat Dairy From AU$22 per person per night As promised: * Mathom Farm Capretto is suckling goat

  • If you can tear yourself away, visit the Leven Valley Vineyard and sample their cool climate wines while enjoying a cheese platter of Mathom Farm goat cheeses, or go across the river to the world-renowned Gunns Plains cave for a guided tour


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