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Running Barefoot, Home
For people who are bothered by shoes, or just want to learn to run naturally.
Includes articles, photos and links.

  • Barefooters get Smart! Boston 2004 April 18 added or updated; 2006 May 7, 8:01:14 am Even in school, in physical education class, if we forgot our athletic shoes, we ran without them

  • Think about why we have bought into the myth that humans were short-changed by nature, while every other animal gets by just fine without wearing shoes

  • After falling behind the leader, Bassirima Soro looses his shoes to win

  • Tucson Marathon, 2004 December 5 added or updated; 2006 May 7, 8:01:14 am And yes, I've heard most all of the excuses; 'What about, like asphalt and concrete?'; 'What about ?'; And, even if you have not wised up enough to try taking off your shoes, YET , I still recommend reading through this website

  • 'Had I chose to try this with running shoes on my feet, it could have been really painful! Instead I ran both marathons barefoot

  • - updated 2006 Aug 9, 12:02:18 pm Disclaimer by Barefoot Jon Running Barefoot allows us to feel surfaces while we run, and respond by adjusting the way we run, and/or how far or frequently we run, in order to minimize the negative effects caused by impact, sharp objects, abrasive or slippery surfaces, and over-training (shoes reduce the FEELING caused by these factors, but do little to prevent actual damage)

    Brand name footwear by: Hushpuppies, Foot Savers and Nursemates.

  • Seen it already, please proceed to your favorite brands and shoes


  • We care enough to carry some of our shoes in as many as 136 sizes in stock for your correct fit and comfort every time

  • As a graduate orthotist (braces for the extremities and spine), I am very familiar with the problems of fitting shoes for arch supports, braces and other problems

  • We now have men's shoes available also

  • If you are hard to fit, have orthopaedic problems or just want the finest in comfortable shoes, take a look

  • There is also a tremendous amount of daily e-mail about foot problems and appropriate shoes to make someone more comfortable

  • All shoes fit differently

  • We will pay up to $7 for shoes under $100.00 and $10 per pair above $100.00 for shipping and insurance

  • The shoes are considered received once we have a receipt from the Post Office

    Barefoot Rick's BarefootRunner.Org - A Barefoot Running Compendium
    Barefoot Rick Roeber describes the benefits of barefoot running, and documents
    his personal running history. Includes weekly mileage, race reports, pictures, ...


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    Pink Gypsy Belly Dance Costumes, DVDs, Videos and bellydance shoes ...
    Sells cabaret costumes, harem pants, skirts, vests, beaded tops and veils.
    Jewelry, CDs, DVDs and videos are also available. Offers free web pages for southern ...

    Barefoot Man in the Cayman Islands Caribbean Music
    A Caribbean music legend, known for his humorous, often risque lyrics and island
    life insights.

  • More on this CD and how to order...? see the "" is slated for March 25th - reserve your boat slips, air tickets, and cottage and leave your shoes at home

    Childrens Shoe Shops - Children's Shoes UK
    Centres of excellence for children's shoe fitting in the United Kingdom and Eire.

  • To protect such standards members guarantee to provide comprehensive training for staff and offer children's shoes in whole and half sizes and in up to 4 width fittings

  • Around 70% of foot problems come from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes

  • Over £30 million is spent annually on chiropody services for the over 60s and most of these foot problems can be attributed to badly fitting shoes or unsuitable footwear in childhood

  • Once walking is established, children are ready for their first shoes

  • Always ensure that shoes are purchased in a reputable shoe shop, where children's feet are measured and the fit of the shoes is checked by trained Shoe Fitters

  • wait until your child is on its feet and attempting the first tottering steps before considering buying shoes

  • choose shoes that gives stability and protection to feet, which are still soft and vulnerable at this young age

  • choose a shop that offers shoes in width fittings and half sizes and that has trained staff who can expertly fit them

  • buy synthetic socks or shoes as they won't allow your child's feet to breathe properly and this could lead to conditions such as athlete's foot

    Power Firm Weightlifting Shoes
    Handmade shoes for athletes competing in weightlifting, and strength and conditioning

  • WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES Cost (taxes included) In Canada - $135.00 + $15.00 S+H = $150.00 Cdn In USA - $100.00 + $20.00 S+H = $120.00 US Please fill in this order form and send it to the address below along with a pencil tracing of both feet

  • If the shoes do not fit, return them for the correct size or a refund

  • Benefits

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    Baby Shoes
    Footwear company focused on children birth to five.

  • If barefoot is best for babies, why do babies wear baby shoes, infant shoes or toddler shoes? Baby Shoes Need explained by our CEO and Founder, Jeffrey Silverman My name is Jeffrey Silverman and I am the Founder and CEO of The Preschoolians Company, maker of soft baby shoes for children birth to five years of age and one of TIME Magazine’s Coolest Inventions

  • For over 25 years, I have been designing and developing baby shoes

  • My goal is to educate parents on why barefoot is best, why barefoot is not practical, what is the best type of baby shoes

  • Baby Shoes - Why is Barefoot Better? Before I site the research that has been done by professionals, I want to touch upon the common sense aspect

  • Baby shoes are not a natural part of the body and hence are “unnecessary” baggage and get in the way of natural development

  • As for the research, below you will find quotes from a number of accomplished medical researchers as well as full links to more about each statement concerning baby shoes : , M.Sc

  • David Sutherland Professor emeritus of orthopedic surgery consultant to the at "I never saw a child walk any better in shoes than they did barefoot, " he said

    The Bare Hoof Natural Trim - Eliminate Navicular, Founder ...
    Offers bare foot trimming. Includes information on trimming, FAQs, case studies,
    rates, and photos. Located in Gofftown, New Hampshire, United States.

  • We convince ourselves, 'My horse needs shoes', or 'My horse performs better with shoes' or even 'My horses feet will wear off without shoes'

  • I'm trying to show you the nails and shoes are hurting my feet

  • Why would you want it any other way? If you feel your horse cannot be barefoot then you should ask yourself; 'WHY? What's wrong with my horse? He or she is not SOUND without shoes.' We offer excellent natural trimming & hoof care for ALL Horses, Donkeys, Mules, & Mini's

    Emporia Barefoot Hikers
    Includes schedule of hikes and tips for hiking barefoot.

  • Have you ever had the experience of getting water in your ears while swimming and then, after getting it out, finding that the sounds around you seemed very LOUD? Similarly, when you first take off your shoes, the ground can also seem 'loud.' It can feel like listening to a lot of uncomfortable noise

    NBA GIANTS :: The Giants of The Court
    Tall players from the NBA history index.

  • 7'7' Bol and 7'5' Nevitt It should be pointed out that over 90 percent of all NBA players in the modern league era are listed by their heights with shoes on

  • However, all NBA players have the option of being listed by either their height with shoes, or without shoes

  • In the cases of all 5 NBA giants above, they were listed by height without shoes

  • Nevitt would have been listed at 7'6' with shoes, Yao at 7'7' with shoes, and Bradley at 7'7' with shoes, had they opted to be listed by the NBA at their height with shoes on

  • Bol and Muresan chose to be listed at their heights with shoes on

  • So Bol, who measured at 7'6 3/4' barefoot when he entered the NBA was listed at 7'7', his height with shoes, rounded down

  • Muresan was 7'6 1/2' when he entered the NBA, so he was then listed at 7'7', his height with shoes, rounded down

  • Thus, their heights with shoes on, then should have been updated to 7'8' by the NBA

  • Many people incorrectly believe that the heights for these 5 above players are their heights with shoes on, since that is how the vast majority of NBA players are listed


    Barefoot Kauai Weddings
    Weddings and vow renewals in tropical settings. Available locations, package
    details, prior customer comments, and additional options.

  • Shoes are optional

    East Bay Barefoot Hikers
    Club for people who enjoy walking barefoot.

  • We enjoy feeling the variety of ground textures and temperatures; the pleasure of flexing our feet unencumbered by shoes and the overall feeling of freedom and well-being that comes from walking barefoot in nature

    Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) Without Shoes--Home Page
    Information about managing laminitic horses without shoeing. Hoof cross-sections,
    prevention, treatment, medical aspects, resources and many photos included.

  • Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) without Horseshoes (Scroll down for Table of Contents ) (Click on small thumbnail photos to see larger versions.) (Updated August 10, 2006) I have gotten better results on my foundered horse using a FREQUENT barefoot trim than with using horseshoes

  • In the 1894, David Roberge published "The Foot of the Horse, or Lameness and all Diseases of the Feet Traced to an Unbalanced Foot Bone, Prevented or Cured by Balancing the Foot." While Roberge was still using shoes, he at least was advocating correct hoof balance

  • Both I and many of my readers have not had any progress with heartbar shoes, but we did have it once we did the barefoot approach

  • Heartbar shoes are mainly palliative

  • (same horse in above photos) The orthodox approach (lots of drugs, stall confinement, high heels, heartbar shoes) vs

  • Problems with bar shoes

  • Finally making more progress with just correct trims, constant turnout and exercise than he made in 4 years of heavy drugs, resections and bar shoes applied at a veterinary school

  • Strasser on why heartbar shoes and other frog support shoeing options are merely palliative, and will ultimately fail

    Tinea Infections: Athlete's Foot, Jock Itch and Ringworm ...
    Brochure from the American Academy of Family Physicians explaining tinea infections,
    symptoms, treatments and prevention techniques.

  • However, you're also less likely to get a tinea infection if you do the following things: When you're at home, take your shoes off and expose your feet to the air

  • Instead, wear 'flip-flops, ' sandals or water shoes

  • Throw away worn-out exercise shoes

  • Never borrow other people's shoes

    Soft Star Shoes: Soft Soled Moccasins, Leather Shoes, Slippers & Boots
    Natural leather footwear,for baby and children, sizes 0-13,with a "Design Your
    Own" feature.

  • Soft Soled Moccasins, Leather Shoes, Slippers & Boots Click for translation: 0-12 Months 1-5 Years 5-10 Years Women - Men - Big & Tall Soft Star sandals, shoes , boots and sheepskin soled moccasin slippers for the entire family! The ultimate in high quality soft soled leather shoes -- the next best thing to bare feet! We take pride in each and every shoe in our Oregon workshop

  • Soft Soles = Healthy Feet! Kids for Kids For your convenience, you can choose from our which ship within 1 business day, or custom colors and styles in shoes, boots, sandals or moccasin styles which ship within 1-4 business days

  • Our soft soled shoes and sheepskin boots run from sizes 0 - 13 for baby shoes and toddler shoes

  • All Soft Star Shoes are so the foot can move easily

  • In-stock shoes ship within 1 day, and custom ' Design Your Own ' one-of-a-kind shoes are made to your specifications and shipped within 1-4 business days

  • Create your own unique design out of millions of possible combinations! You can even design a different color for each foot, if you'd like! Soft Soled Leather Shoes, Slippers, Moccasins & Boots When the time comes to and footwear for youth and adults, there are many different places you can turn to

    Pregnancy journals, baby gifts, Barefoot Dreams, baby blankets ...
    Blankets, music, toys, and accessories for the baby and the mother-to-be.

    High Performance Barefoot Horses
    Introduction and information on natural hoofcare. Learn how to have a lifetime
    of soundness by barefooting your horses. Clinic and seminar schedules.

    Running Injuries - helpful information from Dr. Stephen M. Pribut
    Glossary of injuries, articles, and advice.

  • Highlights Are the new features of running shoes worthwhile additions or marketing gimmicks

  • Read this article to get the low down on recent athletic shoes

  • How can you improve your plantar fasciitis? What are the best stretches? What might be wrong with your shoes? Is there anything to make the pain go away? Do you have to be an athlete to get athlete's foot? How can you prevent it? What is that scaly, dry skin on the bottom of your foot? Is it just dry skin or something more sinister? Shin Splints What causes shin splints? What are shin splints? Is there more than one kind? What can you do to treat it? Can orthotics help? What stretches can help? Neuroma Pain Numbness, tingling, burning, or cramping in your forefoot

  • What could it be? Would wider shoes help? Can orthotics help? How about steroid injections? Iliopsoas Tendonitis Groin pain, hard to diagnose, limiting your running

  • Do fit your running shoes or other sports shoes with the type of sock you intend to wear them with

  • Do wear sport specific running shoes

  • Running shoes do not have the lateral support needed for tennis

  • Do wear protective shoes or sandals at pools and in locker room showers


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