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    Thai Food Recipes by Thai cooks from Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Award winning Thai recipes from chefs of Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand.

  • Thai Food Recipes with Photos Herbs in Thai cooking and Thai recipes Soups - Sweet and sour chicken soup in coconut milk recipe - Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup recipe Curries - Egg Noodle in Chicken Curry a northern treat amust have when your in Chiang Mai

  • - Curry Base recipe - Pork Curry recipe - - Green Curry with beef Dishes - Chicken & mixed vegetables with a northern spices - Deep fried chicken in Pandan leaves recipe - Lemongrass chicken recipe - Deep fried breaded oysters - - Ground Pork Dip recipe Thai fried noodles recipe Barbecued strips of meat recipe Salads - Banana flower salad recipe - Lemon Grass Salad recipe Papaya salad Desserts pumkin with custard recipe - Tara in coconut creme recipe - Banana in coconut milk recipe If you have any recipes you wish to share please contact us

  • Please note all these Thai recipes have been donated by various people and/or firms so please respect the copyright on them and do not reprint or copy them to another site without thier permission, thanks! all about northern Thailand

    Learn Thai Cooking - - deep knowledge of Thai food
    Includes tips and techniques, recipes, ingredient descriptions, background
    articles, and list of local markets and restaurants.

  • Thai Recipes Gang Gai Chicken and Thai eggplant in red curry Nam Budoo Song Kreung Traditional southern Thai sauce served with rice and many veggies

  • Goong Ob Woonsen Shrimp baked in garlic, pepper, cilantro and clear noodles Pla Rad Prig Whole fish pan fried and served with spicy tamarind sauce Favorite Thai Recipes New to Thai food? Discover

  • Find easy (or more challenging) recipes that you like

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  • 9/6/00 11:00pm PST Welcome to our site! It has been years of perfecting our cooking and long days sweat and onion tears researching foods, testing recipes (yum), programming, taking pictures and beautifying


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    Muoi Khuntilanont Thai Food Recipes
    Large number of original Thai recipes from professional chef Muoi Khuntilanont.

  • From Muoi Khuntilanont's Thai Kitchen Most links are dead to Colonel Ian Khuntilanont-Philpott Thailand Food pages so, I am very happy to bring you authentic Thai recipes

  • I'm sure you'll enjoy these special, sometimes hot, dishes !! Our special thanks go to Muoi Khuntilanont and her husband Ian for making her recipes available to Internet readers

  • I have tried to alphabetize them but only to the first couple of letters, too much other work to do! A small amount of the recipes are not from her kitchen I hope I have identified them adaquately in the individual html's at the foot

  • Several recipes, especially stir fry recipes call for adding ingredients to hot oil in a wok or pan

  • I strongly advise the use of some sort of eye-protection, as whatever damage hot oil can cause if it 'spits' it will [appear] much worse if backed by the chemical fire of chillis!' Recipes include: - Drunken chicken wings

  • - Thanks to George Nelson and the ChileHead Lists - More Thai Recipes Links to Thai Recipes Number of visitors since November 13th 1996 Please sign my Guestbook if you get the chance

    Thai Food Recipes from Thailand
    About seventy recipes for curries, sauces, meat and vegetarian dishes, and desserts.

  • Thai Food Recipes from Thailand From the Kitchen of Lawrence Wheeler Welcome to some of the Best Food in the World In Bangkok, Thailand it is: Thai Foods Listed here are various types of Thai Curries from many different parts of Thailand

  • Various dishes using pork (muu), chicken (gai), beef (nua) and also some seafood recipes

  • Many of my favorite recipes don't include meat (If you've ever seen the meat sellers in the local markets, you would understand why I prefer mostly vegetarian :>) Really though, I think that sometimes the heavyness of the meat flavor can cover the other subtle flavors in some Thai dishes and who wants that! Here you'll find all my favorite Thai Desserts I am always looking for new and interesting recipes from any country, especially recipes in which the ingredients can be found in many parts of the world

  • Don't let that secret recipe be secret any longer! Share it with the world! Back to Main Recipe Page If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

    Thai Food Recipes
    Warunee offers three authentic Thai recipes from her Thai Food Recipes eBook.

  • Thai Food Recipes INTRODUCTION You can navigate around this site by clicking on the leaves on the left

  • This is completely true and maybe that is just a little too authentic for you? Since frying an insect hardly justifies a recipe, I will focus on foods not designed to scare you, your family or your guests

  • You may think that there are a lot of sources for Thai recipes already

  • The recipes I am going to present are exactly as I cook them

  • There is nothing wrong with altering recipes to make them more enjoyable for yourself

  • You can access my observations on this and some recipes, from the contents menu on the left side of this page near the top

  • I really hope you find these recipes are as delicious as my friends say they are

  • If you click on the leaf on the left, near the top of this page, entitled "RECIPE eBOOK" , you will see details of the ebook, I have written containing many more of my recipes

    Thai Recipes Home Style from Temple of Thai
    Thai grocery providing recipes, cooking tips and ingredient descriptions.

  • Visit our store for Thai recipe ingredients Home Style Thai Recipes Thai cuisine is adaptable, innovative and dynamic

  • Here in the West it may be difficult to find all the used in Thai recipes, but do not despair

  • Especially when the recipes are not complex and turn out tasty

  • To get started try our our home style Thai recipes here, like, and

  • Recipes by Category Curry: Chicken: Beef: Fish & Shrimp: Appetizers: Rice: Salads: Desserts: Noodles: Soup: Fundamentals: Vegetarian: Pork: One click cooking: Buy all the necessary Ingredients To Eat with Rice: About Thai Recipes Most of the Thai recipes here are not elaborate but good useful everyday food that can be prepared with a reasonable expenditure of time and labor

  • These recipes are mainly home-style i.e

  • That said, the recipe should be a only a rough guideline

  • Thai recipes are highly adaptable

  • There are many variations of any one Thai recipe, it depends on the cook, the season, the availability of ingredients, and the

  • Thai Cooking Tips Also visit our to read our latest Thai cooking e-newsletter, cooking articles and find links to our e-newsletter archives, new recipes and more

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    Thai Food, Asian Cookware, Cookbooks & Recipes | Temple of Thai
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  • Thai recipe covering all aspects of thai cooking inc

  • Find everything you need to make authentic Thai Sticky Rice! High quality plain and purple sticky rice, steaming and serving baskets, recipes, marinades and dipping sauces

  • Find recipe books for red, green & yellow curries, seafood, vegetarian food and more

  • Popular Thai Dishes Ready made pastes, quality rice noodles & authentic Thai recipes for quick and easy Pad Thai

  • Everything you need to make Satay at home! Satay sauce, seasoning, skewers & recipes

  • Classic homestyle Thai recipes such as Tom Yum & Red Curry for all Thai food lovers

    Appon's Thai Food Recipes
    Appon cooks and shows her home country recipes, from curries to Western influenced

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  • Posted by Appon at | August 31, 2006 Vegetarian Yellow Curry ( Gang Boom Bia Jay ) If you see 'jay' in a recipe name, it usually means vegetarian

    Appon's Thai Food Recipes: Soups Archives
    Find a wide assortment of traditional dishes with photographs.

  • If you're new to Appon's Thai Food, the best place to start is the recipe browsers on the right side ( Browse Text Recipes & Browse Recipe Pictures )

  • There you can browse all my recipes from Thailand by their titles or by photographs

  • What to do with it? Why Broccoli cheese soup of course! This recipe is not Thai, after yesterdays spicy tofu I thought something more accessible would be better

  • On this site, I usually translate it to 'pork with fat and rind' in recipes

  • After yesterdays western sausage pizza recipe, I thought this would make a nice contrast

  • Serve with Thai Fragrant Rice Posted by Appon at | December 09, 2005 Pork & Preserved Cabbage Soft Rice Soup ( Jog Mu Ham ) You've seen this soft rice soup before in recipes with other flavours, we eat a lot of it in Thailand

  • For this recipe you need mashed potatoes that are nearly liquid

  • Don't be daunted by this recipe

  • Serve With Vinegar Sugar Flake Chilli Lettuce Soya Bean Shoots Posted by Appon at | October 08, 2005 Grilled Pounded Mushroom Soup ( Soup Hed ) What's you're favorite fresh mushroom? If your answer is 'white cap mushrooms', then please move on to the next recipe - this recipe isn't for you! This is a soup made from fresh flavour mushrooms, that are toasted, then pounded in a Thai mortar to bring out the flavours, and is usually eaten with sticky rice

    Thai Cuisine select recipes and complete Thai restaurant directory
    Four recipes and list of restaurants in Thailand.

  • This website offers a free collection of authentic Thai recipes, information about ingredients used in Thai cuisine, as well as a complete index of restaurants in Thailand


    Thai Recipes
    Archive with a large number of recipes.

  • Thai Recipes Thai Recipes Index (SCS) graciously hosts the Recipe Archive

    Adventures in Thai Cooking & Travel
    Recipes, food articles and information on Kasma Loha-unchit's cooking classes.

  • with Kasma Loha-unchit, cookbook author and Thai cooking teacher * * * * Thai Markets * * * * Weeklong Advanced Intensives * Individual Classes * Dancing Shrimp: Favorite Thai Recipes for Seafood * It Rains Fishes: Legends, Traditions and the Joys of Thai Cooking * * Frequently Asked Questions * * * * Short biography * * Also Available: * * * * Sitemap * Site Highlights Thai recipes – perhaps the most popular pages on the site

  • Check out the or the changing (every 3 months) featured recipe – (Gkai Pad Gkaprow) Cooking Classes – All of Kasma's activities (trips to Thailand, cookbooks, Thai articles) grew out of her home-grown

  • The current feature tells of Cook delicious Thai meals at home with one of Kasma's cookbooks: Legends, Traditions and the Joys of Thai Cooking or Favorite Thai Recipes for Seafood

  • Current Features * Featured Recipe is (Gkai Pad Gkaprow)

    Supatra Cooks Thai, Thai Restaurant St Paul, Twin Cities ...
    Cookbook author and cooking instructor Supatra Johnson offers Thai recipes,
    including gluten-free and kids recipes.

  • What is making som tum at Supatra's? Jintara Poonlap! HOME Supatra Cooks Thai features information about Thai food and Thai cooking, as well as lots of easy-to-prepare recipes

  • Chef/owner Supatra Johnson is the author of " Crying Tiger: Thai Recipes from the Heart " and teaches Thai cooking classes at the restaurant

  • Featured Recipe! Learn to make in the Thai section! It goes great with Sticky Rice and Dried Beef! What recently visited Supatra's Thai Cuisine? It's Kat English who stopped by before her show at the Shakopee Ballroom! Learn about Thai Hot Pot and other equipment in the section! Crying Tiger: Thai Recipes from the Heart "is a superb, user-friendly introduction to creating high-quality Thai food" according to

  • With over 100 Thai recipes (and over 200 photos), as well as a guide to ingredients and equipment and a kids cooking section, Crying Tiger is a great addition to any kitchen! Available at in the Twin Cities area or your copy online today! Get your copy of "Crying Tiger: Thai Recipes from the Heart" Website produced by

    Premiere Asian Food Cuisine - Recipes - Gifts : Chinese, Japanese ...
    Offers a variety of hard to find Asian specialty foods, cooking utensils, and recipes.

  • Chinese Recipes Welcome to A Taste of Asia

  • The exquisite taste of Chinese recipes are the most universally accepted, unsurpassed in variety, dominating all Asian cuisine by their history and magnitude

  • At we have Chinese recipes such as : Want to find Chinese recipes or Chinese groceries to make them with? Visit : The Best in Asian Cuisine! Or maybe, you're looking for rice cookers, Chinese food recipes, Japanese recipes, and asian foods at

  • You'll find Chinese cooking, fried rice recipes, Chinese cooking recipes, and sushi kits, Thai food, Thai food recipes, asian recipes, Chinese tea pots, fried rice, asian cooking, asian groceries, curry, oriental grocery products, Chinese teas, Thai green currys, Thai currys, and oriental noodles at too

  • Find Chinese Recipes and more at Other pages at

    Southern Thailand's Thai Cooking School
    Twice-daily classes teaching preparation of curry pastes and three dishes.
    Two-day fruit and vegetable carving courses are taught twice weekly.

  • Like to receive our Recipe Of The Month? Join the SITCA mailing list Email: Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts is much more than a Thai cooking school

  • Looking for an easy Thai food recipe such as Pad Thai or Chicken Green Curry? Or perhaps a picture of Thai food? You'll find these and dozens more in the Thai cookbooks sold in our mail order section, along with Thai food ingredients in every category, including the entire range of Thai curry pastes

    Thai Restaurant, Thai Food Catering, & Recipe's for Los Angeles
    Offers Thai food. Includes menus, recipes, resources, history, photo galleries.

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  • We list a wide variety of cuisines from Chinese and Indian to less obvious regional fare such as Afghan and Burmese, so be adventurous and try something new! > Najmieh Batmanglij's book New Food of Life is a treasury of 250 classical and regional Iranian recipes

  • Access AsiaFood's online feature presenting recipes, ceremonies, and ancient tales from this rich collection of Persian and modern Iranian culinary traditions

    Thailand Life - Thai culture, food, language, ceremonies ...
    Information about the author and the country in general, by a teenager living
    near Bangkok.

  • - Learn about food of Thailand and some favourite recipes! - watch videos from Thailand about every day life

  • Thai Food Recipe - - - this is our traditional Thai new year celebrated in April with water fights! - the largest sandstone sanctuary in Thailand

  • Here I give tips on ordering the best food and some favourite recipes


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