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Spaceballs (1987)
Cast/credits plus additional information about the film.

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 39 main details awards & nominations photo gallery video clip(s) You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to Spaceballs () Directed by Writing credits (written by) and (written by) ..

  • Genre: / Tagline: May The Farce Be With You Plot Outline: Planet Spaceball's President Scroob sends Lord Dark Helmet to steal Planet Druidia's abundant supply of air to replenish their own, and only Lone Starr can stop them

  • : You're really a Spaceball

  • SPACEBALLS | 3 out of 3 people found the following comment useful:- Of course it is my dear..

  • And a space Winnebago..

    Star Wars (1977)
    Cast and crew information, synopsis, and comments.

  • info: DARK IN SPACE

    Photo by www.osha.gov

    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating
    universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional ...

    CNN.com - Dwarf galaxy swarms boost dark matter theory - May 22, 2002

    Space Toys Space Store. NASA Space Toys from Apollo Astronauts to ...
    Offers a very large collection and variety of toys and replicas.

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    SomaFM: Listener-Supported, Commercial-Free Internet Radio
    Ambient, downtempo and chill beats from well known and unknown artists.

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    Photo by www.starwars.com

    Official Living Space and Dark Matters Site
    Rock band from California. Site includes biography, lyrics, press reviews, and

    SPACE.com -- Czech Republic Enacts World's First National Light ...
    This news was announced today at the annual conference of the International
    Dark-Sky Association (IDA) in Tucson, Arizona.

  • Get space news, mission coverage, and much more directly on your mobile

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    PhysOrg.com: latest science and technology news
    Customizable source for current news in physics, technology, space, and earth
    science topics. Includes a weblog.

  • / 19 hours ago | User rating: 4.5 / 5 Purdue University engineers are conducting research to help the United States develop a type of advanced rocket technology that uses kerosene and would not require the foam insulation now used on the space shuttle's external ..

  • Other news General Science , 15 minutes ago , 35 minutes ago , 5 hours ago , 5 hours ago , 21 hours ago , 21 hours ago , 23 hours ago , 20 hours ago , 21 hours ago , 21 hours ago , 21 hours ago , 23 hours ago , 23 hours ago , 18 hours ago , 20 hours ago , 21 hours ago Nanotechnology , 19 hours ago , 21 hours ago , August 08, 2006 , August 08, 2006 , August 07, 2006 Physics , 20 hours ago , 21 hours ago , 24 hours ago , August 07, 2006 , August 07, 2006 Space and Earth science , 25 minutes ago , 5 hours ago , 5 hours ago , 18 hours ago , 23 hours ago , 20 hours ago , 21 hours ago , 22 hours ago , 23 hours ago , 20 hours ago , 23 hours ago , 21 hours ago Electronic Devices , 5 hours ago , 22 hours ago , August 08, 2006 , August 07, 2006 , August 06, 2006 Technology , 5 hours ago , 22 hours ago , 23 hours ago , 19 hours ago , 19 hours ago , 19 hours ago |

    Time Travel Portal :: View topic - CERN to spew black holes
    A forum about time travel.

  • • • • • • • • • • • • » Author Message Jorune Site Admin Joined: 24 Feb 2004 Posts: 925 Location: United States of America Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2004 7:37 pm Subject: 6 Mini black holes could reveal hidden dimensions of space

  • These tiny, fleeting phenomena might just give researchers a long-sought glimpse of the hidden dimensions of space

  • Black holes are the dark and massive pirates of interstellar space

  • They form when burnt-out stars collapse under their own gravity, squeezing immense mass into negligibly small space and creating huge gravitational fields that suck in everything that passes nearby -including light

  • Even more intriguingly, this 'Hawking radiation' might hold clues about the fabric of space itself

  • Most theories of the earliest instants of the Universe's life agree that space-time has more dimensions than the four (three of space, one of time) we normally experience

  • So by studying this radiation in the LHC, physicists may finally count the hidden dimensions of space


    The Dark Sucker Theory page
    Dedicated to those hardy, brave souls who know the deeper truth and aren't ashamed
    to admit it: that so-called "light sources" are really dark suckers.

    Cosmic Log: We've moved - Cosmic Log - MSNBC.com
    Weblog by MSNBC.com science editor Alan Boyle, with daily science and space news
    and links.

  • • June 5, 2006 | The galaxy next door: The Andromeda Galaxy — the nearest spiral to our own — is all dressed up in reddish, dusty swirls in a new infrared portrait from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

  • 'It's reassuring to know our numbers are in agreement with previous estimates of the mass of the stars based on the stars' motion.' NASA / JPL-Caltech / CfA Red waves of dust swirl around a blue sea of stars in this color-coded infrared image of the Andromeda Galaxy from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope

  • In space, the substance is often associated with dense clouds of new stars; on Earth, PAHs are associated with barbecue pits and car exhaust

  • George Helou, deputy director of the Spitzer Space Science Center at the California Institute of technology, marveled at the detailed tracings of star-forming material

  • And if you're curious about how the Spitzer Space Telescope and infrared astronomy fit into the grander scheme of things, check out our backgrounders on the and the

  • • June 5, 2006 | Your daily dose of science on the Web: • • • • • (via ) • June 2, 2006 | New spaceship in the works? Virginia-based Space Adventures, the only travel company to send tourists to the international space station, that it is acquiring a spaceship-building company called Space Launch Corp

    Primer on the Solar Space Environment
    A short tutorial (in English and Spanish) about the Sun and solar effects on
    Earth prepared at the Space Environment Laboratory of the National Oceanic and ...

  • A Primer on Space Weather Our Star, the Sun W e all know that the Sun is overwhelmingly important to life on Earth, but few of us have been given a good description of our star and its variations

  • Most prominences erupt at some point in their lifetime, releasing large amounts of solar material into space

  • Solar material streaks out through the interplanetary medium, impacting any planets or spacecraft in its path

  • Because the solar wind varies over time scales as short as seconds, the interface that separates interplanetary space from the magnetosphere is very dynamic

  • This results in increased drag on satellites in space, causing them to slow and change orbit slightly

  • Skylab is an example of a spacecraft re-entering Earth's atmosphere prematurely as a result of higher-than-expected solar activity

  • As technology has allowed spacecraft components to become smaller, their miniaturized systems have become increasingly vulnerable to the more energetic solar particles

  • When a satellite travels through this energized environment, the charged particles striking the spacecraft cause different portions of the spacecraft to be differentially charged

    Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters
    News for nerds, stuff that matters. Timely news source for technology related
    news with a heavy slant towards Linux and Open Source issues.

  • deadmantyping writes 'Google has signed a to provide search capabilities for Fox sites, the most noteworthy of which is MySpace

  • Google claims that 'MySpace was an important site to be involved with given its rapid popularity growth.' Google also signed a deal with MTV earlier in the week.' of comments : Posted by on Monday August 07, @09:24PM from the on-the-road-again dept

    Dark Moon/Two Thirds
    Nasa hoaxes, Apollo landings faked, Face on Mars, alien intervention.

  • | Human Space Travel Precious little progress has been made in the area of manned exploration of deep space in recent years

    PSRD: Moon's Dark, Icy Poles
    Information about permanently shadowed regions on the Moon, where frozen water
    could be trapped.

  • Space scientists have started to look at prospective landing sites at the lunar south pole where future robotic rovers could access and examine the ice [see Leonard David's ]

  • Space.com

  • by NASA's National Space Science Data Center

  • Web link to, from the Planetary Photojournal (with high resolution download options.) Web link to, from the Planetary Photojournal (with high resolution download options.) NEW LINK ADDED: APRIL 2005: The European Space Agency's SMART-1 mission is imaging the lunar north polar craters to monitor illumination conditions

    Writerspace.com - Websites for Authors; Communities for Readers ...
    Websites for writers. Communities for readers. Chat rooms, bulletin boards,
    readers calendar, and popular romance fiction writers' sites.

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    Dark Stars, Black Holes, Bright Galaxies
    One huge page packed with illustrations, diagrams and photographs portraying some
    interesting aspects of stars, black holes and galaxies.


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