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  • weight loss - free information on losing weight When you think of weight loss and losing weight, the first things that probably come to your mind are either those 'lose weight fast !!' articles that are in every magazine and newspaper in the world that never work and are written by some personal training idiot that has no idea what they're talking about..

  • or maybe you're thinking of all of those weight loss pills that claim to be safe and allow you to 'eat whatever you want and still lose weight because the pill will do all of the work for you' or whatever stupid line they are using to get you to buy their useless unsafe weight loss product

  • Well, if you are thinking any of those things, forget it! Forget all of it! What I am about to give you is totally FREE, detailed, easy to understand information on weight loss and losing weight and how to lose weight and fat without using any type of pill or supplement, without using some 'fitness magazine' diet, and by eating not 1, not 2, not 3, but 5 meals a day! Sound impossible? Sound too good to be true? Sound like I'm going to make you buy my 'book' or order my 'product' first before I tell you? Well I'm not! I don't have a book and I don't a have product

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  • Gender: Male Female Weight: Age: Tools & Resources More Tools More Articles Meet a Member -advertisement- | Now featuring weight loss programs from, and

    Dr Joel Fuhrman Improves Health - Lose Weight Naturally | Reverse ...
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  • | 1-800-474-WELL (9355) IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH Lose Weight Naturally Reverse Aging · Prevent Heart Disease · Learn Ways to Lower Cholesterol · Reduce High Blood Pressure · Prevent Cancer Joel Fuhrman, MD - Author of , and other nutritional books! Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to live the rest of your life in pain or on medication

  • When prominent physicians, such as Mehmet Oz, MD, have a patient whose life depends on losing weight, they call on If you want to live longer, reduce your need for medications, lose weight faster than you ever thought possible, and dramatically improve your health, Eat to Live is the answer

  • Fat will melt away, the need for medication will lessen, and you'll reverse the aging process ! - Permanently! The Mysteries of Weight Loss What's missing in the Atkin's Diet , South Beach Diet , The Zone , and many other quick weight loss fad diets is the importance of good nutrition

  • In recent years, the Atkin's Diet, South Beach Diet, Weight Watchers, The Zone, and other fast weight loss diets have grown in popularity because of their nontraditional dietary approaches

    Best Diet Pills Weight Loss Products and Programs
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  • Diet pills & fast weight loss pills questions answered each month in the weight loss guide newsletter First Name Email Address BEST WEIGHT LOSS PILLS FAST WEIGHT LOSS KITS APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS STARCH / CARB BLOCKER LOW CARB PROTEIN DIET CELLULITE REDUCTION HERBAL ANTIDEPRESSANT OTHER TOP PRODUCTS Hi! I'm Emma Classen

  • Please The Multi-Purpose Metabolic Marvel Eat Less - Burn More Fat - Lose Weight - Automatically! The guiding principle behind weight reduction is for everyone to reduce their caloric intake and do a little exercise

  • Besides, MeltRx 24 Ultra™ creates a separate afterburner-like effect that fires-up your fat-burning engine causing significant, undeniable weight loss! The result -- you liberate yourself from obsessing over food, you supercharge and prolong your body's natural fat burning capabilities, and you lose weight without dieting or counting calories

  • What's more, the vast majority of users not only lose weight, but report they look younger, have improved drive and concentration, and become free of stress and anxiety

  • People who took each and every one of the key ingredients in MeltRx Ultra™ lost significant weight


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  • | No ineffective weight loss trends or gimmicks

  • Our weight loss and online fitness programs are based on empirical research not gimmicks or tricky marketing campaigns

  • Our goals is no only to get you immediate results, but to provide you with a lifelong solution for keeping the weight off

  • To help further insure you progress, Changing Shape members receive access to their very own online weight loss tracking tools

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  • Find out how some of our users got weight loss results with a balanced diet and an exercise program that will keep the pounds off for good! iShape's diet and fitness program was designed by the leading experts in cardio, strength and nutrition science

  • They make iShape the best weight loss program on the web

  • Lose fat, get fit and feel better than you ever have! Gender: Birthdate: Height: Feet Inches Weight: lbs Appearance goals: Fitness goals: Discover a custom weight loss solution that works! | © Copyright 2004 Weider Interactive Networks, Inc

    Natural weight loss supplements
    Supplier of natural health products for weight loss, optimal health, and increased

  • FREE News Reports HOME PAGE FREE! To receive our FREE exciting health and fitness news reports and e-mail updates on some amazing natural weight loss supplements and health breakthroughs, medical alerts, discounts and much more, D edicated to effective natural weight loss supplements, and increased life span, you'll find this site an EASY and FAST way to some of the most REVOLUTIONARY natural health information & products in the world! Weight loss, muscle gain, diet, increased life span, and skin care

  • These are products that really do WORK as the many wonderful testimonials of those who have used them to lose weight or increase general health bare witness to

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  • ; ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST ASTONISHING NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENTS: You are about to read something sensational..

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  • BOOKS • • • • • CHOOSE TO LOSE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM • • • • The Weight Loss Bible • Eat real foods YOU choose

  • • Never be hungry! Have more energy and stamina! • Lose weight (up to 165 pounds or more) and keep it off forever

  • • 50 delicious lowfat recipes to make weight loss pleasurable

  • • Never be hungry! Have more energy, stamina, and endurance! • Lose weight (up to 165 pounds or more) and keep it off forever

  • • Buy Choose to Lose Weight Loss Plan for Men in one of 4 easy ways: 1

  • I have unlocked the secret of staying healthy.” “I was surprised I could eat a lot of food I never could eat on 'diets' before--and lose weight.” “I will never be controlled by food again thanks to this amazing program.” “This program allows me to eat like real people.” Health Professionals: Looking for an Effective Weight Loss Program? Search no further

  • Ron & Nancy Goor Ron Goor's academic and professional credentials and Nancy Goor's writing style have been joined to create the highly respected and effective Choose to Lose Weight Loss book and program and the Eater's Choice Cholesterol Lowering book and program

  • Benefits

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  • The Premiere Physique Transformation Resource Featuring Before and After Weight Loss Pictures and Inspiring Audio Interviews! physique transformation Resources "How can all these ordinary people look like bodybuilders and models without ANY previous experience with exercise or nutrition..and in only 12 weeks or less?" W elcome to BodyChangers! Hundreds of "Before & After" Weight Loss & Fitness Photos and Audio Interviews What is this web site all about? Put most simply, this site is about Physique Transformation

  • Want to cut straight to the interviews? ! Please note : BodyChangers is not a "weight loss program" of any kind

  • Results go far beyond simply weight-loss or the addition of muscle

    Christian Finn's Facts About Fitness
    Referenced information about losing fat, building muscle and the pursuit of fitness.

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  • Weight Loss Forum User Name Remember Me? Password Search Forums Show Threads Show Posts Go to Page..

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  • Forum Last Post Threads Posts Monitor your weight loss progress and compare with others to stay motivated

  • - - - Recipe of the Week, Nutrition Calculator, Nutrition Facts, Calorie Calculator, BMI (Body-Mass-Index) Calculator, Fit Tips and Articles - - - The latest news and information from the team at can be found here

  • by Today 01:50 AM 80 671 (3 Viewing) Recently registered with the weight-loss-forum? Write a short introduction about yourself — or just say “hi” to the other forum members

  • by Today 05:46 AM 1, 264 6, 908 (4 Viewing) People who want to discuss weight loss and all that goes with it can meet here

  • Write about your experiences and learn about other members' experiences as you approach your target weight

  • by Today 05:49 AM 799 16, 493 (7 Viewing) Record your trials, accomplishments and moods during weight loss

  • Share your notes; let others benefit from your experience as you learn from theirs by Today 06:34 AM 902 55, 492 Share your ideas on weight loss with other new mom's

    Cabbage Soup Diet - Here's How To Lose Up To 10 lbs In 7 Days
    Offers the recipe, seven day eating plan, tips for success, and an open discussion

  • Cabbage Soup Diet Information (and How To Lose Up To 10 lbs In A Single Week) • • • • • If you have a special occasion coming up, or you simply need to lose weight fast, the Cabbage Soup Diet may be just what you're looking for

  • Although not suitable for long-term weight loss, the Cabbage Soup Diet is a low-fat, high-fiber diet that will help you get into shape fast before you embark on a more moderate long-term eating plan

  • Pros and Cons of the Cabbage Soup Diet Pros : You'll lose weight fast, and can get as much of the as you want

  • Some people have reported feeling light-headed, weak, and have suffered from decreased concentration (although some who have been affected in this way felt it was well worth it, since it was only for a week and they had lost considerable weight)

  • Personal Note : If you're SERIOUS about losing weight, I would URGE you to check out a brand new concept I just found out about : This diet actually works BETTER than the cabbage soup diet, and it allows you to lose 9 lbs every 11 days ..

  • The Problem With Most "Mainstream" Diets Most diets - especially "mainstream" diets, and those recommended by major medical institutions - work slowly but surely, resulting in around 1 pound of weight loss per week


    Diet software for calorie counting and weight loss - DietOrganizer
    Software that counts calories and tracks nutrition and exercise. Choose from 6000
    foods and 200 exercises. Chart and report progress.

  • Whether you want to lose weight by calorie counting or optimize your diet and fitness routine DietOrganizer can help! Count calories, record exercise, track body measurements and keep a daily journal

  • Use with any weight loss plan to accurately track and record your diet and exercise

  • Instant summaries allow you to manage and plan your calorie intake to achieve weight loss

  • Tracks Calories and 31 Nutrients 6, 000+ food database , with multiple portion sizes 200+ exercise database Weight and body measurement tracking Set nutritional goals Powerful charting and reporting Customizable food log, change nutrient columns, change colors..

  • Daily and summary reports Set date range Set options to customize reports Daily, weekly or monthly summaries Food usage and user added reports User Comments Just wanted to let you know this is the best application I've purchased since Quicken! I have a few friends, who after seeing the progress I am making with the aid of DietOrganizer are now wanting to dump the Atkins Diet and just start eating right! After a month on this program I realized that there is an objective way to lose weight without guessing if I'm doing the right thing

    Free Healthy Recipes! Nutrition, Weight Loss Topics And Free Cook ...
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  • Come in, put your feet up, and enjoy hundreds of free articles featuring health and nutrition, exercise and weight loss, healthy cooking recipes, free cooking & health ebooks, diet and weight loss information, and health information

  • WEIGHT LOSS AND DETOX READING ROOM Most Popular Weight Loss and Detox Articles: Can a food actually have not only no calories, but even negative calories? Could you literally eat your way to fat loss...the more you eat the more you lose? What if you could eat a food that not only provided no calories, but actually burned more calories than it provided? Some dieters find that they are the most successful on long-term programs whereas others find that intermittent short-term diets work best

  • According to many experts, most overweight people became overweight due to hyperinsulinemia - elevated insulin levels in the blood

  • The only way you can lose weight and keep it off is to get your natural fat-burners functioning normally and at peak efficiency again

  • The main benefit offered by a juice fast, to those who wish to lose weight, is the speed of the weight loss

  • JUICE FASTING FOR HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS READING ROOM Top Juice Fasting For Weight Loss Articles HEALTHY RECIPES AND COOKING RECIPES SECTION Most Searched For Healthy Cooking Recipes Make creamy smoothies and shakes, mouth-watering fruit drinks and wholesome fresh vegetable juices! Move over canned V8! Fruity, fruity, fruity! Nothing beats the fresh, invigorating flavor of homemade fruit juice! Energize your day with one of these fruity protein smoothie recipes! Free juicer recipes taken from the downloadable Strawberry pie, Fruit salad with shrimp ..

    CarbWire - Low carb news, reviews and recipes
    Offers information about new research, products and industry news.

  • How culpable is the processed food industry in its role in making Americans gain more and more weight and getting more and more diseases? about this controversial topic

  • Posted by on August 16 in University of North Carolina nutrition professor revealed at the International Association of Agricultural Economists in Australia this week that while there are 800 million people who do not get an adequate amount of food to nourish their bodies, the startling fact is that there are now 1.3 BILLION people who are also either overweight or obese

  • What is his solution to help curb obesity? A FAT TAX ! While I am all for trying to get people to stop eating junk food and to begin dealing with their weight problem, compelling companies to take on an unnecessary tax all for the sake of making it harder for them to afford those foods is utterly ridiculous

  • Posted by on August 16 in There is a brand new weight loss support and encouragement web site located at

  • This site is dedicated to providing interviews with people who have inspiring and motivating weight loss success stories as well as those who are in the midst of losing weight on a variety of different plans, including low-carb

    Low Carb Pavilion - Low Carb Diet Information - Lose Weight and ...
    Use diet alone, by restricting carbohydrates, to control type 2 diabetes and to
    lose weight. It also improves cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • And there is one type of diet that lets you eat well and still lose weight

  • People diet for two primary reasons, to lose weight, or to improve health--or both

  • If you are a healthy adult who is not overweight and who has no family members who are obese, the food pyramid recommendations of the USDA will work fine, as long as you remember that the carbohydrates that are recommended are those contained in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables

  • However, even those who are healthy and who are not overweight can maintain their health and vitality by following a reduced carbohydrate lifestyle

  • For those who are overweight, or who have diabetes, the low-calorie and low-fat diets recommended by the government do not work well

  • According to many experts, most overweight people became overweight due to a condition called hyperinsulinemia -- elevated insulin levels in the blood

  • The result of ketosis is that your blood sugar levels stabilize; your insulin level drops; and because your body is burning fat, you lose weight! You can easily test to see if your diet is inducing ketosis with the use of inexpensive

  • Most people on ketogenic diets lose weight fairly quickly

    WIN - Publication - Binge Eating Disorder
    Symptoms, characteristics, and treatment information.

  • Purging means vomiting or using a lot of diuretics (water pills) or laxatives to keep from gaining weight

  • Strenuous exercise, in this case, means exercising for more than an hour just to keep from gaining weight after binge eating

  • Purging, fasting, and overexercising are dangerous ways to try to control your weight

  • Most people with this problem are either overweight or obese, * but normal-weight people also can have the disorder

  • About 10 to 15 percent of people who are mildly obese and who try to lose weight on their own or through commercial weight-loss programs have binge eating disorder

  • People who are obese and have binge eating disorder often became overweight at a younger age than those without the disorder

  • They might also lose and gain back weight (yo-yo diet) more often

  • * The 1998 NIH Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults define overweight as a body mass index (BMI) of 25 to 29.9 and obesity as a BMI of 30 or more

  • BMI is calculated by dividing weight (in kilograms) by height (in meters) squared

  • These are unhealthy ways to try to change your body shape and weight

    Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
    Description of hynotherapy, past life regression, and NLP. Offers articles, books,
    tapes, and counseling services in California.

  • Hypnosis changes the way you think about food, stops the struggle, and makes you love of exercise! Stop self sabotage, and easily release the fat! RESEARCH PROVES IT 109 people, 17-67 year olds completed a behavioral treatment for weight management either with or without the addition of hypnosis

  • Results show that, at the end of the 9-week program, both interventions resulted in significant weight reduction

  • However, at 8-month and 2-year follow-ups, the hypnosis subjects showed significant additional weight loss, while those in the behavioral-treatment-only group exhibited little further change

  • More subjects who used hypnosis also achieved and maintained their personal weight goals

  • Childhood Obesity W hat are we going to do when overweight kids grow up to be overweight adults? As you know, I’ve produced many hypnosis sessions to help adults with food issues

  • In fact, I have the best selling Weight loss Hypnosis program in the world

    Fitness on Yahoo! Health
    Information about physical fitness, disease prevention, nutrition, how to look
    and feel younger and stay happy, how to start a fitness program, fun and healthy ...

    Empowered Kids - A Guide for Kids about Healthy Eating and ...
    Offers information, resources and activities for kids 5 to 17 on healthy eating,
    dieting, body image, and eating disorders. Includes surveys and quizzes.

  • Fast Fact: Even as young as age 5, girls who are overweight and are subject to food restriction or dieting show the greatest increases in eating in the absence of hunger, and greater weight gain across middle childhood years

  • Featured Articles Fast Fact: Kids who diet are more apt to become overweight adults

  • Fast Fact: A high risk group for eating disorders are those who had high weight concerns prior to age 14 - click on the hair brush, then Miscellaneous, then read the article called For Girls Only, Probably..

  • Did You Know ? Dieting is the worst way to lose weight Not all anorexics are thin, and that anorexics can and do eat Eating disorders are a misuse of food to resolve emotional problems Fat-free eating is not healthy eating When children restrict food in their early years, they are greatly risk to become overweight adults

  • Most fashion models are thinner than 98% of Americans To lose weight effectively, eat heathfully, not less 95% of dieters regain their lost weight within one to five years Healthy eating is a learned art Healthy eaters are Empowered Kidz, free of fears and misconceptions about food and eating


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