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  • Many people also feel that the system expects you to give up on fighting for the benefits you deserve! Well, we don't give up

  • AGAINST ALL ODDS, we win disability claims! At Disability Advocates of America, L.L.C., when necessary, we challenge the Social Security Administration and obtain the Social Security Disability or SSI benefits to which you are entitled! Disability Advocates founders are experts in the field

  • Our success rate is over 95%! Winning Social Security Disability (SSD) or SSI benefits isn’t just a matter of completing paperwork and submitting your claim on time

  • To address this vital need, we have developed the most comprehensive network of medical and legal professionals ever to join forces to benefit you, the SSD or SSI applicant! Our nationwide network of stands ready to serve you with knowledge and experience unsurpassed by any other advocacy organization or legal firm

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  • We apply these criteria when you claim benefits based on disability under title II and title XVI of the Social Security Act (the Act)

  • 73320-73323 (December 9, 2005) December 9, 200508:03 AM in | SSA Revises Service of Process Rules From the : We are amending our rules regarding service of legal process in lawsuits involving judicial review of Agency final decisions on individual claims for benefits under titles II, VIII, and/or XVI of the Social Security Act (Act)

  • 73135-73136 (December 9, 2005) December 9, 200507:57 AM in | December 05, 2005 SSA Issues NPRM on Nonpayment of Fugitive Felons et al From the : To implement section 203 of the Social Security Protection Act of 2004 (SSPA), we propose to revise our regulations on the payment of Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits under titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act (the Act)

  • Section 203 requires that title II benefits will not be paid to a person who is a fugitive felon or probation or parole violator, unless good cause is shown as specified in this new law

  • 72411-72416 (December 5, 2005) December 5, 200508:21 AM in | SSA Issues NPRM on Suspension of Benefits During CDR From the : We propose to amend our regulations to provide that we will suspend your disability benefits before we make a determination during a continuing disability review (CDR) under title II and title XVI of the Social Security Act (the Act) when you fail to comply with our request for necessary information

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    Official US government site for the Social Security Administration, with news,
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    Social Security Online: What You Can Do Online
    Apply for benefits, request a Social Security Statement, request a duplicate
    Medicare card--all online. More e-services added regularly.

  • Available Weekdays (except 2 AM - 3 AM) Saturday 5 AM - 11 PM Sunday 8 AM - 11:30 PM 5 AM - 11 PM If you get benefits, you can

  • Get a letter that verifies your Social Security benefit information

  • Replace the lost, damaged, or missing tax summary of your Social Security benefits for 2005 (not available for SSI)

  • when You want password access to information about your benefits, Your password request code has expired, or You lost, forgot, or do not have your password or password request code

  • Apply for benefits Apply for, or (includes the Adult Disability Report)

  • When you apply for any type of disability benefits, we need information about your medical, work, and education history to help us decide if you are disabled

  • If you applied online for Social Security Retirement, Spouse’s, or Disability benefits you can check the status of your application

  • [] See if you qualify for benefits

  • Use our to calculate your retirement, disability and survivors benefits

  • (You can do this any time.) Get your personal earnings report and benefit estimates by mail

  • info: SSI BENEFIT

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  • A certain amount of money is taken out of your pay check every week (your FICA taxes) to cover benefit payments and Medicare when you reach retirement age, or if you become disabled

  • Let’s make this clear right now: If you work long enough at a job which is covered by Social Security and you become disabled you are probably eligible for Social Security Disability ( SSD ) benefits

  • In order to win benefits you must have a disability severe enough to keep you from working in any regular paying job for at least 12 consecutive months

  • Furthermore, to obtain your Social Security Disability benefits you must have a doctor state that you are disabled “by medically acceptable clinical and laboratory findings.” Unfortunately many genuinely disabling conditions are difficult to diagnose by objective testing

  • And many people who deserve benefits become so discouraged and intimidated that they simply give up and go away

  • And many more people who deserve benefits don’t know they’re eligible because they’ve never even heard about the Disability part of Social Security

  • The simple fact of the matter is that getting the government to award your Social Security Disability ( SSD ) benefits is a hard job

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  • They said in a news release that it may be possible to safely manipulate nicotine to reap the benefits without the addictive properties

    Background, mission, and supporters of the organization.

  • Fifth , we have been working with Congress to keep our veterans' SSI benefits by asking Congress to support our efforts to restore these benefits to our veterans who served in the U.S

  • Congress introduced HR 1048 as an amendment to Welfare Reform bill HR 3734 to restore these SSI benefits to veterans and other legal immigrants

  • Sixth , now its time for us to move to another step where our community and the community at large could benefit with the Lao Veterans Center

    Social Security Resources
    Details of work incentives for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security
    Income recipients who want to return to work.

  • ) : "WorkWorld (WW) is decision support software for personal computers designed to help people with disabilities, advocates, benefit counselors, and others explore and understand how to best use the work incentives associated with the various Federal and State disability and poverty benefit programs

  • It automates the computation of benefits, and takes into account the complex interaction of income, benefit programs, and work incentives." Developed by the Employment Support Institute (ESI) at Virginia Commonwealth University

  • "Here are fifteen important questions about disability benefits that people have asked -- and the answers.") (website for "information, tips and advice presented here can help you understand: 1)How to apply for benefits with the Social Security Administration, 2) How the ssdi and ssi system works, 3) What SSA doesn't tell you about the application and appeal process, 4)What you can do on your own to help your case, and 5) What you should never do that might potentially harm your case.") Site includes the following: : the Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations Web site that includes information and products related to their National Short-Term Disability Training Initiative on SSA Disability and Work Incentive Programs

  • Benefits

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    Virginia Commonwealth University's disability benefits assistance resource center.

  • Traduzca esta página en el español | Translate This Page Into Spanish | FAQs Benefits Highlights Briefing Papers Fact Sheets Online Resources BPAO data system Contact Associate Commissioner's Citation - 2003 VCU BARC Work Incentive Success Stories Training Technical Assistance on Native American Culture (TANAC) Project Teleconference Training Information The Technical Assistance on Native American Culture (TANAC) Project at the University of Montana/Rural Institute on Disabilities, as part of the American Indian Disability Technical Assistance Center (AIDTAC) in support of American Indians and Alaska Natives in their efforts to improve employment opportunities and vocational rehabilitation outcomes, is offering a series of teleconferences designed to provide assistance to BPAO benefit specialists and others involved in developing outreach programs and interacting with Native American communities, including Native Hawaiians and Alaska Natives

  • The teleconferences are designed for audiences such as BPAO program staff, BPAO benefit specialists, community-based agencies, such as independent living centers, advocacy groups, VR offices, and rehabilitation centers

    Veterans Benefits Guide - PTSD
    A guide to recognition and treatment of PTSD for veterans, as well as information
    on financial and legal assistance and benefits.

  • VVA's GUIDE on PTSD Table of Contents: PURPOSE The purpose of this guide is to assist you, the veteran, or your survivor(s), in presenting your claim for benefits based on exposure to psychologically traumatic events during military service that has resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • You can also contact a VVA service representative in your area to answer any questions that you might have about PTSD or the claims adjudication process in general (, click on “Veterans Benefits”, then on “Service Representatives” and select your state of residence)

  • TIPS ON WORKING WITH YOUR SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE It is always an advantage, regardless of the nature of the disorder underlying a claim for benefits, to have an experienced veterans service representative assist you in the prosecution of a claim for VA disability compensation

  • These individuals are familiar with veterans benefits law and procedures, and can provide more effective representation than trying to handle the claim yourself

  • APPLY When to Apply: You should notify the VA of the benefits you want at the earliest possible time

  • Every day you delay can mean another day of benefits lost forever

    Social Security Disability Benefits: How To Apply; How To Win
    Vendor of a book describing the standards and procedures for claiming Social
    Security benefits.

  • It reveals the standards of judgment Social Security uses to determine disability and tells exactly what you must do to make it easy for Social Security to grant benefits

  • Law Offices Silver & Silver; Past President National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives " How To Win Social Security Disability Benefits ' simplicity and clarity astounded me…a gold mine

  • The others obscure the issues." Calvin Minkler Pottstown, PA " How to Apply For & Win Social Security Disability Benefits far exceeded my expectations

  • 'We submitted our application to our local Social Security office on January 14th; 2-1/2 months later, on April 4th, we received word that my Social Security disability benefits had been approved, and the first benefit check should be at our bank by April the 3rd or 4th (which it did)

  • 'I'll tell you have two built-in sales people for your book, Thank you for being so down to earth on the way you have handled what could normally be a 'nightmare' experience.' Sincerely, Bill and Betty Burkey How The Social Security Administration Would Have Replied To (Brain Dead) Terri Schiavo's Application For Social Security Disability Benefits Dear Ms

    Social Security
    News, information and opinion on Social Security.

  • Benefits of $702 billion were paid in 2005 - a $44 billion increase from 2004

  • 6, 2006 – There were so many things grabbing the public's and media's attention in the $2.77 trillion federal budget for FY 2007 presented yesterday, that many senior citizens may have missed that the President has put private investment accounts and the indexing of benefits (determining payments by need) for Social Security back on the table and in the budget

  • 14, 2005 – Social Security announced today a 4.1 percent increase in the monthly benefit paid to over 52 million American senior citizens and others who will receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income in 2006

  • Social Security Can Have Taxable Benefits Tips for Senior Citizens on Filing Income Tax March 16, 2005 - Debate rages and battle lines are being drawn about changing Social Security

  • Meanwhile, off to the sidelines, Americans already receiving benefits will struggle to deal with them by April 15 - or by their extended filing date, if they need more time to struggle

  • Social Security Benefit Increases 2.7 Percent for 2005 Oct

  • 19, 2004 - Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits for more than 52 million Americans will increase 2.7 percent in 2005 - about $25 per month for the average retired worker, the Social Security Administration announced today


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  • Social Security Disability: Benefits under the Act explained

  • We also provide limited information on financial survival, long term disability insurance, and medical assistance while you wait for benefits to start

  • Attorneys and health care providers are invited to share the work and benefit of responding to inquiries, though please talk with me a bit before attempting this; and those with impairments are invited to share their experiences

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  • What are the qualifications for Social Security disability due to MS and is it true it would be difficult to receive benefits with this disease? A: Click for the answer Question: I applied for Social Security Disability six months ago

  • Will my wife have to wait untill she is 62 to collect on my Social security? A: Click for the answer Question: A person receiving Social Security benefits for herself and her deceased husband is thinking of returning to work because the income does not meet her monthly expenses

  • What is the total amount a person in this situation can earn before benefits will be affected? A: Click for the answer Question: My husband is considering retirement at age 62

  • Will he have to wait (4) months for Social Security benefits? Is it true that at age 65 there is a 4 month delay?? How much difference is there? In other words, at what discount are the benefits reduced??? From 62 to 65?? A: Click for the answer Question: I'm almost 66 and drawing Social Security

  • Will I be eligible for more money? A: Click for the answer Question: I have been a widow for 15 years and have been receiving young widows benefits and my daughter receives survivors benefits

    FCIC: Social Security: Basic Facts
    Basic facts about Social Security taxes and benefits.

  • Social Security protects more than 150 million workers and pays benefits to more than 45 million people

  • Survivors benefits, which are paid to a deceased worker's family, can help with financial problems that sometimes follow a worker's death by providing a continuing cash income

  • The value of Social Security survivors benefits for a young average wage earner who dies and leaves a spouse and two children is equivalent to a $374, 000 life insurance policy

  • Of course, Social Security benefits are paid monthly and not in a lump-sum payment

  • Social Security Survivors Benefits Who can get survivors benefits? Children under age 18 can get Social Security survivors benefits and so can a child who is under 19 but still in high school ..

  • A widow(er) who is caring for children under age 16 or disabled may receive benefits

  • A widow(er) age 60 or older, or a widow(er) age 50 or older who is disabled, may receive benefits

  • Today, Social Security pays monthly survivors benefits to about 7 million Americans, almost 2 million of whom are children

  • Social Security Also Provides Disability Protection Worth More Than $220, 000 While people usually think of retirement benefits when they think of Social Security, the program also protects a worker who becomes severely disabled

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  • DISABILITY AND BENEFITS LAW Disability law refers to the law governing claims for benefits to replace income lost due to physical and/or mental impairments

  • These include claims for social security and private disability benefits

  • We represent claimants who seek SSD benefits

  • If an employee pays enough taxes to meet certain tests of coverage, the employee is considered "insured." By contrast with SSD, SSI does not require an income history to qualify for benefits

  • A person must meet the Social Security Act's test of "disability" to receive either SSD or SSI benefits

  • The SSA applies this test of disability when it reviews applications for benefits

  • We recover fees only if we win benefits for our clients

  • Such plans typically distinguish between short-term disability ("STD") and long-term disability ("LTD") benefits

  • The policies differ as to what a claimant must prove to recover benefits, but they usually impose a more rigorous test to recover LTD than STD benefits

  • A claim for benefits starts with an application using a form typically provided by the benefit plan insurer or administrator

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  • Hiring me can make a big difference in the benefits you receive, and how quickly you receive them

  • Louisville Social Security Disability Lawyer If you have a physical or mental impairment that significantly affects your ability to work, I am a  who can efficiently work to get you medical and financial benefits for you

  • If you are trying to collect from a long term disability benefit that was provided by your employer, I am an  who can fight to get the benefits you are entitled to

  • The SSA disability programs include benefits for both physical and mental  impairments

  • This law office also handles Long Term Disability claims, Short term Disability claims, private insurance disability claims, ERISA litigation for disability benefits, and some State Retirement Disability claims.  Finally, this office also handles some auto accident claims and litigation


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