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Specializing in spot, pet stain, and odor removing products.

  • uses a unique chemistry that eliminates the need to use urine pretreatment products and slow acting enzyme deodorants

  • Permanently eliminates even deeply embedded odors from urine, feces, decayed matter, vomit, molds, mildew, garbage, skunk odors, and more

  • (Anybody can do it.) , is a complete and dog urine

  • UN-DUZ-IT spot remover has been proven to be totally effective in correcting problems such as urine, feces, vomit and in the removal of organic related staining

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    remove cat urine odor, remove pet odors carpet, stain remover, dog ...
    Features a urine odor and stain removal kit.

  • Professional Urine Odor Remover, and Stain Removal Kit "

  • This is the one for the house with serious odor problems." -- Catnip Magazine, August 1999 (published by Tuft's University School of Veterinary Medicine) How does it work? Q&A - Odor Removal ORDER Form Testimonials X-O Odor Neutralizer® Pet urine odor, cat urine odors, dog urine odors, human urine odors, stains, feces, and vomit accidents in your carpets, floors, walls, mattress and upholstery are not a problem for the homeowner anymore

  • I am an extremely fussy housekeeper and could not tolerate any cat urine smells in my home, nor would I consider getting rid of any of my cats

  • Thank you for such a great product that really works! Mary Christie, Chester , NJ Like everyone else I have tried everything I could think of to remove urine odor from a couple of places in my carpet where my sweet little Chihuahuas had accidents when they were puppies (and continued to frequent as adults when no one was around to open the door.) Nothing worked

  • My husband (who has the nose of a bloodhound) confirms the cat urine odor is gone

  • It has eliminated the urine and odors from the carpet and sofa

    Odor eliminator PureAyre eliminates cat, pet, smoke, skunk, cigars ...
    Offers a product that breaks the molecular bonds of odor causing chemicals.

  • Easily eliminate any odor including strong odors like cat urine, smoke, skunk and cooking smells

    Odor Eliminator for Pet Odor, Musty Smells, Carpet Odors & Stain ...
    Stain and odor removal products.

  • From smoke odors to pet odors (cat & dog urine odors included), musty odors to kitchen odors - you can count on ForceOut to remove odors at their source

  • Count on the ForceOut Stain Remover to remove cat & dog urine, red wine, blood, marker, coffee, tea, soda, beer, dirt, vomit and hundred's of other stains - whether they have been there for 2 minutes or 2 years


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    Pet Odor Removal Products: Eliminate pet odors like cat and dog ...
    Offers a variety of elimination products.

  • Eliminate cat urine, dog urine, and other pet urine smells forever

  • Pet odors like cat urine, dog urine, and other types of pet urine are difficult to remove

  • No matter if your problem is cat urine in the carpet, dog urine in your den, or pet odors in your boat, Odor Destroyer will remove the odor permanently while leaving behind the fresh scent of your choice

  • Odor Destroyer is the most powerful odor eliminator available Eliminate stinky carpet smells like cat urine quickly and permanently

  • Originally designed to eliminate nasty urine odors from public restrooms, Odor Destroyer is effective on all types of organic odors including animal feces

  • Designed specifically to deal with difficult odors like cat urine, Odor Destroyer is a formulated blend of odor eliminating compounds

    Poopsie Cat Products
    Easy to clean litter boxes designed for regular clay or clumping litter.
    Also selling oat grass seed to grow for cats' consumption.

  • Do you know how to clean a cat litter box from top to bottom in less than a minute? Give me 3 minutes and you can learn what savvy cat owners are using to remove fecal and urine deposits from a litter box the Fast & Easy way and by using this method you'll also eliminate litter box urine odor

  • If you don't remove the fecal deposits and all of the urine deposits from your cats litter box everyday - your cats litter box will start smelling of cat urine in a few days– but you know that

  • What you don’t know is there really is a simple, fast and easy-way to remove the fecal and all of the urine deposits from a litter box in less than one-minute and it works every time

  • And here’s what makes it even better; this special litter cleaning method also keeps a litter box from smelling of cat urine

  • In addition, Poopsie Cat Litter Boxes have a leak proof bottom and are made of sturdy, long lasting high impact tough plastic that is also resistant to cat urine penetration

  • Which means they can be rinsed clean with plain water once a month or any time you want to rinse them off and our boxes will not hold on to or give off urine odor as time goes by

    Odor control, stain removal, products for cat urine, mold and ...
    Offers a variety of odorless products for stain and odor removal.

  • 888-884-6367 Natures Odor and Germ Control, Inc offers odorless natural products for mildew and mold removal, pet urine cleaner, even cat urine, and odors that originate from skunk, smelly feet, RV holding tanks, smoking, refrigerators and freezers, etc

  • The #1 seller for pet odors is The Pet Kit for cat urine and dog urine in carpet, hardwood floors, concrete

  • Just spray on any blood or urine stain and watch it begin to disappear like magic

  • Odor Control, Mold Removal and Germ Control Call 888-884-6367 www.NOGC.com Mildew and Mold Removal, Pet Urine Cleaner, Odor Control, Carpet Stains, Smelly Feet Natures Odor and Germ Control, Inc

    Welcome to ODOR Free -- Pet Odors Gone With New Pet Spray
    Formula that when sprayed on the pet's food will eliminate offensive odors such
    as bad breath, body and urine/stool odors.

  • Benefits

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    Offers health, hygiene and fun products for dogs, cats, exotics, ferrets, fish,
    horses, reptiles, and small animals.

    100% Natural Organic Odor Remover - Exstink
    All natural, environment friendly odor and smell remover.

  • This mineral absorbs most major odors cause by: Cat Urine, Feces, Fireplace, Fireplace odors, Fish, Formaldehyde, Garbage, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mildew, Pet Urine, Urine, Vomit, Smoke, Bacterial Decomposition, and more! Won't Harm Children or Pets E x Stink is non-toxic and environmentally safe; therefore it will not harm your pets, children or infants

    Zeocrystal Air Freshener / Odor Removal ( urine, smoke, mildew ...
    Features all natural odor eliminators made from 100% zeolite mineral.

  • The and the (frequently asked questions) pages give information for dealing with specific odor problems, including: cat urine pet fecal odor ammonia odors cigarette smoke mildew odors garbage can smell furniture and carpet odors many other problem odors To purchase any of the ZeoCrystal products you can either or shop at one of the in your area that carry the ZeoCrystal product line

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    Canadian retailer of food, housing, toys, beds, treats and health products.


    Cat Fanciers: Problem Behaviors in Cats
    Feline behavior advice.

  • For digging or urinating, cover the dirt with aluminum foil or gravel.If the plant needs it, add some vinegar to the soil to counteract theammonia in the urine

  • The ammonia smell tellsthe cat that this is an elimination spot, so never use ammonia to tryand 'remove' the odor! See (Removing Urine Odor)

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  • Pet Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover is your solution for indoor pet odors and stains, pet odor control, pet urine stain

  • Pet odor elimination, pet urine odor, remove pet odor from carpets, removing pet odor, remove pet stain and odor

    Pet Supplies Discount Dog Products and Cat Supplies- GregRobert
    Offers a selection of products for dogs, cats, birds and fish.

    Info for Pet Odor Control - Eliminate cat spray, dog odor, skunk ...
    Eliminate litter box odors, male cat spray, even skunk off your pet. Safe,
    biodegradable, and guaranteed.

  • Get Guaranteed Odor Control All pet odors, cat spray, urine odor, litter box, skunk odor..

    ProKlean Urine Removers Official Site
    Offers several cleaners for pet urine removal.

    The Best Cat Litter in the World: Odor Lockers
    An ecologically friendly, flushable cat litter, designed specifically to control
    the odor of cat urine in litter boxes.

  • Odor Lockers, a revolutionary product in the world of pet supplies , is the ultimate cat litter for controlling cat urine odors in litter boxes everywhere

    How to Toilet-Train Your Cat
    Step by step guide to how to train your pet to use a human toilet.

    ExSTINK ! Remove cat pee, dog and organic odor eliminator and ...
    All natural odor remover, eliminates any odors including those caused by mildew,
    smoke, pets, vomit, and fish.


  • powder Magic Dice ExSTINK ODOR CONTROL POWDER is a totally natural, non toxic, crystalline mineral which effectively adsorbs a wide range of odors - including and not limited to; bacterial decomposition, wet fur, animal waste, decaying and rotting matter, vomit, urine, feces and more

  • ExSTINK may be sprinkled liberally in your pet's litter tray and around the feeding and sleeping areas, especially on carpets and blankets to remove odours from animal urine, feces and vomit


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