Contact the White House
Provides address, phone numbers and e-mail information for the White House.

  • We also request that gifts of a consumable nature, such as food, flowers, and other perishable items, not be sent to the White House due to the security screening process

  • Cheney appreciate your thoughtfulness, they request that you look instead to your local community for opportunities to assist your neighbors in need

    US Representative Search
    A service provided by the US House of Representatives to enable the American
    public to identify and contact their representatives.

  • Please note that messages for specific Representatives sent to the Service Administrator will not be forwarded to the Representative

    123 Greetings
    Includes holidays, everyday, birthdays, flowers and pets. Features cards for
    several religious faiths. Animated images.

    Fax Software, Internet Fax Software, Email Software, by ElectraSoft
    Providing software that includes programs on faxing, ftp, emailing, web browsers
    and other Internet solutions. For all versions of Windows.


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    Send and receive fax software from a single computer and modem to a network.

  • is the same as FaxAmatic except that not only can 32bit Internet Fax send faxes with your fax modem, but it can also send faxes over your Internet connection

  • FaxAmatic will be taking advantage of features that are not available using MSVC20

  • 32bit Fax will be taking advantage of features that are not available using MSVC20

  • is the same as 32bit Fax except that it is compiled with MSVC20 (Microsoft Visual C++ version 2.0) and is 32bit

  • Like with Winfax Pro, Mighty Fax, Microsoft Fax, HF-Fax, Biscom FAXCOM Fax, Just The Fax, FaxWave, etc, the ElectraSoft fax software programs will let you fax directly from MS Word and any other program that has printing capabilities

    Blue Mountain
    Contains interactive ecards and printable greeting cards for holidays, birthdays
    and various funny, social and religious occasions.

  • Printable greetings with your favorite Muppet characters that you can personalize! Make us your homepage | Add us to your favorites | is a service of - and money moves
    Man bietet ein weltweit nutzbares Transfersystem für Zahlungen. Es werden die
    Partner und Möglichkeiten beschrieben. [GB-London E14 9YT]

    Awesome Cards
    Choose from a variety of holidays and other categories. Many are animated.

  • Benefits

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    E-mail Resources
    Tips and tricks, beginner's articles, software downloads, spam management, and
    general help. From

  • Why this is so? The idea of course is that an angry person means danger (double the danger if it's a male), and danger must be recognized fast so it can be counteracted or fled

  • Instead of sending yourself to-do emails, Mac OS X Mail 3 will offer a special kind of 'note' message that you can jot your thoughts into

  • Every note as well as every incoming email — or just a line from either — can become a to-do item in the new system-wide service that tracks things you're just about to accomplish

  • Quick glimpses to the left and to the right confirm that the people around you — obviously made of steel — seem unaffected by what is to come

  • Experience has taught you that stepping onto an escalator that does not move will make you stumble, every single time, in well-prepared surprise

  • Adventurous and fascinating, diligently (Ibn Battuta had received the theological and humanistic education of a future judge, and barely a love is greater in the Arab region than that for the wonders of words and language), took him to Mecca alright, a few times, but also to Spain, Russia, al the Arab countries, India and through China

    Elvis Presley - Official web site for Elvis Presley
    The official authorized website of Elvis Presley and Graceland.

    FAQ: How Can I Send A Fax From The Internet?
    A detailed list of free and commercial services that provide fax services via
    e-mail, the web and desktop software.

  • There are many services that will let you use the Internet to send faxes

  • Some services require that you can send and receive electronic mail, or that you have Web access

  • (KEVIN'S PICK) MyFax MyFax is an innovative email fax service used in thousands of home offices and small businesses that depend on reliable fax communications

  • (Each out of 7.) [Verified 4/14/2006] RingCentral [KEVIN'S PICK] RingCentral Online is a full-featured messaging service: you get a toll-free number that receives faxes and voice mail, and can forward voice calls to whatever phone you're at

  • If you do not upgrade to the Plus service at that time, your account will be terminated

  • If you notice that something important is missing, or information herein needs updating, please contact the editor

  • Although every effort has been made to insure that answers are as accurate as possible, no guarantee is implied or intended

  • While the editor tries to keep this document current, remember that the Internet and its services are constantly changing, so don't be surprised if you happen across statements which are obsolete

    Otter, Butch
    Official web site for Representative Butch Otter (R - ID).


    Service allows visitors to send money and bills to anyone with e-mail, auctions,
    classified sites, and personal web sites.

    E-mail Replies
    Tips on implementing mail policies, etiquette, rules and management software to
    improve the effectiveness of business communications.

  • Email etiquette It is amazing to find that in this day and age, some companies have still not realized how important their email communications are

  • Many companies send email replies late or not at all, or send replies that do not actually answer the questions you asked

  • If your company is able to deal professionally with email, this will provide your company with that all important competitive edge

  • This website discusses the main etiquette rules and provides advice on how employers can ensure that they are implemented

  • Efficiency: emails that get to the point are much more effective than poorly worded emails

  • Below we list what we consider as the 31 most important email etiquette rules that apply to nearly all companies

  • Remember that reading an e-mail is harder than reading printed communications and a long e-mail can be very discouraging to read

  • Imagine for instance that a customer sends you an email asking which credit cards you accept

  • Instead of just listing the credit card types, you can guess that their next question will be about how they can order, so you also include some order information and a URL to your order page

    Nigerian Scam
    Outlines the basics of this con, mentions variations, gives an example of a
    typical letter, explains how victims are taken in by this long-running scam.

    Send faxes via email. Users also receive a free inbound fax number.

    Advicebox - Anonymous email made easy!
    Send anonymous email to anyone and receive private replies in your own replybox.
    This service also offers CC and BCC email functionality, and access through ...

  • Demo anonymous email for free! Recipient's name: Recipient's email: message From: Anonymous (that's you) Would you like to get a reply to your email? No, just preview my email Create a ReplyBox! - (4-10 characters) - : (*optional) * optional, but necessary to receive update notifications The Advicebox Newsletter - news, updates, and promotions on the Advicebox anonymous email service - Email or fax your Councillor, MP, MEP, MSP or ...
    Allows UK citizens to send emails or faxes to their MP, MEPs and other elected

    Royal Mail
    United Kingdom.

    Free targeted permission email advertising, on an ad exchange network system.

  • Anyone in business that doesn't have your free autoresponders ain't really in business!!!!! Preston J Reuther *** Congratulations from a new member..

  • Your free autoresponders appear to be the only ones that really do immediately deliver the message

  • A SendFree autoresponder account delivers: Unlimited follow up autoresponders, HTML compatible, that close sales with less effort

  • Then they’ll send automated and personalized follow up messages that build trust, close sales and make you money! See SendFree In Action! Take a free test drive of SendFree's follow up autoresponders

  • Plus, SendFree's autoresponders have a built in 'Tell a Friend' referral builder that works 24/7 to drive traffic to your business

  • Follow up autoresponders that can send as many messages as you want

  • Free list builder that generates opt-in email leads on autopilot! Referral builder integrated into your web forms as well as your autoresponders

  • We'll prove to you that SendFree is an incredible value before you buy anything

  • So you're probably asking, 'How much is it to maintain my membership after the first free month?' That's the best news


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