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What is Salt?
Chemical properties of salt, sodium chloride. The site also contains links to
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  • What is salt? Sodium chloride ( ) or common is the chemical compound NaCl, composed of the elements sodium and chloride ( )

  • Salt occurs naturally in many parts of the world as the mineral ( ) halite ( ) and as mixed evaporites in salt lakes

  • has lots of salt; it contains an average of 2.7% (by weight) NaCl, or 78 million metric tons per cubic kilometer, an inexhaustible supply (note: seawater also contains other dissolved solids; salt represents about 77% of the Total Dissolved Solids)

  • Some salt is one the surface, the dried-up residue of ancient seas like the famed in Utah

  • Salt even arrives on earth from outer space in and its presence on the planet makes scientists think life may exist there (in fact, scientists speculate that live in underground water on Mars -- as they have )

  • Conversely, surface salt depositions and man-made saltworks can be seen from space

  • Table salt consists of tightly through ionic bonding ( ) of the sodium and chloride ions

  • Many online science pages offer instruction on growing salt crystals ( )

  • Other graphics of salt crystals are also available online ( )

  • And salt crystals have been photographed under a microscope ( ) Different types of crystal have different uses, as

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  • found in nature and released by our natural salt lamp can have a positive effect on your spiritual, mental and physical well being

  • How people all over the world are visiting Salt mines (Speleotherapy) and recreated salt mines (Halotherapy) to help with allergies, asthma and various skin conditions

  • Why our bodies need pure, organic Himalayan crystal salt for even the simplest processes

  • Use our natural salt crystal rock lamps to neutralize EMF radiation

  • Cure aching muscles, detox and rehydrate with salt bathing

    Wieliczka Salt Mine
    Information about air pollution within the mine, and attempts to stop it.

  • Air Pollutant Intrusion into the Wieliczka Salt Mine The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located in southern Poland near the city of Krakow, has been worked as a source of rock salt since the late 13th century

  • Over the centuries, miners have established a tradition of carving sculptures out of the native rock salt

  • Today, many of the salt sculptures are slowly dissolving

  • Water vapor present in the ventilation air in the mine is being absorbed into the rock salt at several locations in the mine, causing erosion of the carved salt surfaces

  • One question faced by the study team is whether or not there is any significant soiling or chemical attack on the statuary that might alter the hygroscopic character of the salt

  • Rock salt develops a liquid film on its surface and begins to dissolve when the relative humidity of the surrounding air reaches approximately 75%

  • Airborne ionic substances (e.g., nitrates) having relative humidities of deliquescence below that of rock salt could deposit onto the sculptures to an extent that the deliquescence point of the salt surface is lowered

  • The purpose of our current research is to examine the transport of air pollutants from the outdoor atmosphere into the mine, and the subsequent deposition of those pollutants onto the surfaces in the mine, with an eye toward determining whether or not the deliquescence point of the salt would be significantly affected by the pollutant deposition processes

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    GourmetSleuth - Guide to Culinary Salts
    A cook's guide to culinary salt including descriptions, photographs and suggested

  • culinary salt - a cooks guide Culinary Salt As we browse recipes it is common to see other types of salts besides common table salt in the ingredient list

  • The most common variations are Kosher and Sea Salt

  • This is a pictorial guide to the types of salts and their suggested application in a recipe

  • Culinary Salt Descriptions How Salt Is Made All culinary salts are derived by evaporation

  • Table salt is made by driving water into a salt deposit (in a mine)

  • The salt is then refined

  • Kosher salt is made in a similar fashion except the brine is raked continually during the evaporation process

  • Sea salt is evaporated sea water

  • All salts are nutritionally the same

  • Sea salt has trace amounts of minerals not found in mined salt

  • Black salt named Kala Namak in India, is really a blend of minerals characterized by a strong sulfur odor

  • Fleur de Sel de Guérande is the premier quality of Grey Sea Salt from France

  • Before the evaporation process is complete a light film of salt forms

  • (See more about Grey salt below)

  • g r e y s e a s a l t Grey salt (sometimes sold as " gray " salt) sel gris is organic sea salt from the coastal area of Guérande, Brittany, France

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  • Red, White, And Blue Salt Jars Added 6-5-98 Original Author Unknown Need: Empty baby food jars with lids, 9 cups rock salt, Red and blue food coloring, ½ cup rubbing alcohol Directions: AN ADULT MUST DO THIS PART 1

  • To make the colored rock salt: Measure 3 cups of rock salt to be blue, 3 cups to be white, and 3 cups to be red, and place each in three separate bowls

  • Mix the red alcohol mixture into one of the bowls of rock salt

  • Drain the excess alcohol mixture off of the rock salt

  • (WARNING: This will smell pretty yucky! ) Spread the colored rock salt on cookie sheets and set outside in the sun to dry (this will take only an hour or so)

  • Do nothing with the remaining rock salt because you want it to stay white

  • Once the different colors of salt are dry, place them on a table with spoons and baby food jars

  • Guide the children to spoon the colored rock salt into their jars

  • Red, White, And Blue Puffy Paint Picture added 5-20-99 Original Author Unknown Need: Flour, Salt, Water, Red and blue food coloring, Empty mustard squeeze bottles, Cardboard Directions: 1

  • Mix equal parts of flour, salt, and water to make the puffy paint

    Science News Online - Past Issues - 4/27/96
    An article about the problems with preserving the monuments in the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

  • April 27, 1996 A Salty Heritage: Licking the problem of Poland's melting treasures By Janet Raloff In the 6 centuries preceding widespread mechanical refrigeration, a succession of Polish monarchs enhanced their fame, wealth, and cultural glory by trading in salt

  • Indeed, beginning in 1689, the mine employed a priest to hold daily masses in one of the earliest excavated salt chambers

  • Over the centuries, the resulting freestanding statues, bas-relief carvings, and immense chandeliers--all carved from salt--have gained worldwide artistic and cultural renown

  • Anthony's carvings, Milne told Science News, this salt mine could very well become the first World Heritage site to be removed from the endangered list

  • "The Wieliczka salt mines are perhaps the most amazing cultural resource in the world, " she says

  • Throughout are gleaming walls, floors, and ceilings--of naturally dark salt

  • From April through October, the humid air accompanying elevator loads of sightseers, along with the increased ventilation air, quickly condenses onto the cooler salt surfaces in the upper regions of the mine

    snail cooking
    Preparation of escargot, and recipes for three appetizers.

  • Next they are put in a big container a layer of escargot with a hand full of rock salt

  • Follow this with another layer of escargot and another hand full of rock salt, etc

  • After these three days or the salt treatment above, the escargots are put into boiling water where they are left for three minutes after water is boiling again

  • The raw flesh is then put into cold water saturated with salt for one-quarter hour

  • Court- Bouillon : 1/2 liter of white wine for 1 liter of water in which we add parsley, thyme, laurel, onion, shallot, garlic, salt and pepper, clove, and other spices according to taste : anethum, mint, carrot..

  • The traditional "Escargots à la bourguignonne" First prepare the "beurre d'escargots" Butter of Escargot "a la Burgundy" 1 kilogram of butter (about 2 lbs) 25 grams of salt 5 grams of black pepper 150 grams of garlic 35 grams of shallot or scallions 90 grams of parsley Garlic, shallot and parsley are chopped very fine

  • 4 dozen of escargots 0.5 litre of milk 35 grams of flour 35 grams of butter 0.15 grams of Landre's Blue Cheese 0.1 litre Bourgogne aligote Salt, pepper and nutmeg

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    Kids Domain Crafts - Ice Cream in a Bag
    Learn to make your own ice cream. Offers an alternate recipe too.

  • What You Need 1 tablespoon Sugar 1/2 cup Milk or half & half 1/4 teaspoon Vanilla 6 tablespoons Rock salt 1 pint-size Ziploc plastic bag 1 gallon-size Ziploc plastic bag Ice cubes How To Make It Fill the large bag half full of ice, and add the rock salt

  • ) I put the ice cream ingredients in the small bag and then put it, salt and ice in the big bag

  • Although the salt pellets hardly dissolved, I got ice cream

    GCSE Group 7 THE HALOGENS Revision Notes at Doc Brown's Chemistry ...
    Includes an overview, general properties, reactivity trends, and information
    about the industrial electrolysis of sodium chloride solution.

  • 'Halogens' means ' salt formers' and the most common compound is sodium chloride which is found from natural evaporation as huge deposits of 'rock salt' or the even more abundant 'sea salt' in the seas and oceans

  • A more reactive halogen can displace a less reactive halogen from its salts ()

  • of the Group 7 Halogens () Symbol and Name Atomic Number Electron arrangement State and colour at room temperature, colour of vapour when heated Melting point Boiling point atom radius pm 9 2.7 pale yellow gas -219 o C, 54K -188 o C 85K 64 17 2.8.7 green gas -101 o C, 172K -34 o C, 239K 99 35 dark red liquid, brown vapour -7 o C, 266K 59 o C, 332K 114 53 dark crumbly solid, purple vapour 114 o C, 387K 184 o C, 457K 133 85 black solid, dark vapour 302 o C 575K 380 o C 653K Chlorine water, bromine water and iodine water are added in turn to aqueous solutions of the salts potassium chloride (KCl), potassium bromide (KBr) and potassium iodide (KI)

  • very exothermically and vigorously when heated in chlorine to form colourless crystalline ionic salts e.g

  • This is a very expensive way to make salt! Its much cheaper to produce it by evaporating sea water! e.g

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    Chuda's kitchen (Ethnic Native American Food)
    Aleut and Dena'ina recipes.


    Instructions for making South African biltong (cured beef).

  • UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA - AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER Biltong Biltong From: (Aris Stathakis) Subject: FAQ: How to make Biltong Date: Mon, 06 Jun 1994 06:43:52 GMT Message-ID: How To Make Real South African Biltong -------------------------------------- (C) Copyright 1994 Aris Stathakis ( Ingredients needed: Beef (Preferably Silverside/London Broil) Rock Salt Coarse Ground Black Pepper Coarse Ground Coriander Vinegar (preferably Apple-Cider vinegar) Get some half-inch thick strips of beef (silverside - called London Broil in the US)

  • Liberally sprinkle rock-salt on each side of the pieces of meat and let them stand for an hour

  • The longer you let it stand the saltier it will become

  • After the hour, scrape off all the excess salt with a knife (don't soak it in water!)

    Wieliczka Salt Mine - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
    Information about the mine from UNESCO, as well as a report on conservation
    attempts within the mine.

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    Record label specialising in folk rock. Stars include Maddy Prior and Steeleye Span.
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  • Maddy Prior Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp Maddy Prior &The Carnival Band Rock Salt & Nails Kathryn Tickell Keltic Fusion Pentangle Steeleye Span Lindisfarne Wild Willy Barrett The Guitar Orchestra 'Women in Folk' Kirsty McGee Abbie Lathe Gilbert O'Sullivan Rose Kemp PARK RECORDS Live Dates and New Releases - many albums have an MP3 sample file for you to enjoy

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    Biltong Making FAQ
    An illustrated step by step guide on how to make Biltong.

  • Ingredients: Top Sirloin Butt Salt Peter (Available from Chemist) Baking Soda Apple Cider Vinegar / or Safari Vinegar Brown Sugar Rock Salt Ground Black Pepper Worstershire Sauce Coriander (Scorched) Seasoning to taste Biltong Box The following recipe is for curing approximately 10 pounds of beef

  • Do not use any metal during the initial curing of the meat as the salt will react with the metal leaving a bad taste

  • Make sure you cover meat completely Curing dry spices 2 Cups of brown sugar (Well broken up) 2 Cups of Rock Salt (Kosher) 3 Teaspoons Salt Peter 4 Teaspoons of Baking Soda 1/2 of the scorched coriander (Husks and all) Step 6 Let meat sit and "cure" for 5-7 hours in the refrigerator

  • The timing is variable based on size of strips and amount of salting material

  • Wash off all the salt and spices and then squeeze meat to dry - remove as much of the cleaning solution as possible

    Modern History Sourcebook: Bayard Taylor: The Salt Mines of ...
    First-hand account of a visit to the mine in 1850.

  • Modern History Sourcebook: Bayard Taylor: The Salt Mines of Wieliczka, 1850 IN company with a professor from St

  • The large storehouses for the salt, the government of offices, and the residences of the superintendents, on a slight eminence near the foot, first strike the eye

  • After descending 210 feet, we saw the first veins of rock salt, in a bed of clay and crumbled sandstones

  • Thirty feet more, and we were in a world of salt

  • Level galleries branched off from the foot of the staircase; overhead, ceiling of solid salt, under foot a floor of salt, and on either side dark gray walls of salt, sparkling here and there with minute crystals

  • Anthony, the oldest in the mines---a Byzantine excavation, supported by columns with altar, crucifix, and life-size statues of saints, apparently in black marble, but all as salt as Lot's wife, as I discovered by putting my tongue to the nose of John the Baptist

  • Everything was solid salt except where great piers of hewn logs had been built up to support some threatening roof, or vast chasm, left in quarrying, had been bridged across

  • Out of this single hall 1, 000, 000 hundredweight of salt had been taken, or enough to supply the 40, 000, 000 inhabitants of Austria for one year

    Publication of the college advancement division of the State College of New York
    at Geneseo.

  • and Dorothy Nowak ’37 Smith , Herbert Hawley, and Gunther Buerman, who accepted the award on behalf of the American Rock Salt Company

  • Gunther Buerman, left, representing American Rock Salt Company, accepts an Award for Philanthropic Leadership on behalf of the company from Geneseo Foundation Board Member Jack Kramer ’76

    Tortoise - Post-Rock
    Article about the group and full discography. [English/Italian]

  • Si è già detto di "Djed", "manifesto" del sound ambizioso e cervellotico dei Tortoise ma anche dell'eccentrismo che pervade le loro piéce (sconcertante, ad esempio, l'effetto del rumore del cd che "salta" la traccia, ma anche il continuo ricorso a timbriche irregolari)

  • In tal senso è musica tranquilla, non tanto per la quiete dei toni scelti (anzi il brano conclusivo "Salt The Skies" è trascinato da un riff quasi ), quanto perché è incapace di stupire o disturbare l’ascoltatore, puntando invece a rassicurarlo

  • L’ultimo pezzo, "Salt The Skies", inizia in maniera placida, ma si trasforma in breve in un tirato rimescolato in salsa kraut, come a dire" beh, le abbiamo provate tutte"


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