Creative Comfort
Contemporary, Southwestern mission style, Scandinavian and country casual furniture,
especially custom-made sofas.

  • They are easy to slipcover, with optional exposed wood sofa frames that are nearly indestructible

  • Ease of re-covering, combined with extra-sturdy, mostly solid-hardwood structure, means that this furniture is renewable, sustainable, very cleanable (with hundreds of our fabrics), and economical in the long run

  • Our new Florida contemporary wood sofa model (at the right), like our other models, has comfortable, heavy-duty cushioning and an extra-sturdy hardwood frame, and it can be easily, economically re-covered

  • It's also our most practical model, for ease of changing covers

  • Click on the following to see our , All of our furniture is unusually durable and practical , with heavy-duty construction that permits decades of heavy use , For details, click here , Long-term Economy: This results from nearly-indestructible construction combined with ease of replacing covers and cushions

  • Neatly-fitting replacement covers for one of our three-seat exposed-wood sofas (sorry, they don't fit other companies' sofas) are $180-$210, complete, in one of our base-priced fabrics, or up to $350 in a huge selection of fabrics (obviously, some fabrics are higher)

    Cover All Home
    Providing stain resistant slipcovers in a variety of styles and colors, for couch
    and loveseat redecorating.

  • Welcome to Coverall Home Online

  • Do you like the sofa, loveseat slipcovers at Pottery Barn®, Restoration Hardware®, Linens n Things®, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target®, Sure Fit® but not the prices? At CoverAllhome.com you'll find comparable and better quality 'Comfortable Casual' sofa slipcovers and slipcovers for couches, loveseats, chairs

  • All sofa slipcover styles listed on the left side are available at incredible savings in 40 different fabric varieties

  • Plus our 'Any Style/Same Price' policy makes slipcover shopping simple! Click on the category of your choice (listed on the left side of this page) to start shoppping

    Facts on Farts
    Fart FAQs, synonyms and rhymes.

  • See if you can discover a relationship between what you eat, how much you fart, and howmuch they smell

  • How can one cover up a fart? (Question submitted by Mouseweed) There is a company called that sells underwear designed to absorb the odor of farts

  • CJT addresses the problem of farting loudly in a public restroom as follows: 'My solution: use a handful of loose toilet paper, cover your butt hole and it will muffle the farting; my friends and I call it the 'Buff Muff'!' Depending upon the company, another strategy is not to cover it up, but to proudly proclaim the fart as your own grand accomplishment and to issue a challenge to the others to outdo that one if they think they can

  • Ultratech Products, Inc., sells the, 'an activated carbon air filter disguised as a seat cushion.' (This link was discovered by Steve of Boulder, CO.) What other fart products are available? You can visit the FartMart to obtain an astounding number of wonderful fart products, including the famous Crepitation Contest CD, andseveral other recordings, (a doll that responds with farts and wisecracks), whoopie cushions and a variety of other fart-noise generating products (some of which are quite high tech), some products which produce a fart-like odor, prosthetic poop, fart sludge, and the famous Fart Machine

    Viscose rayon
    Extensive article about the history and development, technical properties and
    applications of rayon viscose. From Swicofil AG.


    Photo by www.canadianhomeandcountry.com

    Home Gyms FAQ
    Answers to frequently asked questions about building and using a home wall compiled
    from rec.climbing.

  • Next the shaped block is placed on wax paper, covered with epoxy resin, and then covered with sand

  • I use a variety of holds: pure homemade resin, hardwood, resin and sand coverd wood, and store bought

  • This padding covers a 10ft by 14ft area and cost under $200

    UNEP - Heard Island
    Information about the Natural World Heritage Property of Heard Island includes
    location, history, physical description, cultural heritage and scientific ...

  • AREA Heard Island covers approximately 36, 800ha, the McDonald Islands 1, 800ha, and the territory nominated for World Heritage site includes the adjacent offshore rocks and shoals

  • Precipitation is about 1400mm/yr with snow or rain on 75% of days, and frequent extensive cloud cover

  • On the McDonald Islands, tussock grass Poa cookii is common on eastern slopes and lower parts of the plateau, while cushions of Azorella selago cover higher areas, with Kerguelen cabbage Pringlea antiscorbutica , and dwarf shrub Acaena magellanica

  • CULTURAL HERITAGE The first sighting of Heard Island is attributed to the British captain, Peter Kemp, in 1833, although discovery is also attributed to the American captain Heard of the Oriental in 1853, who first published information on the island's geography and location

  • The McDonald Islands were discovered in 1854 by Captain McDonald of the British sealing vessel Samarang

  • An active, although spasmodic, research programme is conducted which covers both biological and earth sciences, and cultural remains

  • MANAGEMENT CONSTRAINTS Populations of seals and penguins on Heard Island (particularly Antarctic fur seal, southern elephant seal, and king penguin) are recovering from heavy exploitation in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the immediate area around the ANARE station on Heard Island has been slightly modified

    Darryl McMahon's Electric Vehicles- R12
    The tales of electric vehicles, including a 1975 Renault 12, owned by the webmaster.

  • The one-piece, vinyl-covered seat cushion covers the back of the bench seat as well as the pan of the seat

  • Other options include a bilge pump and a boat cover

    FTC Textile Rules and Regulations
    The US Federal Trade Commission's rules and regulations under the Textile Fiber
    Products Regulation Act from September 2, 1958, 85th Congress, 2nd Sess.; ...

  • Floor coverings containing backings, fillings, and paddings

  • (i) The term outer coverings of furniture, mattresses, and box springs means those coverings as are permanently incorporated in such articles

  • (j) The term wearing apparel means any costume or article of clothing or covering for any part of the body worn or intended to be worn by individuals

  • (k) The term beddings means sheets, covers, blankets, comforters, pillows, pillowcases, quilts, bedspreads, pads, and all other textile fiber products used or intended to be used on or about a bed or other place for reclining or sleeping but shall not include furniture, mattresses or box springs

  • (m) The term backings, when applied to floor coverings, means that part of a floor covering to which the pile, face, or outer surface is woven, tufted, hooked, knitted, or otherwise attached, and which provides the structural base of the floor covering

  • The term backing shall also include fabrics attached to the structural base of the floor covering in such a way as to form a part of such structural base, but shall not include the pile, face, or outer surface of the floor covering or any part thereof

  • Benefits

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    Inflatable Boat FAQ
    Consumer advice and tips about pleasure boating with inflatable watercraft.

  • Learn how to judge the distance you can cover on a full tank of fuel keeping in mind that the amount of fuel used will vary considerably with sea conditions

  • Generally reserved for boats which don't need to plane or cover long distances

    Sewing at AllCrafts
    More than 40 free patterns, techniques and links.

  • Covers intermediate to advanced clothing sewing techniques in detail

  • The 20 projects included are for everyone and cover all the home dec sewing basics and then some! Thorough instructions to re-upholster most types of furniture with tons of photos

    1st Harrison
    Offers car accessories and car valet services.

  • UK Phone 01506 400 111 Car Accessories & Car Care Products 1st-Harrison.com 115 Bankton Brae Murieston, Livingston West Lothian UK EH54 9LB sales@1st-harrison.com 1st-Harrison has searched for - and found - the very best car accessories and car care products for you to choose from, including seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers, wheel trims, roof boxes, wheel covers, neons, LEDs, carbon fibre, gear knobs, pedal pads, garage equipment, decals, graphics, and motorbike / bicycle / cycle gear

  • Don't lose your bike, lock it up! Add security with OXFORD cable lock made from a braided steel cable protected by steel rollers, oiled then covered by a protective Vinyl sleeve

  • The OXFORD and disc lock is a fantastic security product made from hardened 9.5 mm square link chain, covered by a protective nylon sleeve double locking disk lock with a 14mm* hardened shackle

  • Protect almost anything (car, tent fly, timber cover, canopies, camping ground sheets, picnic mats, roof rack, boat, haystack) with a polyethylene woven with reinforcing rope welded inside the hem, heat sealed seams, rust resistant grommets, and polyethylene coating with U.V.I

    Peter Hotton Archives
    From the Boston Globe, an archive of Q&A on various aspects of refinishing
    furniture, from logistical problems in refinishing pieces in an apartment to dealing ...

  • I am covering the screens in my back porch with plywood for the winter

  • I'm having the ivory key covers taken off my piano and plastic ones substituted, mainly because I want a consistent feel to the keys

  • Try heat from a hair dryer to soften the glue enough so the covers can be pried off


    A Family Runs Through It
    Stay-at-home dad's view of family life in north Idaho.

  • The vacation was a week, followed by another week of cleaning sand out of everything , and then one very hard week of hauling 20 square yards of bark and planting trees, bushes, flowers, and ground cover all over the yard.So I was kind of shocked the other day when I looked up at the calendar and realized that my son will start school in seven days

  • This trip was most memorable for discovering a place - Kalaloch Beach - to which we'll return for more family fun in the years to come

  • Total peace and tranquility.One morning we drove into the Hoh Rain Forest to hike among the towering moss-covered Sitka spruce and western hemlock, some of which grow to heights of 300 feet

  • The kids went absolutely wild when they saw this expansive driftwood-covered beach that stretched for miles and miles.Kalaloch Lodge consists of a few dozen cabins atop a bluff overlooking the beach

  • The kids were initially disappointed not to find rivers of lava everywhere, but they soon discovered that the 1980 eruption left behind a wasteland of devastation that was just as amazing.Even 26 years later, there are places that look like the surface of the moon

    Mr Truck
    Advice and information on buying new or used trucks or trailers.

  • Inglewood, CA, May 20, 2006 – PML announces sand-cast aluminum valve covers for 1987-1998 small block Chevrolet® center bolt style heads

  • Instead of four bolts, these covers require two bolts for assembly for a cleaner appearance

  • Truly impressive the extra reinforcing that goes into the trailers, and most of it is covered up with trim so you don't see the extra gussets, fishplate and camber bar in the frame

    At the Edge: Pussycat, Pussycat, Where Have you Been?
    Article by Jeremy Harte on cats and witches in folklore.

  • Tearing back the coverlet, he found the stump of an arm where his earlier blow had struck home (Howey 1931: 97–99)

  • Either way, we are dealing with a moment of discovery at which a woman can be redefined as a witch, and treated with violence

    Little Red Boat
    Musings of a woman in England.

  • 34) Not sorting out guest blogging cover for while away

  • 35) Realising I’m enough of a geek to worry about guest blogging cover

  • One hour and one train-ride later, you discover that someone’s replaced your muscles with toffee

  • The disposal of two classic Motown albums in the shape of Off The Wall and Thriller into the communal belovedandmy iPod bank seemed like a good idea, especially as they cost six pounds all in, I discovered, this morning, that they were a passage to bad behavious on crowded train carriages

    CrazyQuilt Frequently Asked Questions
    Done in a question and answer style by the members of the CrazyQuilt mailing list
    this answers a lot of basic and advanced questions about Crazy quilting.

    Ohio State University: Selecting Socks
    Different types of socks, their construction, fibres and tips on looking after them.

  • The reinforcement should be wide enough to cover all joints on the toes

  • Some individuals prefer short or quarter top socks that cover only the foot area, especially for warm weather activities

    Jackie Craven: The Fix
    Article archive with answers on a variety of subjects including kitchen and bath,
    paint and wallpaper, home design, and pests.

  • They come in white, but glisten like a authentic tin when covered with pewter or bronze paint

    Pidgin/English Dictionary
    An English to Tok Pisin glossary for the Tok Pisin variant spoken in Port Moresby.


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