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    Is Your Boss a Psychopath?
    Article sheds light on "corporate psychopathy" and ruthless behavior in business.

  • How Smart People Work Site Navigation Magazine Resources | Is Your Boss a Psychopath? Odds are you've run across one of these characters in your career

  • More About Psychopath Bosses: Tips from Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door

  • Does your boss fit the profile? Here's our quiz drawing on the test and Hare's book Without Conscience

  • We put several big-name CEOs through the checklist, and they scored as 'moderately psychopathic'; our quiz on page 48 lets you try a similar exercise with your favorite boss

  • He pressured his bosses for a promotion to CFO even though he had a shaky grasp of the position's basic responsibilities, such as accounting and treasury operations

  • Perhaps you don't want the most honest and upfront salesman.' I ndeed, not every aberrant boss is necessarily a corporate psychopath

  • While many psychologists would call narcissism a disorder, this trait can be quite beneficial for top bosses, and it's certainly less pathological than psychopathy

    The Zero Boss: Parenting without pity by Jay Andrew Allen
    The confessions of a reluctant father.

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    Boss Lady: Because women run businesses.
    Opinion site with ezine archives, and shopping and do-it-yourself sections.
    Women's passions and politics.

  • One of the characteristics of being one's own boss is supposed to be the power to work a flexible schedule and not have to request time off from anyone in HR

  • I guess really, for me, the issue comes down to being the boss and being the person in need of a break

  • While my personal values were hit upside the head with a healthy dose of perspective and what really matters in life, the boss side of me feels a strong sense of responsibility to my clients and my business

  • So I'm curious, do any of you feel like you've got this work/life balance thing all sewn up? And just how often do you take advantage of being the boss to knock off early, take an extra long lunch or work flexible hours so that you can enjoy other aspects of your life? Posted by Emira | A Lesson in Speaking from the Heart Thursday 3 August 2006 2:17 PM I'm loving lately

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  • The book’s working title is Boss Lady

  • To get in touch with us, please email thebosses at bosslady dot ca

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    Talking a lot about poop, boobs, her dog, and her daughter. Dooced: to lose one’s
    job because of one’s website.

  • So did everyone I work with.” (Hi, Avon! Hi, Mom’s boss! Hello, you who found this site by searching for, I hope they gave it back.) “I totally meant it as a compliment

  • Leta, one day you are going to be someone’s boss, and they are going to have a hard time resisting the urge to write about you on their website

    My Boss's Daughter (2003)
    Synopsis, cast and crew, user comments and ratings, production information,
    multimedia, and links.

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 36 main details Amazon.com summary laserdisc details on tv, schedule links showtimes sound clip(s) video clip(s) You need to be a user of the IMDb to rate a movie - I have seen this movie and would like to My Boss's Daughter () Directed by Writing credits () (written by) (4 photos) Genre: / Tagline: There are some things you just don't do

  • Plot Summary: When a young man agrees to housesit for his boss, he thinks it'll be the perfect opportunity to get close to the woman he desperately has a crush on..

  • Awards: 4 nominations MY BOSS'S..

    boss's selection

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    Ecco the Dolphin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Very thorough description of the complete Ecco the Dolphin series with a great
    introduction and information about each of the games.

  • Ecco did eventually find the Asterite's last two globes, and once the player beat the boss guarding them, another time portal opened to Ecco's present

    Medard Boss
    A brief personal history and synopsis of Boss' distinctly Heidiggerian theories.

  • MEDARD BOSS 1903 - 1990 Dr

  • Gallen, Switzerland, on October 4, 1903, Medard Boss grew up in Zurich during a time when Zurich was a center for psychological activity

  • Beginning in 1938, he became associated with Carl Jung, who revealed to Boss the possibility of a psychoanalysis not bound up in Freudian interpretations

  • Over time, Boss read the works of Ludwig Binswanger and Martin Heidegger

  • Theory While Binswanger and Boss agree on the basics of existential psychology, Boss sticks somewhat closer to Heidegger's original ideas

  • Boss doesn't like, for example, Binswanger's ideas about 'world-design:' He feels that the idea of people coming to the world with preformed expectations distracts from the more basic existential point that the world is not something we interpret, but something that reveals itself to the 'light' of Dasein

  • The analogy of light plays an important part in Boss's theory

  • The word phenomenon, for example, literally means 'to shine forth, ' 'to come out of the darkness.' And so Boss views Dasein as a lumination which brings things 'to light.' This idea has a profound effect on how Boss understands things like psychopathology, defenses, therapeutic style, and the interpretation of dreams

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    WIL WHEATON dot NET: 1.5
    The actor's personal Website, with journal, frequently asked questions, projects,
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  • I'm not the boss of you

    Circling the Square
    Weblog addresses current events based on the theory that the apocalypse is near
    and that black-ops forces manipulate everyday life.

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    Television Without Pity
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    Mobile, Alabama - Balls Of Steel Society's member list, contacts, events, photos,
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