Atlanta Georgia Movers - Adams Transfer and Storage Company
A moving and storage company associated with Allied Van Lines. Located in
Gainesville, Georgia.

  • Home Adams Transfer is an agent for Allied Van Lines

  • Allied, a Certified Van Line with the American Moving and Storage Association, has more than 75 years' experience in household goods moving and specialized transportation services, making it the oldest van line in the United States

  • Adams Transfer and Storage has been an agent for Allied Van Lines since 1953

    All Electronics Corp - Parts, Supplies and Components
    Buys and sells electronic and electro-mechanical parts and supplies.

    Central Point Europe - Desktop Computers, Laptops, Notebooks ...
    Online verkoop van systemen, randapparatuur, software en onderdelen. Met een catalogus.

    The Dutch Resistance and the OSS
    The little known story of the Melanie Mission and the resistance during Market-Garden.


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    Casablanca (1942)
    Contains a detailed review, a synopsis, and a discussion of thematic elements in
    the film.

  • That is because its limited premiere was in 1942, but the film did not play nationally, or in Los Angeles, until 1943.] With rich and smoky atmosphere, anti-Nazi propaganda, Max Steiner's superb musical score, suspense, unforgettable characters (supposedly 34 nationalities are included in its cast) and memorable lines of dialogue (e.g., "Here's lookin' at you, kid, " and the inaccurately-quoted "Play it again, Sam"), it is one of the most popular, magical (and flawless) films of all time - focused on the themes of lost love, honor and duty, self-sacrifice and romance within a chaotic world

  • The line "Play it again, Sam" appeared in the Marx Brothers' A Night in Casablanca (1946)

  • Directed by the talented Hungarian-accented Michael Curtiz and shot almost entirely on studio sets, the film moves quickly through a surprisingly tightly constructed plot, even though the script was written from day to day as the filming progressed and no one knew how the film would end - who would use the two exit visas? [Would Ilsa, Rick's lover from a past romance in Paris, depart with him or leave with her husband Victor, the leader of the underground resistance movement?] And three weeks after shooting ended, producer Hal Wallis contributed the film's famous final line - delivered on a fog-shrouded runway

    Yorktown Campaign (1781)
    Shows the events leading up to the siege of Yorktown and takes you through the
    battle by describing daily events, aided by maps and illustrations.

  • At their main camp near Newport, the French established a reputation of being a highly discplined force, and were eventually well received by the local citizens

  • Destouches did not believe that his damaged squadron could force the break the British line

  • Opposing Cornwallis was Lafayette, in command of a small American force of Continental Line, whom Washington had sent on to Virginia inspite of the failure of a supporting French expedition to join in the campaign in March 1781

  • 25 August Barras' convoy (8 ships of the line, 4 frigates, and 6 transports), carrying siege guns and related heavy equipment, departed Newport

  • 5 September Washington at Chester, PA, received message that DeGrasse was at the Chesapeake with 28 ships of the line

  • 12 October French and Americans began work on second parallel trench, now 300 yards from British lines

  • Army Center of Military History provides fine narrative, with illustrations, for on-line viewing

    Supplypost Newspaper
    Western Canadian marketplace for buyers and sellers of new and used heavy equipment
    on a worldwide basis. Also includes upcoming auctions, authorized dealers ...

    New York Folklore Society
    Information about the Society, its publications and programs, forums and conferences,
    plus links to other folklore and related resources.

  • SHOP NOW at our on-line gallery shop for folk art, music, books, and gifts! Visit our Share NYFS with your friends! makes a great gift! AVAILABLE ON-LINE IN OUR GALLERY SHOP North Country Christmas Stan Ransom and Marne O’Shae Mountain Air Dan Berggren Traditional and Original Music of the Adirondacks Old Stone Walls: Catskill Land and Lore by Norman J

  • O’Hern Donate to our work on-line by visiting , the donor education and information website of the Council of Community Services of New York State, Inc

  • F ind out about our             Collection Summaries Listen to the radio interviews on-line

  • —Ellen McHale, Director S ample our Publications     Have a look inside! — New York Folklore Journal, New York Folklore Quarterly and NYFS Newsletter   — NOW AVAILABLE ON-LINE     NOW AVAILABLE ON-LINE : A Guide for Traditional Artists and Performers in New York by Patricia Atkinson Wells from our on-line gallery bookstore

  • L earn more about folklore and connect to other organizations           A Guide to Describing Folklore and Folklife Materials by James Corsaro and Karen Taussig-Lux A companion to Working with Folk Materials in New York State both from our on-line gallery bookstore

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    Triumph (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    History and discography of the band.

  • Like their fellow Canadians, and, Triumph began building their reputation across North America as a live band, peaking in the early 1980s as an import before interest gradually declined

  • headliner at, which remained a popular venue for the trio

  • Another band favorite, 'Lay it on the Line', clinched Rik Emmett's image as the band's frontman

  • Adding to their line-up, Triumph toured with Swedish guitarist across the United States

  • [] Discography (live) Classics (compilation) In the Beginning (CD re-release of 'Triumph') (live) (live) [] Singles 1978 Rocky Mountain Way 1979 Hold On (#38 US) 1979 Lay It On The Line (#86 US) 1980 I Can Survive (#91 US) 1980 I Live For The Weekend 1981 Magic Power (#51 US) 1981 Fight the Good Fight 1982 Say Goodbye/Allied Forces 1983 A World of Fantasy 1984 Follow Your Heart/Stranger In A Strange Land (#88 US) 1985 Spellbound/Cool Down 1986 Somebody's Out There (#27 US) 1986 Tears in the Rain 1987 Just One Night 1987 Long Time Gone 1988 Let The Light (Shine On Me) 1988 Never Say Never/Headed For Nowhere 1992 Trouble Maker 1992 Child Of The City 1993 Somewhere Tonight [] References Jeffrey M

    The History Place - World War Two in Europe Timeline
    Complete World War Two in Europe timeline with photos, text, and over 100 links.

  • Timeline with Photos and Text Jump To : - - - - - - 1918 Nov 11 - 1919 April 28 - League of Nations founded

  • May 26, 1942 - Rommel begins an offensive against the Gazala Line

  • March 20-28 - Montgomery's Eighth Army breaks through the Mareth Line in Tunisia

  • May 11, 1944 - Allies attack the Gustav Line south of Rome

  • May 15, 1944 - Germans withdraw to the Adolf Hitler Line

    Structural Analysis Reference Library, On-Line
    Links to material properties, stress analysis information and design reference data.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » Structural Analysis Reference Library Structural analysis technical information for structural engineers, on-line - Bombs were Spanish-made explosives - Mar 12, 2004

  • Acebes said ETA, which has waged a 36-year terrorist war for a separate homeland, had to be the "main line of investigation." "Nobody has any doubt that ETA wanted to attack before the general elections, " Acebes said

  • But, echoing remarks from President Jose Maria Aznar earlier, Acebes said that no line of investigation would be ignored

  • The cell phone, he said, opened up "new lines of investigation." Acebes said the explosive found in the bag was not of the type usually used by ETA, but was instead a more "modern" version of ETA's usual dynamite

  • And then there was the discovery of a van -- containing seven detonators and an Arabic tape of Koranic teachings -- in the eastern suburb of Alcala de Henares, located on the same commuter line that was attacked Thursday

  • "No line of investigation is going to be ruled out." Two million people took to the streets of Madrid, police say, filling elegant plazas with seas of umbrellas


    Legion XXIV MA - Home Page
    Pennsylvania-based group re-enacting a Roman Legion. Equipment standards, schedule
    of events, photos of re-enactments, background information on Rome.

  • We have joined other reenactment groups at public displays and "Time Line" historical events

    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • Imbued with Regalism and he extended a misguided zeal for reform to minutest details of discipline and worship

  • Mary's Church, Akron, Ohio The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XII Copyright © 1911 by Robert Appleton Company Online Edition Copyright © 2003 by K

    CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: University of Paris
    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • The decline of royalty inevitably brought about the decline of the first

  • The other two, which were very old, like those of the cathedrals and the abbeys, are only faintly outlined during the early centuries of their existence

  • The honour of having formed similar pupils is indiscriminately ascribed to Notre-Dame and to Ste-Geneviève, as du Molinet has justly remarked (Bibl

  • Hitherto the discipline of the Church had not been separate from theology properly so-called; they were studied together under the same professor

  • Consequently, as du Molinet explains, it was incumbent on the chancellor of Notre-Dame and Ste-Geneviève to examine 'those who applied to teach in the schools', to 'license after study those who sought to be masters and regents' (op

  • Not content with settling the dispute and giving guarantees for the future, he sanctioned and developed the concessions of Robert de Cour on by empowering the university to frame statutes concerning the discipline of the schools, the method of instruction, the defence of theses, the costume of the professors, and the obsequies of masters and students

    Liberty Moving - Long Island, New York Moving and NYC Storage Company
    Serving New York City, Long Island and the entire metropolitan area.

  • As a leading agent of, the largest van line in the United States, Liberty Moving and Storage performs over 5, 000 relocations annually for residential and business customers moving to, from and within New York

  • Serving the following locations : New York City | Manhattan | Brooklyn | Bronx | Queens | Staten Island | Long Island | Nassau County | Suffolk County Upstate New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Domestic US AGENT FOR UNITED VAN LINES 304 E 65th Street - Suite 21C - New York, NY 10021 · 1074 Pulaski Road - Riverhead, NY 11901 17 Central Ave

    Joiner Center for the Study of War & Social Consequences
    It provides educational and other services to veterans; conducts research and
    makes policy recommendations on issues relating to veterans; and encourages ...

  • All of this information about these photographs and the other Joiner Center photograph collections is contained in a Paradox database, which may be searched on-line in the department with staff assistance

  • All of this information about these photographs and about the other Joiner Center photograph collections is contained in a Paradox database, which may be searched on-line in the department with staff assistance

  • There are also portraits of male and female veterans, many of whom resisted the war; some provide 'before and afters.' Information about these and other Joiner Center photograph collections is contained in a Paradox database, which may be searched on- line in the department with staff assistance

  • Information about this collection and the other Joiner Center photograph collections is contained in a Paradox database, which may be searched on-line in the department with staff assistance

  • Many of the published tapes and films are cataloged and described separately in the library's on-line catalog

    MNS Online Store
    CDs and DVDs of electro, industrial, EBM, gothic, and darkwave music.


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