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  • E-mail Partner Sites Yulia and Lena Lena Katina People love us or hate us

  • E-mail Yulia and the Lena, two teens from Moscow known as t.A.T.u, are everything that Britney Spears wants to be: talented, beautiful and in love with someone who really cares

  • 'People love us or hate us, ' said Lena Katina, the soulful redhead in the group

  • Lena and Yulia are lovers, and they're not afraid to express that on stage, on tour, or behind their own closed doors

  • You can hear emotion screaming through the overloaded mic as Lena calls out her love for Yulia

  • But don't expect thouse of you who fear controversy shouldn't expect ulia and Lena to tone down their bold, fearless music

  • 'Our songs are not silly, ' said Lena

  • If we don't like something, we say we don't like it, ' said Lena

  • 'We have a different view, maybe deeper, because life is more difficult in Russia.' 't.A.T.u is about saying what you feel, not what others expect, ' says Lena

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  • | Julia Volkova (Vocals) Lena Katina (Vocals) URL: click to see the larger image: All The Things She Said How Soon Is Now Not Gonna Get Us Feisty brunette Julia and soulful redhead Lena, two teenage girls from Moscow known as T.A.T.U., are the Russian equivalent of pop-meets-Prodigy

  • "People love us or hate us but nobody thinks nothing about us, " says Lena Katina, the older of the striking 17-year-old singers

  • Just don't expect very close friends and flirtatious Julia and Lena to tone down their bold, fearless sense of freedom

  • "Our songs are not silly, " says Lena

  • "We have a different view, maybe deeper, because life is more difficult in Russia." Julia and Lena had already known each other for several years while in another music group when they came together for T.A.T.U

  • Julia is an only child of middle-class parents; Lena, the youngest of three, is the daughter of a well-known musician/pop-songwriter father

  • "We love each other very much but Lena is totally different from me, " says Julia, who has also acted in small films

  • I don't like reading." Yet the contrasts between sweet, dramatic Lena and energetic, in-your-face Julia complement each other in T.A.T.U.

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  • Vyrazili jsme si na lodi a já (Lena) i julie jsme strávili dobrou hodinu na vodních lyžích

  • Proè tady? Lena: Máme písnièku Kosmos

  • Co to tam je za vesmírnou loï? Co si s sebou obvykle berete, aby jste se cítili jako doma? Lena: Nic zvláštního si neberem

  • A co nìjaké zvláštní jídlo? Lena: Prostì jen jíme, nepotøebujem nic extra

  • A co musí obsahovat mini-bar? Lena: Pro Julku Coca Cola a mì staèí voda

  • Lena: Jo, já uklízím! Ale není tomu tak vždy

  • srpna vyráží Lena & Julia a tATu dav do Japonska! v 10 hodin tatu pøijíždìjí do Tokia /let SU-575/.Japonští novináøi, kteøí pracují v Narita International Airport( Natria mezinárodní letištì) budou hlídat a krýt pøílet skupiny

  • Chci jí/.“ Lena Katina a Julia Volkova odpovídají: Historie Katina: Vzniklo to vlastnì tak, že jsem z nièeho nic zaèal zpívat „Ja sošla s uma“ a Shapovalov mì doplnil slovy „ Mì nužna ona“

  • Lena: Máme tam dobré pøátele

  • V jakých zemích jste populární, tak jako v Rusku? Nebo jsou zemì, ve kterých vás milují ještì víc? Anja, Moskva Lena: Všude jsou ti, kteøí nás milují a i ti, kterým je všechno jedno

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  • Mais c'est aussi Lena et Yulia, une rencontre exclusive, une histoire..

  • Au delà de la polémique, les personnalités de Lena et de Yulia ne laissent personne indifférent, le retour de tATu sur le devant de la scène internationale se décline aujourd'hui sous un mode plus artistique que scandaleux : des pointures comme Sting, Dave Steward ou encore Trevor Horn collaborent avec Lena et Yulia

  • L'occasion de découvrir ou redécouvrir l'univers du groupe tATu, de Lena Katina et de Yulia Volkova

  • info: KATINA LENA

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  • Hello and welcome to all TATU fans! We all live in the different countries and speak different languages, but we are united by the two remarkable girls - Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, the TATU pop band

  • There is always something new about Lena and Julia

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