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Soleau Software DOS Games
Large collection of shareware puzzle games by William Soleau.

  • These old DOS games from Soleau Software require EGA/VGA graphics

  • If you are experiencing scrambled text when running some of these older DOS games then click here

  • Click on the game title of your choice below to download v3.0 (DOS) 151kb Antrun is a race against the clock as you use your mouse to rotate tunnels for the ant to run through

  • Filled with Educational Ant Facts and packed with features, Ant Run is an addictive and challenging game for all

  • v1.1 (DOS) 126kb Alphaman is a pure logic game where you push your letter blocks into the proper places on the game board to solve each of the mind-bending word puzzles

  • The game is packed with features and comes with the solutions to the first few to get you started

  • v2.0 (DOS) 110kb Balloon Challenge is a logic, arcade game in which you launch all 5 of your air balloons into a sky maze filled with many different obstacles

  • v1.1 (DOS) 151kb BLIND WARS is a strategy war game where the object is to conquer all the cities on the game board

  • Filled with unexpected elements, the game situations are always unpredictable

  • Block Man II has great sound blaster support, solutions and smooth scrolling VGA graphics! v3.0 (DOS) 157kb Bolo Adventures is a mind-boggling strategy game where the objective is to get Mr

    Seattle Mariners : The Official Site
    Headlines, statistics, photograph galleries and general team information. by Blockdot: Free Games for Online play or downloadable
    Several orignals for Windows or Macintosh such as 'Santa Balls', 'Sketchy!', and 'Braving
    the Elements', that can be downloaded, played online, or added to your ...

  • Sub Bump Game Plays: 1, 424, 166 1

  • > Numberzerk Game Plays: 13, 614 1

  • > Kaplink Game Plays: 38, 784 1

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    NeHe Productions: Main Page
    Extensive OpenGL programming tutorials and resources.

  • Latest NeHe Updates GameDev Acquires NeHe Productions Theme Engine Cleaned Up There are currently 95 people viewing this page! NeHe OpenGL Tutorials More Tutorials Articles NeHe Misc OpenGL Basecode NeHe Projects Links 07-07-2006 SITE STATUS Great news! A highly skilled and motivated team has been formed to manage and further develop NeHe

  • In other news, is now actively working on updating the site

  • 01-30-2006 NULLARBOR Only one month to go before the nullarbor demoparty and game development competition takes place! The event will be held at ECU Mount Lawley, School of Computer and Information Science in Perth, Western Australia on Thursday the 23rd of February 2006

  • Registration is free, and there are hundreds of dollars worth of prizes to be won, with a $500 first place prize in the game development competition! Entry is open to all Australian and New Zealand residents

  • Can't get to Perth? You can enter remotely and compete for cash prizes! For more information visit NEW SITE I recently created a website which will contain articles / tutorials about game programming

  • I do not cover graphical API but rather game design from a higher point of view

  • info: GRAB GAME

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    Planet Quake - News, Screenshots, Previews, Reviews, Guides
    News, files, mods, articles, and hosted sites for the Quake series.

  • | • | • | • | Site News / / User Profile • • • • Media Hot Quake Sites! Subscriptions The Network GameSpy Services MMORPG Classic/Console Community Planet Quake Featured Pic There are few things sadder than the closing of, and the only solice is that it will all happen again next year! / Quake 4 SDK 1.3 The Quake 4 1.3 SDK is now available and it's just what you'll need to work with the latest version of Quake 4

  • This is the Software Development Kit for Quake 4 and it comes with all the latest features, fixes and changes! Quake 4 1.3 Point Release! Multiplayer Quake 4 gets a major hit of fixes, changes and fresh new content including maps, modes and an all new weapon! Wrap your hands around the phattest patch yet with Quake 4 version 1.3 Point Release! Level of the Week The is back with a vengeance and today we give you both barrels! Check out something hot for classic Quake and our first Quake 4 featured level in the ! QuakeScopes Jube gets your August kicking with the latest edition of the ! Love, life and frags! File Submissions The new area is primed and waiting for what you've got to show the Quake community! Mods, maps, wallpapers, models and more for every Quake! Wednesday, 9 August, 2006 – Planet Quake News 6:02 PST | releases their first gameplay video, showing off the Quake 4 mod in all of its glory

    Publisher of games such as FAKK2, Rune, and Kiss Psycho Circus, Tropico, and the
    Railroad Tycoon Series.

  • Get a taste of what it's like to be Hidden and Dangerous by downloading the full H&D Deluxe game FREE!

    Postal 2: Share the Pain for PC - Postal 2: Share the Pain PC Game ...
    Review, news, downloads, movies, and screens shots.

  • : | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: It may seem strange to put it this way, but Postal 2: Share the Pain is the game that Postal 2 probably should have been in the first place

  • By: Genre: Release Date: Dec 17, 2003 Players: 1-16 () Most Popular Movie Dec 2, 2003 Movie Jan 20, 2004 Download Dec 9, 2003 Latest Images Popular Videos Posted Jan 20, 2004 | 0'58' | Hi-Res: 26.0MB | Lo-Res: 11.9MB Posted Dec 2, 2003 | 1'44' | Hi-Res: 46.4MB | Lo-Res: 21.0MB Essential Files Try out Postal 2's new multiplayer features--including the snatch and grab game modes--in this demo

  • This version features a new map, several gameplay tweaks, and multiple bug fixes

  • Posted May 27, 2004 | Size: 15.8MB | Downloads: 5, 643 Latest GameSpot Updates News Jun 12, 2006 Fact Sheet Jul 28, 2004 Download May 27, 2004 Fact Sheet May 3, 2004 Fact Sheet Mar 10, 2004 News Mar 1, 2004 Movie Jan 20, 2004 Review Jan 20, 2004 Latest Player Reviews perfect 'Guilty pleasure' A Classic Cult Gem..

  • Posted Sep 14, 2006 11:48 pm PT superb 'Worth playing' The 'Postal' concept is the most controversial thing in the game world

    ETF - Power Through Teamplay
    Modification based on Quake 3 Fortress. Includes downloads, guides and a forum.

  • Also spontanetf has games being played most of the day

  • Shuriken, 5anny and Ghetto for the nice long 'talks' we got to have over gameplay and the direction of the mod

  • Until Next Time, Hitman- Updated Linux installer Posted by : Slothy on Wednesday, August 17 2005 - 4:58 AM The Loki Installer for Linux Gamers guys have updated the linux installer with a bugfix for people installing ETF using sudo (ie, not logged in as root)

  • Below is the change log for 1.5 to 1.6 Code / Gameplay / GUI - Added mousewheel support in UI listboxes - Added medkit ammo to q3f-1h HUD - fixed rotating doors getting stuck Maps - Added smartbases2 Other - Added off-line documentation (docs folder) for classes, weapons, hud editing, and server admin (map guides are available through documentation, but referenced online) We would also like to point out that the mp_bin no longer holds server binaries, so you will not be able to just extra that file to update your servers

  • Change Log: 1.5 Beta 3: + Fixed stationary gate crushing players on border map + New unique CTF-style map bringit + Ammoboxes removed when timing out / per person limit reached + fixed teamchat not appearing for civilians (eg etf_border) Note: other huds may have the same problem if they are based on ETF stock huds Affected Huds: Blocks, Classic, Default, minimalist, q3f-1h and Hitman & Shuriken from the Dev_Team huds I would also like to encourage everyone to check out #spontanetf on the QuakeNet IRC server for some awesome pickup games! 1.5 Beta2 Released Posted by : LaVaGoD on Monday, June 27 2005 - 8:42 AM We have just released 1.5 Beta2 to fix some of the issues that arose on the release of the beta

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    Rune - An Epic Battle From Human Head Studios
    Official Web site for Human Head's game.

  • Recent News 07-08: 06-28: 06-23: 06-22: 06-18: 06-09: 06-06: 06-05: (Updated 3/29/03: The game is moving to Human Head's official online store

  • Thanks for your patience!) Rune: Halls of Valhalla for Mac is the official multiplayer expansion pack for the highly acclaimed PC game Rune

  • It can be played as both a stand-alone multiplayer game, as well as an expansion to the original

  • The Official RUNE Soundtrack features all of the music from the Rune series of games available on Audio CD for the very first time

  • All songs are presented in their original full-length unedited versions - 50% of which was never heard in the games

  • Inside and Was Rune: Too long

    Salon Technology | The best game ever
    Reviewer: Wagner James Au. "Embodies all that is obsessive, brilliant and geekishly
    lovable about hackerdom."

    Screen Capture Software for professionals and beginners!
    Capture the entire screen, various regions, windows, menu, cursors, simple
    animation, frames and colors. It can also save captured images as BMP, PCX, GIF, ...

  • Supports capture from DVD, Media Player & DirectX Games Mr

  • Supports capture from DirectX/Direct3D games, DVD and Media Player

  • Captor and try it for FREE ! DirectX Games, DVD & Media Player outputs

  • Menu Game Screenshots DVD & Media Player screens Icons, Curors & Bitmaps from EXE, DLL, SCR And More..

    Free Game Downloads Free Downloadable Games from
    Shareware and Freeware game downloads for all ages.

  • It's a side scrolling platform game

  • Beezzle is an entry in the match-three category of casual puzzle games

  • If you have even a drop of business blood pumping through your veins Plant seeds, harvest flowers, restore fountains, and watch as your gardens bloom in this amazing action game! Help a young baker show big bad business who's boss in this fast-paced treat

  • Slide or swap the game pieces to make matches in this refreshing new puzzler

  • Embark on a journey around 8 ancient lands of the Mediterranean Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Find out the answer in this eggscitingly game

  • Play 15 different card games on 20 levels! a brand new poker AI and a bigger tournament! Explore addictive and easy Solitaire fun with Ancient Tripeaks! an explosive action-puzzle game, where you create a serpent out of bursting balls Breed beautiful and exotic fish in this unique aquarium-sim puzzler

  • Enter a paradise of word game fun with Shangri La Deluxe

  • The exciting arcade/puzzle game featuring true 3D game play Snowy the Bear enjoyed his first globe-trotting adventure so much Guide our hero as he hops from platform to platform Follow Fatman on his next thrilling Blockbuster hit! Super popular action puzzle game


    Free Windows Games - Download Free Full Version Games
    Free games, screen savers and wallpaper for Windows.

  • | Free Windows Games is your non-stop shop for all your free game needs

  • As soon as you feel that urge, that twitch to play free games, get on down to Free Windows Games because we've got the hottest free full version games for Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP

  • We also list free flash games that can be played online from your browser

  • You can download free games from all popular gaming categories including: action games, arcade games, platform games, puzzle games, RPG games, simulation games, sports games, strategy games, side scrollers, shooting games and more

  • We also have 100 unique online games for you to play

  • All of the games on this site are free, to download and to play, and all of the games are full versions, you'll find no demos here

  • If you don't have time to download, feel free to play our online flash games

  • We constantly scout the Internet for new downloadable and online games to add to our archive

  • Unfortunetely we don't accept game submissions, so please don't email us with a link to your game

  • In order to keep the quality of our free games to the highest level we will only list games that we ourselves have discovered and loved

    Game Industry News
    Reviewed by Alex Fitzgerald, score: 4-1/2 out of 5.

  • Egg Mania Action/Arcade PS2, Xbox, Cube Intermediate Kemco Hot Gen Studios Rated E for EVERYONE by the ESRB Egg Mania is Eggcellent By: Alex Fitzgerald GiN Product Reviewer Puzzle games are one of those genres that has decreased in popularity over the years

  • Like fighting games, puzzle games used to be a premiere genre back in Tetris' heyday

  • Now though, a constant stream of copycat games and a general lack of originality in the genre have made the genre much smaller than it once was

  • With the ushering in of the 128-bit era, puzzle games have become even fewer in number

  • In light of the new technology, it seems that companies have been more intent in putting their money into graphical showcases that will grab public's attention, rather than bland looking puzzle games, which will most likely be ignored by mainstream and hardcore alike

  • Given the circumstances, it would seem unlikely that Kemco (a publishing studio whose biggest franchise is the Top Gear series), would release none other than a genuine puzzle game, entitled Egg Mania: Eggstreme Madness

  • Some games that come over from Japan carry a putrid smell of Japanese weirdness with it, and Egg Mania stinks to high heaven with it

    Game Industry News
    Reviewed by Alex Fitzgerald, score: 2 out of 5.

  • As the sport has grown in popularity, gathering a devoted cult audience, the demand for a good Monster Truck video game has increased

  • Unfortunately, the game's many problems prevent it from being anything above mediocre

  • Inside Season Mode, you'll have to pick one of three game modes (Death Match, Cash Grab, and Points) to carry out an entire season in

  • Carrying out an entire season isn't very enjoyable though, as the three game modes are very run of the mill and boring

  • The game's first mode, Death Match, is quite dull thanks to a lack of weapons and monster trucks to duo with

  • When you try to catch up with your enemy the game then turns into an endless game of follow-the-leader

  • Since you can never catch up with your adversary, it's not a winnable, nor an enjoyable game

  • On the 'Easy' difficulty setting, the game is a cakewalk, but at the 'Normal' and 'Hard' difficulty settings, the game is impossible

  • A mere fender-bender could take away half of your health meter, and even harder hits can take away all of it, making the game near impossible to beat

    Free Kids Games from -- Online Java, Shockwave and ...
    Fun games for children to play. Includes, puzzle, sports, and educational games.

  • - Arcade Style Games Fun and challenging action games! Play these fun free kids games online! Online Puzzle Games and for kids

  • Humming Bird Online Jigsaw Puzzle Sail boat Online Jigsaw Puzzle Lighthouse Online Jigsaw Puzzle Strategy Brain Games Kids strategy games to tease your brain! Some of them are very tricky! Animal Mix-ups Free Online Game WONKA Illusions Free Online Chocolate Pipe Free Online Game Find More Kids Games and Online Kids Game Categories Listed Underneath this Ad HIGH SCORE GAMES We've added high score tables to some of our games and we'll be updating many other games soon

  • Online Sport Games Soccer, bowling and canoeing are amongst the cool kids sporting games in this section! Word Games Crossword Puzzles, Search-a-Word, Jumbles and more! The word is: these games are fun! Advertising GameHouse Games Ultimate Arcade Lots of games from GameHouse to play here online & download from GameHouse to play offline

  • Play Puzzle and Classic, Action/Adventure, Sports and Card games from the makers of Ultimate Arcade

  • Memory Games Kids Concentration Games and the Christmas Memory Game

  • Board & Card Games Hey Kids! Don't be bored, play a board game or two :) - - - - - - This website and its contents (except where noted) are Copyright ©1998-2005,

    Icar Free Sci Fi RPG - Home
    PDF format game. Site also contains rule revisions and a forum.

  • Icar Free Sci Fi RPG - Home Index Icar shfortitude.gif Welcome to Icar, the free science fiction roleplaying game

  • Icar is a table top (pencil and paper) roleplaying game that can be in pdf form

    SimCity™ 4 -
    Official site. Offers information, news, downloads and screenshots.

  • Do your civic duty and order SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition today! Want to learn more about SimCity 4 or the Rush Hour Expansion Pack? Familiarize yourself with these comprehensive links: or You’ll never be alone once you join the SimCity 4 Community Receive tips and tricks, make friends, and keep you finger on the pulse of the game with our BBS

  • Get Lost In The City With Our Cool Tools! Customize lots and drop them into your city for a whole new level of control! Show off your lot creations and download hundreds of new lots for your game! Grab notable, real-world architecture to add to your cities! Generate city terrain from our database of the 48 contiguous United States The Sim Insider Newsletter Sign up for the Sim Insider newsletter, the official monthly newsletter for fans of The Sims and SimCity! Visit our SimCity © 2006 Electronic Arts Inc

  • | What is SimCity 4? What is Rush Hour? Fansites Events Tools Downloads Make your city noteworthy with ! Improve your games performance with the Grab new cities in Having Problems With Your City?

    Steve Jackson Games: Frag
    Official Publisher's site.

  • Origins nomination for Best Abstract Board Game of 2001 Concept and design by • Additional design by Russell Godwin • Development and editing by • Cover and card art by Alex Fernandez Game starts

  • Respawn! Grab a weapon! Start again! Frag is a computer game without a computer

  • Stock number 1339, ISBN 1-55634-536-4 Suggested retail price: $29.95 Available Now - Resources Join the ! Discuss Frag in the Steve Jackson Games

  • has posted a ! also has a up! , a set of rules by Frag creator Philip Reed that combines the original Frag with the Zombies!!! boardgame from Journeyman Press! Excerpts and Printable Extras The rules for, and in pdf format Lists of cards included in, and Printable Two sheets of, if you need extra barrels, flags, and the like

  • Design by • Development and editing by and Andrew Hackard • Cover and card art by Alex Fernandez Coming hot on the heels of the Frag boardgame is Death Match

  • The Death Match map connects up with one of the maps in the original Frag to create a large playing surface for team games

  • This new expansion set makes your Frag games bigger, wilder, and deadlier - let the Death Match begin! Stock number 1341, ISBN 1-55634-556-9 Suggested retail price: $14.95 Out Of Print - for dealer info Design by • Cover art by Alex Fernandez The arena gets hotter! Fire Zone thrusts players into two deadly new arenas where massive pools of boiling lava are as dangerous as the other players

    JonoF's Games and Stuff
    Projects to port Duke Nukem 3d and Shadow Warrior to the windows platform.
    Includes news, downloads and screenshots.


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