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  • If you are an open adoptive family and would like to consider posting your "Dear Birthmother letter" on our site, please visit our section to read more about the process

    "birth-" Mothers Exploited By Adoption - Homepage
    Presenting information about the adverse effects of adoption from mothers who
    feel they lost their babies through coerced or forced surrender.

  • "Dear Birthmother" and 'Dear Birthparent' letters soliciting for healthy babies are despicable

    Luv 4 Adoption
    Profiles of hopeful adoptive couples and families.

  • Letters to Birth Parents Listed below you will find pictures and a brief description of hopeful adoptive parents

  • Please click on their adoption web page to read their Dear Birthmother (birth parent) letter to you

  • The contents of the information in the letters to the birth parents are the sole responsibility of the prospective adoptive parents

  • will not be held liable or accountable for the accuracy of any information displayed in the letters or divulged by the prospective adoptive parents

    Adoption Reunion A Success Story
    A birthmother and found male adoptee are reunited. Both share their reunion and
    post adoption stories.

  • Get ready for a major, very long emotional roller coaster ride; it is exponentially longer than any ride in an amusement park! April 9, 1997 I received notice from the searcher that he had been able to find Sean, had talked to him, that he was open to contact and had even been thinking about getting in touch with me! Late that same night the searcher read me a letter that he had received on his fax machine from my son

  • What a wonderful letter! He has had lots of great experiences and opportunities and has made the most of all of them


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    Open Adoption - Dear Birthmother Letter
    Married Georgia couple wish to welcome an infant or twins into their home through
    open adoption.

  • We are both very good letter writers, as evidenced by our 5-year pen pal relationship, and we promise to keep you involved with our childÂ’s adventures! We also maintain a family homepage which is updated regularly with photos

  • A sense of humor is our best asset! We will welcome our child to a house already full of laughter! Thank you so much for reading our letter

    Joann and Sheryl's Open Adoption Dear Birthmother Letter
    Northern California couple hoping to adopt an infant through open adoption.

  • S h e r y l B r a t t o n a n d J o a n n M o r e n o HI! We're Sheryl and Joann Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and considering us as parents for your child

  • After reading our letter we hope that you will know us a little better and see that we can provide a loving home for your child

    Tim & Debbie McLain's Dear Birthmother Open Adoption Letter
    Profile of a North Caroline couple looking to adopt an infant.

    Dave and Laura Coakley Dear Birthmother Open Adoption Letter
    Georgia couple provides pictures and Dear Birthmother letter with hopes for an
    open adoption.

  • Benefits

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    ABC For Adoption Ltd."Pregnant?Are you ready to make the right ...
    Private agency based in Illinois. Includes information about programs, the process,
    and approval criteria.

  • We will provide you with update letters and pictures of your baby

    Adoption Fraud
    Court unseals adoption records in Florida due to fraudulent black market baby
    broker activity. Includes Associated Press coverage.

  • The date of that letter was August 15, 1995

  • Snyder was featured on several talk shows including David Letterman and was written up in People's magazine on October 12, 1998

  • Mrs Snyder quickly read my letter (non-identifying information of birth family) from Mrs

  • Snyder told me that the letter was laced with enough evidence pointing to a fraudulent adoption

  • In response to the letter, Judge Cates entered an order directing the That order was signed on November 19, 1998

  • In that letter was an Judge Cates finally signed the order on December 14 th 1998 releasing my closed adoption records

    Birthmothers, Adoptees, and Adoption Healing
    Birthmother writes of loss, reunion and healing. Suggested books list and links.

    Adoption Web Link
    Photo profiles of couples looking to adopt.

  • These couples provide Dear Birth Mother letters and photos


    A Kid's Guide to Adoption
    Tells what adoption is and how it works. Also looks at some of the reasons kids
    are put up for adoption and provides tips for coping with it.

  • That doesn't mean the kid would live with the birth mom or dad, but the kid may see him or her once in a while or exchange letters or photographs

    Pennsylvania Adoption Search and Education - Main Menu
    Contains general information about searching in Pennsylvania. Includes a review
    of legislative and political issues, copy of relinquishment documents, ...

    Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. - Our Services - Caring ...
    Several centers in Middle Tennessee offering free pregnancy tests and counseling,
    material assistance, adoption assistance, and prenatal care.

  • Our adoptions have varying levels of openness from communication through the agency with letters and pictures to regular, direct contact between the birthparents and the adoptive parents

  • Reference Letters

  • Caring Choices offers open adoptions, which means you may select the adoptive parents and have contact with them either with pictures and letters through the agency or directly between you and the family, whichever you choose

  • You can also choose to get updates on your child's progress either through pictures and letters or continued contact with the family

  • You also have the option to continue to get pictures and letters through the agency throughout your child's lifetime

    Pregnancy Counseling Service
    Located in Des Moines. Offers pregnancy testing, counseling, and referrals for
    medical, financial, and housing resources. One Couple's Journey Through Adoption
    One couple's adoption journey.

  • So, I come home to a letter that very night saying we have been reassigned the previous social worker who we weren't completely happy with (mainly because ..

    Ray and Donna to Birthmother
    Christian couple seeking to adopt their first child through open adoption.

  • We are excited that you are reading our letter to consider us as adoptive parents for your child

  • Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you read this letter and prepare for this important decision

    General practitioner, with offices in Washington, offering legal services for
    birth and adoptive parents in all phases of adoption.

    Sunflower Birthmom Support Group
    Search boards, mailing list, and links to related resources.

  • it is a closed lists for bmoms only and must be approved by Mary so make sure you send us a letter to approve your subscription


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